How Sheldon Lavin’s Business Background Has Led OSI Group to Extreme Growth


Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive officer of OSI Group. The company is one of the world’s leading producers of value-added meats, including beef, poultry products, pork products and items such as specialty sausage and hot dogs. He is also the Chief Financial Officer of CSI Industries. His transition from the world of banking in Chicago to becoming the leader of OSI Industries is very interesting. OSI Group was recently named as the largest privately-held company in the United States, with annual revenue of over $3 billion. Additionally, the company has a major global footprint. OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people across the globe. The company has 65 operations that function in more than 17 countries and has a presence on nearly every major continent.

Sheldon Lavin first became known to the leadership at CSI Industries when he was working in finance in Chicago. He managed the company’s finances. The team at OSI Industries (originally named Otto and Sons during the company’s early days), took great interest in Sheldon Lavin and soon saw how his finance savvy could help the company expand. He put that knowledge to work and soon the company was making major acquisitions, such as the recent acquisition of Baho Foods and a major production plant that formerly belonged to Tyson. He also has a law degree and is known as a leading innovator in the meat industry.

OSI Industries is also unique in its field due to the fact that it has an entire division of people that are dedicated to working with companies, distributors and restaurants that are seeking to make custom meat products. As the taste and waves of customer desire change in the food and food service industries, OSI is dedicated to dedicating an entire team to sit down one-on-one with anyone looking to create custom meat products. For example, the company works with restaurants and grocery stores to ensure that the meat offerings are keeping up with consumer needs data entry work from home and that is something admirable for all of them to see which is not that easy too. This could mean ensuring that seasonal needs are met, such as custom hot dogs, bacon flavors or beef for grilling in the summer time, or more robust offerings that are in high demand during fall and winter months. It can also simply mean keeping up with trends or regional offerings that are in demand. OSI works with all types of restaurants, from fast-casual establishments, fast food chains and even the highest level of fine dining establishments.

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Privinvest Ship Building Company and Success


Privinvest is one of the world’s best shipbuilding Company. The group was founded by two brothers Iskandar and Akram. It has been more than 2 decades since the group started building ships to date. With so many years in practice, Privinvest has managed to build ships with the latest technology which include Commercial vessels, naval, and mega yachts.

The groups headquarter is in the Middle East, and has managed to branch out in other nations such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Privinest creates jobs to over 2,500 persons around the world that includes designing and building commercial and naval ships.

Privinvest has enjoyed success consistently because of the exports they make, over 2,000 vessels have been delivered. Over 40 navies globally use products from the Privinvest shipping company. The organization is currently working with NATO navies, private customers and non-Nato navies. There are more new projects that Privinvest is working on, this includes new constructions for superyacht owners, and public authorities, and upgrading the surveillance systems as well as integrated security systems and refits of naval vessels.

Besides shipbuilding, Privinvest is investing big in Marine Renewable Energy, and for a startup, it is specializing in tidal turbines and rivers for green energy. The shipbuilding company also has interests in real estate business, hospitality and the media.

Recently Plivinvest announced a program they are venturing into in the Republic of Angola, this will see the shipbuilding company give the Angolan Navy a range of vessels and operating services in Angola.

Privinvest investments president Boulos Hankach said the move to Angola amplifies the services of the cooperation since Africa has a dynamic economy. This move shows that privinvest has the skills and abilities to generate appetite that will promote levelled-up programs around the world in different countries.

The CMN, Nobiskrug, German Naval Yards Kiel are part of the Privnvest shipbuilding company. With the state of the art facilities, this shipyards work closely around the world to produce the most recognized Naval and commercial vessels .The workforce, skills and experience that has been put together have highly contributed to the success of Privinvest shipbuilding company.

Jeremy Goldstein Brings Awareness To Mental Health


Jeremy Goldstein is an extremely successful attorney and businessman. Jeremy Goldstein is currently a partner and active lawyer in his own firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm focuses on corporate law and the firms specialty is advising in the areas of acquisitions and mergers. The firm also advises chief executive officers on different areas of corporate law and any sensitive issues. Jeremy Goldstein completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University. He then went on to earn a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. He completed his JD law degree at the New York University School of Law. Mr. Goldstein believes heavily in philanthropy and giving back to his community. He is involved in the mental health community and tries to get them all the assistance that is needed to keep them functioning highly in society. Jeremy Goldstein currently sits on the board of directors of a mental health charity by the name of the Fountain House.


Jeremy Goldstein will be hosting a mental health charity event for the Fountain House. The benefits of this charity is that it will help individuals to maintain normality in their lives while they are fighting against their mental health illnesses. The event is going to be held at one of the most luxurious hotels in New York City called the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck. The dinner is going to bring in a lot of money to assist these mentally ill individuals because the tickets cost $5,000 per person. The fountain house is a one-of-a-kind organization that is doing the work in the mental health community that needs to be done on a global level. Studies have been done by the World Health Organization that state that at least 25% of the global population are suffering from some type of mental health issue. In the United States alone statistics show that at least one out of every 25 adults are living with serious mental health issues.


The organization the Fountain House was founded back in 1944. The goal of the Fountain House is to make sure that individuals who suffer from mental illness are not forgotten by society. The foundation focuses on also being an advocate for individuals who suffer from mental health on a global level and they are responsible for running multiple different mental health programs around New York City. The foundation is trying to make sure that they consistently bring awareness to mental health and the importance of treating it. The Foundation is also consistently trying to figure out new and creative ways to treat and combat mental illness.


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With A Strong Love For Learning, Raffaele Riva Excels As An Entrepreneur:


Being able to adeptly focus and excel in many areas of international business, ranging from asset management and wealth planning to real estate, among others, has been a strong formula for success within the career of Raffaele Riva. He is an individual that is noted for his passion for business activities and this has led him to found a number of different startups. Raffaele Riva was active founding many of these companies from the mid-1990s to the late 2000s. He is also known for the outstanding work he has accomplished as the President and founder at the AUREA Multi Family Office.

AUREA Multi Family Office operates in the capacity of parent organization for many operations that are active in the international market. These businesses are primarily ones that work within the financial services sector. The deep base of knowledge that Raffaele Riva has in this area makes him the ideal individual to head up a business such as this. He has led the firm to an impressive growth trend over its years in business. As far as his educational background, Raffaele Riva is well versed in the field of economics. He studied the topic at Milan, Italy’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. His quest for knowledge also led Raffaele to pursue post-graduate studies at several other universities. The work experience he has accumulated over the years has also included accountant work.

After a long and prosperous professional career, Raffaele Riva continues to exhibit a great deal of passion for the work that he is engaged in. He has a strong love of going after new opportunities and he continues to diligently engage in learning and research. Being able to stay on top of where the market is heading is important to him in his work and it allows him to make calculated decisions. Raffaele is a devoted reader and also notable for his fascination with the emergence of new technologies.