Eric Pulier, American Entrepreneur and Businessman Extraordinaire


Though Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur, his list of accomplishments doesn’t stop there. He is a published author and has founded more than fifteen companies. In addition, he has raised sums ranging in the hundreds of millions of dollars for startups which he has had a hand in launching. Pulier is a technologist who has lent his experience in starting companies like Media Platform, Desktone, Digital Evolution, and ServiceMesh.

Pulier is an investor at heart who has contributed seed money to tech corporations just beginning, the overwhelming majority of which have gone on to be successful. He has also lent his talents to philanthropic efforts regarding the needs of children with chronic illness. Having a way with words, Mr. Pulier is a gifted communicator, speaker, and columnist. He studied English & American literature at Harvard, along with Computer Science, and Visual & Environmental Studies. While in school, he edited the Harvard Crimson Weekly and wrote the column, Pulier Leg. Pulier graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Pulier was instrumental to orchestrating the, ‘Bridge to the 21st Century’, that took place over the course of several days at the Mall in Washington, D.C. It was a tremendous undertaking which was to commemorate the 2nd inauguration of President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore. Pullier was responsible for the management of staffing, security, press, and with overseeing power. He personally oversaw the construction project, dealt with unions, and raised funds from corporate and private donations.

The gathering was attending by thousands of people, which included members from Congress, from the Senate, and from The Supreme Court. Al Gore and Bill Clinton were in attendance, and the festivities were covered throughout the country. At one point, Al Gore invited Mr. Pulier onstage before the crowd to give an interview. In addition, Pulier gave the press a guided tour through the exhibits on display. Each one demonstrated the future effect of technology in categories such as health care, the environment, entertainment, family, and so on. The highlight of the occasion was an unprecedented live-feed from the Space Shuttle, with real-time interactions relayed from the astronauts and crew.

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Hair Care – WEN by Chaz


What commonly happens when we don’t wash our hair for a few days? For me, grease begins to build up the same day that I wash my hair. It’s annoying, because, contrary to popular belief, you’re not supposed to wash your hair everyday. Unfortunately, for many of us, if we go for even one day without cleansing, we find our hair to be dull, limp, frizzy and, yes, again, greasy. To avoid frizziness and static, it’s recommended to use conditioner. However, the one thing to rectify the problem is the one product that weighs down our hair, making it look dirty. What are we to do?

Some hair care lines have recently suggested that conditioner be used before the shampoo. However, in my opinion, what’s the point? We condition our hair and then wash it out, in essence, making the conditioner ineffective. Well, we finally have a solution to this vicious cycle. WEN by Chaz Dean is an entirely different and innovative hair care line on the market today. How is it different? Instead of using your typical shampoo, Chaz recommends his cleansing conditioner. There’s a wide variety available to address your hair’s specific problems. Whether you have oily, dry or fine hair, Chaz developed hair care that is not advertised as shampoo. He calls them cleansing conditioners, and they’re just as the name implies. It’s a conditioner with all-natural cleansing properties that clean and condition your hair.

You will be amazed at the results the very first time using the product. Chaz created scents that are appropriate for all types of hair, while others address specific hair issues. For example, his Tea Tree cleansing conditioner is made with moisturizing properties for dry or flaky scalps and is recommended for coarse, wavy and ethnic hair. Limited seasonal scents become available around the holidays and during year-round weather climate changes. To get the maximum benefits, it’s crucial to follow the instructions exactly, since it’s not used like your typical shampoo. The best part? You can go for days without cleansing your hair as it maintains the same results as if you just freshly washed your hair. WEN cleansing conditioner comes at the low price of $40 dollars available on Sephpra, eBay and Guthy-Renker store, or even less

Normally, shampoos will strip your hair of its essential oils. In addition, your color fades very quickly with sudsy shampoo. WEN will keep your color looking fresh longer. You will be able to color your hair less often and save money! Remember, even shampoos that claim to be paraben free, will still strip your color and the natural oils. So, pamper yourself while repairing and keeping your hair healthy and looking fabulous. Visit the Wen Hair Facebook page and Twitter ( to learn more.

Securus Technologies Has Great Employees


The BICSI Installer 1 Certification was given to Securus Technologies by the company, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International. The Securus Technologies had a total of 11 specialists that received the international acknowledgement. With Securus Technologies and BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International teaming up to create, super professionals, many strides can be made in the public safety industry. Securus Technologies regards the certifications with high esteem.


The Proud Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is extremely proud of what they do in their company. By helping the justice organizations with the greatest technology, they know they are making the best strides in public safety. When Securus Technologies utilizes their specialists in their company, they create the best in North America. When they assist they create monitoring equipment that cannot be produced elsewhere, giving Securus Technologies the lead in their industry, and it will continue to increase.


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


At BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, assisting with data, voice and safety for the technology and communications field is their claim to fame. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International has made extreme, supporting efforts to many companies that require their assistance. At BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, they are in the business of producing the best, including their employees.


Securus Technologies continues to keep a high presence in their field that can’t be beat. They utilize everything in their power to make sure that the latest technologies are available. Securus Technologies wants to become better known, and increase their lead in their field.


Online Reputation Management for Everyone


Bad press does more than hurt politicians, major corporations, and media elite. The average person and the average small business may suffer greatly when bad press runs amok on the internet. The brilliance of the modern incarnation of the internet is its massive communications reach. Anyone can produce videos or blogs or social media accounts to spread data and facts. Unfortunately, they are also able to use these things to spread untruths, bad reviews, and malicious gossip.
Blasting News reveals a very positive point for those worried about their online reputation. The same things that capable of spreading bad news may also be used to counteract negative press. In other words, if social media is the source of bad publicity, social media could be used to counterbalance negative reports.

The article posts some interesting and intelligent advice for those worried about maintaining a proper reputation online. A simple suggestion about continually publishing good information online is something anyone can do. Writing a nice blog entry or simply setting up a camera, musing about some subject in a positive manner, and posting it on Vimeo or YouTube can be done easily and without cost. Sharing the content and/or video on social media contributes to building up positive public opinion.

Those who are proactive are going to do themselves a huge favor as far as reputation management is concerned. Anyone who is struggling to achieve desired results should think about hiring a reputation management firm. Professionals with experience in this type of work could end up being extremely helpful.


Jose Borghi – How Passion Changed Fortunes Of An Average Brazilian?


Jose Borghi is one of the most influential Brazilians in the advertising industry. He is the creator of several high-profile campaigns such as “Because We are Mammals”, which became an instant hit with the young generation. In fact, he is also the creator of several well-known advertisements for Brazilian companies.

Jose Borghi was always fascinated by advertisements and stage performances. When in grade three, his elder sister took him to see a performance at the famous theater, Castro Neves, to help him decide his future career. Instead of getting inspired from the theater, Jose Borghi was impressed by some of the advertisements played during the play. After attending the performance, Jose Borghi already knew that he would like to produce innovative commercials.

After graduating from Pontifical Catholic University, Jose started his career by working at the famous ads agency, Standart Ogilvy on During his career, he also gained additional experience at firms such as FCB and DM9. His experience in the advertising industry prompted him to open his own advertising agency, BorghiErh, along with his business partner, Erh Ray. According to Erh Ray, “We had no investor, no banks, no godfather. We started with absolute zero, therefore we had to work very hard.”

The success of the advertising agency attracted potential buyers such as Lowe. In 2005, BorghiErh became Borghi Lowe. As such the presidency of the newly formed company was shared with Erh Ray. Since then, the agency gained prominent clients domestically and in international market. Recently, the company merged with Lowe & Partners and Mullen Group, calling itself Mullen Lowe. Jose Borghi became co-CEO alongside Andre Gomes.

“I realized very early that nobody was going to give me anything, that nothing would come of grace, not by luck or fate. I understood that without my own effort I would be just another advertiser”, said Jose Borghi regarding the great results his company has achieved. Currently, the advertising company has made considerable progress by providing successful marketing campaigns for both public and private companies. Fiat, Down Syndrome Association, Delta Airlines, Honda and Unilever are only few of many prominent companies on who only rely on Jose Borghi to create inspirational advertising campaigns for them.

Investment Advisory


Many that choose to invest don’t know the importance of utilizing an investment advisory. There is nothing harder to see than someone losing their hard earn money by making bad investment decisions. People that want to leave family members an inheritance may consider using an advisory. Future planning and investing can be made less complicating.

Not only can an investor help with investing but also with college plans. A service like this can help an investor by evaluating risk and creating long-term goals. A good advisory will meet with investors regularly to insure that recommendations are correctly followed through.

Advisers act as a consultant by building trustworthy strategic relationships with investors or individuals. By monitoring portfolios and by pioneering research, investment advisers stay abrupt with what is going on. Walking clients through each stage is part of the process of financial solutions.

After graduating high school in 1993, Richard Blair founded the registered firm, Wealth Solutions. Based in Austin Texas, Wealth Solutions in 1994 was founded with one goal in mind. The company aims to help families, business owners, & organizations with their investment needs.

With more than 20 years of experience, he realizes that education is power. His experience as a teacher helps him inform and provide insight about the financial world. Richard Blair offers financial planning services for people entering retirement.

Accoring to Crunchbase and DataFox, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions provides comprehensive plans to help avoid financial pitfalls. He works hard to preserve wealth and look out for the overall best interest of the next generation and the investor.

Knowing and being wise in the financial area can be life changing. Blair’s company WSI believes that as time evolves that strategies should also change. With his certification, he can offer services for the rich and small business owners in Austin and surrounding areas.

WSI seeks to find solutions to help monitor, stabilize, and secure financial wealth for all. Solutions help assist clients by offering multiple ways to minimize risk. To provide the right financial goals, a careful outlook of assets is given to assure that the best plan is assessed. Having a good investment advisory is not only life changing but a smart choice.

The Rise of Norka Martinez Luque in the Music Career


Coming from a family that is full of real life experiences and knowledge of other languages and cultures, Norka Martinez Luque believes that she is destined to have music as her career. Norka was born on February 7, 1986, in Venezuela. Her parents inspired her to join the voice practice, piano, ballet and flamenco classes while at the same time pursuing her education. She later went to France to learn French and enrolled in a Business School where she studied International Business. She also became part of a band called Bad Moon Rising where she acquired skills as a current solo artist. She also holds degrees in culinary arts, marketing, and fashion from France. After completion of her studies, she worked in the banking industry in Monaco after which she went to the United States.

Emilio Estefan, a renowned Latino music producer greatly influenced her career in music and brought out the best in her. After three years in the music area, Norka released her first single “As you so it” which has won several awards and a nomination at Premios Lo Nuestro 2011 as the best female pop. Her second single released in 2012 was “Miracle” which is a blend of pop, reggae, rock and roll. Archie Pena, a music composer, wrote the song and it had a production in different versions. Norka also came second in the Billboard Top Salsa record Report in Venezuela after the release of the song. She released a third single too.

Norka has interests in tennis which, culinary arts, music, and traveling. She has been involved in the promotion of Milagro and El Cata too. She has been epileptic since 2007, and this condition contributed to a major weight gain in the same year, the situation later hit her again in 2014. Later, she was able to lose around 32 kilograms after engaging in exercise and following a zero carbs diet. In January 2015, Norka had a brain surgery and after complete recovery, she released “Tomorrowland” with Fito Blanko as the producer.

She aims at bringing a message of hope to her listeners through her music. She says that music lyrics can exhibit very deep emotions from their listeners. Therefore, the message that the music sends should remain the same even with the changing trends in the music industry. She draws inspirations from her major physical change during the time that she suffered from epilepsy, which made a significant contribution to her value of life

Jim Hunt Wealth Wave to Help Investors


Jim Hunt is a personal finance expert that has helped millions of people build long-term wealth. He has helped to develop a number of different successful trading strategies. In recent weeks he has released a new trading strategy that could help someone make a lot of money even during a poor economic cycle.

The newest investment strategy developed by Jim Hunt is called Wealth Wave. The strategy is named after the concept of a surfer riding a wave once they have a good thing going. Jim Hunt believes that the ultimate key to building wealth is timing. He believes that often the best opportunities come at times when many people are afraid to enter the stock market. For example, in a economic. Where many people are exiting you could make money by shorting economy.

The new trading strategy is available to those that purchase a video education software. The investment solutions are pretty simple to learn and can be used by even the most notice investors that are looking to build long-term wealth.

The latest product it’s just the newest example of financial services products provided by VTA Publications. VTA Publications, which was started by Jim Hunt over a decade ago is a leader in the financial services and education industry. The company sells the variety of video and written educational products back and help anyone learn about the financial markets in reach their long-term goals.

Wen by Chaz Gets a Thorough Seven Day Test by Emily McClure


Emily McClure is a beauty and fashion blogger with an avid interest in advertised claims of product within her realm. It was natural that McClure would be enthralled by claims being made by Wen by Chaz Dean ( about their new all-purpose, does everything shampoo.

McClure is a writer who has thin, hard to control hair and the nearly magical claims by Wen could not be passed up. McClure offered to her readers an entire week’s experience with the product. Her trial started the day she returned from a weekend out of town and the picture, this “before” picture was something that most normal people wouldn’t have the courage to let others see. Good for McClure. She bravely issued the picture and gave us pictures from the next seven days as she experienced the claims of the product.
Her detailed study is evidence of the newest advertising form; the personal review. Now that many purchases are made on-line on Amazon, buyers can read the reviews of what other consumers are saying about the products for sale. No longer is a simple, strong brand recognition a reason to buy an item. Reviews made by ordinary people are answering the questions we all have about advertised products.
McClure tested the product, Wen by Chaz, for an entire week and offered the story and the photos to punctuate her intense, in-depth work. After the seventh day, McClure looked radiant and was complimented by many of her compatriots. Her final decision was that the product did seem to do as it advertised and she would continue using it. Read the entire article in Bustle here: Your text to link…
Visit the Wen YouTube channel for additional information.

Choose the Right Lake Tahoe Resort for Your Next Ski Vacation


Lake Tahoe provides many exciting options for skiing vacations that have it all! Lake Tahoe is one of the preeminent ski destinations on the West Coast, and for good reason. The ski terrain provides challenging runs for the experienced powder hound and also has plenty of runs for the beginner and intermediate skier. California is known for its sunny skies and beautiful vistas, and the Lake Tahoe area is certainly no exception. Add world-class resorts to the mix and you’ve got all the ingredients for a perfect ski vacation!

When choosing a Lake Tahoe Skiing resort for your vacation destination, skiing ability is often a deciding factor. There are plenty of options for winter enthusiasts of all levels, with many able to accommodate the entire gamut of beginner to expert. Below is what you need to know about the top 3 ski resorts in the area:

Alpine Meadows is the area resort with the most varied terrain and something for everyone. Alpine Meadows is family-friendly and the resort is quite charming with a European feel with its chalet-style architecture. There are runs for beginners (25 percent), those at an intermediate level (40 percent) and many expert level runs (35 percent). At 2,400 acres, the resort is vast and with 13 lifts wait times are minimized. In total the resort provides over 100 trails ranging from the steepest of the steep to the wide open hills most loved by beginners.

Perhaps the resort with the most breathtaking scenery and the most varied lodging options, Heavenly is a great choice for groups with skiers and snowboarders alike. This spot also offers a terrain park for thrill seekers as well as a double-black-diamond canyon runs.

Squaw Valley is probably the most well-known of the Tahoe resorts, famous for both its world class skiing as well as the vibrant village life. There are many fine dining options, galleries and shopping galore. But how is the all important skiing? Fear not, Squaw Valley’s stellar reputation is not solely attributable to its strong off-hill showing. The slopes are varied and lean toward more challenging runs. The split of trails / skill level is similar to that of its sister resort, Alpine Valley, but the advanced runs are among the best. Squaw Valley also boasts a halfpipe and continues to be top draw for snowboarders.