How Global Change Happens: Avaaz Giving Voice To Individuals


Avaz was founded in 2007, and has since become what The Guardian has called “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network”. This network of over 44 million individuals has created a wave of positive change across the globe. How does Avaaz work? How do individuals contribute to this network of activism?

How Does Avaaz Work?

Avaaz is a member-funded nonprofit that unites people across the globe to fight for causes that are important to them. The values guiding Avaaz include an inherent belief in equality as humans, or in the organization’s words, “We are all human beings first”. This value guides each and every campaign. With this value as a foundation, the organization leaves the finer details to the members. Each year, a member poll decides which issues are most important to the Avaaz community. These issues establish a yearly list of priorities. The Avaaz leadership then continues to check in with each and every member through out the year on a weekly basis, to establish what is the most important issue in the moment. Because our world changes so constantly, pressing issues can come up quickly and call for quick action. Through email and response Avaaz headquarters can connect groups, set up campaigns, and funnel protesters into one physical location or direct their calls to politicians in a powerful way.

How Do Individuals Contribute to Avaaz?

Avaaz is completely member-supported. They do not take money from political organizations or large companies, but instead operate in a grassroots way through donations given by many, many individuals across the globe. Individuals contribute funds as well as information. Members can write in about causes that they feel should be funded. Avaaz can then poll the collective to see if there is energy and passion behind that cause. Many of the causes that they work for on a day to day basis are brought up by members. By taking part in campaigns with millions of other people, an individual’s voice can be amplified to the point that it is heard in a powerful way.

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Investing And Collecting Wines With UKV PLC


The chance to invest in wines from the finest possible vineyards and wineries is always available with the aid of the experts from UKV PLC who are always looking for the best ways to make sure every individual gets the highest quality wines on the market to suit the needs of all customers. The wine markets used to be solely rooted in northern Europe with major trades historically taking place in regions of France and the U.K. capital of London; as the wine markets expanded into different parts of the world it is becoming increasingly important to work with a wine merchant with the ability to source wines from all over the world, such as UKV PLC.

As one of the most respected brokers in the U.K., the vintners at UKV PLC have not only developed a range of contacts in the wine production industry but have also developed a series of partners in the wine merchant industry who work with the company to value wines from collectors and investors on a regular basis. As a brokerage the UKV PLC wine merchants works with a range of specialists who will often look to work in an independent way that will often result in the individual wine being bought by the wine expert valuing it to learn more click here.

UKV PLC can also work in an effective way that allows a high quality purchase to be made by any individual who is looking for an investment wine that will hopefully allow a major profit to be made by the investor over the course of a number of years; in fact, UKV PLC can assist in a range of different investments being made that include handling the complex tax decisions that must be made over the course of an investment. Storage options are also available that allow the individual to keep their investment wines in a safe and secure location managed by UKV PLC year round.

Changing Lives with Vinny Parascandola


Vinny Parascandola is an American businessman and financial investor. He attended Pace University – Lubin School of Business and received his Bachelor of Science degree in the Computer Science field.

Early Career

Mr. Parascondola began his career as a Systems Analyst at Irvine Trust Company in the late 1980s. He moved to become an Agent at Prudential Insurance. He began at the MONY Group in 1990 and worked his way up to Field Vice President by 2005. Since 2005, he has been operating in many different sectors of AXA Equitable.

AXA Equitable

AXA Equitable is a financial investment company that has been in operation since 1859. They provide investment advice, retirement planning, and life insurance to give their clients peace of mind. Mr. Parascondola joined this company in 1995 as the Executive Vice President. He quickly moved to the positions of President-Advantage Group and President-Northern Division, respectively. In 2009, he accepted the post of President-Continental Division, and then to the Chief Sales Officer and President. His final and current position are Senior Executive Vice President of AXA US. Vincent Parascondola oversees over 220 employees in the Central New Jersey area. He is in charge of recruiting new financial advisors and making sure they’re trained to the best of their abilities, improving productivity and sales, and maintaining profit margins.


Mr. Parascandola is known for his philanthropy work. He is directly involved in the AXA Achievement Scholarship fund. This fund donates over $1 million and provides high school students with either $2,500, $10,000 or $25,000 scholarships. He also assists with the AXA Foundation. This foundation reaches out to the community and provides workshops, seminars, encourages community engagement, and achievement. They recruit volunteers to work with local non-profits with plans for disaster preparedness, disease prevention, health awareness, accident prevention, and resources to help at-risk youth.

Mr. Parascandola has a long career that revolves around improving people’s quality of life and their financial stability. He is also very active in various non-profit organizations and touches many lives through his work.


Greg Secker Changing Lives by Teaching Foreign Exchange Trading


Greg Secker is known as an entrepreneur, master trader, international speaker, and a philanthropist. He began his profession at Thomas Cook Company which offers financial services. He then moved to the foreign exchange where he created a new business known as The Virtual Trading Desk. The platform was unique as it offered real-time currency. It allowed those doing the trading to get quotes for the transaction of foreign exchange that mentioned the real time trade. He then joined Mellon Financial Corporation which is a Fortune 500 investment and here he was the Vice President. It was working at all these companies that made Secker knowledgeable on matters of trade. Thus, when he opened Learn to Trade a company that teaches people how to trade using foreign exchange in 2003, it got recognized as the leader in global education in just three months. The firm is known to have educated over 200,000 people through workshop and seminars on how to trade.

Greg Secker started the company with the inspiration to help people who were struggling with trading. According to him, there is a huge risk people have to put when they get into this venture, and this can be too much given the fact that they start without being trained. He wanted to ensure that people have the knowledge and skill to be able to do this business so that they can end up improving their lives. When Greg started foreign exchange trading, it was all about trial and error, so the workshop that he created to train people was to ensure that they did not go through the same situation that he went through before mastering the business.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is known as the world class trader, and the owner of the company Learn to Trade. The firm is known to be the one of the biggest financial trader training company. Other than that, Greg is known to be an international recognized speaker. In fact, he has been invited to speak alongside T Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tony Blair who are well-known personalities. He recently spoke at The National Achievers Congress in Asia and Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery program which both got a positive review. Other than business, he is also an avid polo player and enjoys riding helicopters.

What to Know When Dealing with Rubbish Clearance


Have you ever felt weighed down by the sheer amount of clutter surrounding you?

Getting rid of our clutter can be difficult, but keeping it around can cause anxiety and affect our daily lives negatively. How do you get rid of the rubbish without too much trouble? The best course of action could be to call in a rubbish clearance service.


While selecting a company to remove your trash you should do a little bit of research into what you need removed, and from where. Is the service required for your home or for your office? What kind of rubbish do you need clearaed? Does the company you’re looking into have the ability to remove it? Then you need to consider the price. It is important to know if the price is calculated by the weight of the load or by the number of trips made to the landfill.


Clearabee Rubbish Clearance has multiple ways to accommodate both home and business removals. Man & Van is exactly what it sounds like: a man arrives with a van and takes away the rubbish. Most types of waste can be removed this way and it is an excellent choice if you have the funds but not the time. If you are limited on funds but have the time to gather the rubbish yourself, Beebags is your best option. Clearabee sends the bags, you fill them with your rubbish, and book a day and time for pick-up. This service is priced by the size of the bags and the type of waste.


Clearabee Rubbish Clearance allows booking online or by phone at your convenience. The pricing for each service is fair, with options for most budgets. The majority of the trash collected is recycled and does not see a landfill, reducing the carbon foot-print. Clearabee offers prompt service to both home owners and business owners, with options ranging from same-day removal to removal up to 12 months later.

Greg Secker – Dedicated to Improving Others Lives


Greg Secker is the founder of an organization known as The Greg Secker Foundation. He is not only an entrepreneur but also a philanthropist, a master trader and even an international speaker. Aside from all of these things, the most important thing to Greg Secker is being a father. In addition to being a father, the organizations that Greg supports represent his passion and his commitment as well as his dedication to help others improve their lives, whether that is helping them through education, strategy, coaching or just support.

Greg Secker began his career with Thomas Cook Financial services. After this, he decided to start doing foreign exchange and he started a business that is called the Virtual Trading Desk. His career grew quickly after this and he became the Vice President of another company – Mellon Financial Corporation, as well as a Fortune 500 investment bank that is located in the United States. With all of the experience he learned working for these companies he decided it was time for him to venture out on his own and open up a trading floor from his very own home. This company has received numerous awards throughout his time building it and it has even helped Greg to receive different awards, as well.

In 2010 Greg Secker founded his non-profit organization. This organization is known as The Greg Secker Foundation. Greg Secker has a passion for people and he founded this organization so that he could help to positively improve others quality of life from all around the world. This organization even partners with different youth programs to help to improve education as well as leadership and different life skills throughout different communities.

Greg Secker even went over to the Philippines where he decided to start a project that is known as the Build a House, Build a Home project. The goal of this project was to be able to build at least 100 different homes in Lemery that would be permanent homes. Due to his organizations and his focus on being a philanthropist, in 2017 Greg was announced as becoming one of the members on the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. He has also been a part of different lists such as the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Entrepreneurs.

Desiree Perez Involvement in Contracting for Musical Labels


Much is known about Jay-Z, unlike Desiree Perez, a close associate and the force behind some August contracts and deals. In 2008, for instance, Jay Z signed a $150 million deal with the Live Nation. The deal is about to expire as it was only for a duration of 10 years. Although Live Nation would like to extend the deal, an insider revealed that Live Nation is not in the business of record music anymore.

In testing other waters, Jay-Z has been alluring industries big wigs to have a stake in ROC Nation, his own recorded music business. The deal closing could birth a buy- sell scenario where either side could sell their stake at the ROC Nation or acquisition wholly. Roc Nation has a pool of renowned music performers such as Fat Joe, Shakira, Rihanna, Meek Mill and Jay-Z himself. Apparently, Desiree Perez along with his boss Jay-Z is in talks with the CEO of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge about UMG buying a stake in the ROC Nation.

Sources with the UMG say that the company has engaged in a distribution deal with ROC Nation. UMG is excited with the partnership as Jay-Z is believed to be phenomenal. The move will develop new artists and help in streaming service Tidal.

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About Desiree Perez

She is a strong negotiator who is very persuasive and influential. She is in the labeling operational team that runs the ROC Nation and also in management. Check for more reading.  Most of ROC Nation’s and Jay Z’s success, she is always behind the scenes. Her track record makes her much respected especially in the Samsung deal where she helped Rihanna close the deal through extensive negotiation.  More of Dez on

The Hova Circle of Influence is part of her major accomplishments. It includes the likes of Ty Ty Smith, Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman, and Chaka Pilgrim. Also, Desiree Perez was the producer for the Jay Z’s On The Run Tour of 2014 and the Change: The LifeParticle Effect of 2013.  Related article on

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Desiree Perez: New to Tidal, But Not New to the Game



Jay Z, founder of Tidal High Fidelity Music Streaming, has now brought in veteran Desiree “Dez” Perez to join the Tidal family. She is known to be a rough and tough negotiator, and her past includes taking charge of SC enterprises, as well as helping run negotiations for Beyonce’s formation tour. So not only did Jay Z have an inside to Dez Perez, but he picked a top notch player in the game to head up his brand new music streaming and purchasing app. More to read on

She has had over twenty years of experience when it comes to the music business, and she is still currently running Roc Nation Sports with her husband Juan Perez. And while she is new to the Tidal team, she has already broken through the ice and has helped make several advances while being a part of Tidal. This app has been in the top position (and will most likely stay there for a good bit) since Kanye West’s album TLOP that debuted. Check this on  And while Tidal is the underdog when it comes to music apps, in comparison to competitors like that of Spotify or Itunes music itself, it continues to climb up in terms of quality and quantity. There have been over a million users that have subscribed, and the app offers over forty million songs as well as over a hundred thousand HQ videos.  Related article on

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So to say that Dez Perez is doing her job is quite the understatement.

With her several years of experience when it comes to management, negotiating labels , as well as offhandedly also helping run up the Rhianna Samsung Phone deal as well, Perez has brought everything needed to the table and more. Although Tidal is an app that still has some catching up to do with other competitors, don’t be surprised when it reaches the top and Perez is awarded the Most Successful Business Woman of the Year. Check on for a glimpse of the music world.

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Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta: MS Remission


Based out of Varhees, NJ, neurologist and medical professional Dr.Shiva may have a solution for those struggling with Multiple Sclerosis. The Government Medical College grad is one of many working tirelessly to help ease the harsh effects and progression of this dangerous disease.

Dr.Shiva Gopal Vasishta has had a succesful and profoundly established career as a doctor. With an impressive 40 years of experience, the news of a new treatment of MS couldn’t have came at a better time.

New research has shown that high-dose immunosuppressive therapy coupled with transplantation of one’s cells may help to remedy MS. The HDIT and HCT treatments were conducted over a period of five years in total. The studys concluded that individuals suffering from Multiple Sclerosis experienced an astonishingly different output after treatment. Following HDIT and HCT therapy, MS patients experienced no new brain lesions, degression of MS, no continues progression of the disease and no relapses.

The trail was officially name HALT-MS. It was sponsored by NIAID and conducted by the NIAID funded program knowm as ITN. The group published three total years of research and medical findings. The latest release will cover the fifth year late February. The trail consisted of a 24 total volunteers. The ages of these volunteers varied by age. The youngest of the group was 24 while the oldest was approximately 52 years old during the trail.

The findings have successfully suggested that just one simple treatment of HDIT was more affective than the currently established long-term MS treatment avaliable. Large scale trails will be constructed to further compare research and findings.



Kabbalah Helps People Find Deeper Connections In Life


Kabbalah is a spiritual tradition that has been passed down for hundreds of years. The main purpose of Kabbalah is to assist individuals in establishing deeper connections with fellow humans and the universe. The spiritual practice is also ideal for finding the greater purpose and meaning for human thoughts and actions. There are several Kabbalah practitioners around the world, and the practice is steadily growing.One of the guiding principles of Kabbalah is to immerse oneself in worldly life. Emphasis is placed on the afterlife, and the teachings support the notion that one should strive to be their best in earthly life, so that the afterlife will be pleasant.

Kabbalah also teaches against abstaining from things in life. While other religions teach abstinence as a way to become disciplined, Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube teaches that people shouldn’t be punished for fulfilling their desires. The religious practice doesn’t encourage dangerous or reckless behavior, but people are encouraged to make the most of life and to have decadent experiences.

Kabbalah teachings also suggest that everything has meaning–even the clothes we wear. Clothing is a form of self-expression, and can serve as a nonverbal way to show others a glimpse of what is good and beautiful in the world.Kabbalah has long been associated with Jewish religion, and it was previously believed that only Jewish men over the age of 40 could understand the complexities of Kabbalah. That notion has since been dismissed, since Kabbalah is open to anyone who is interested in learning more.