How Sheldon Lavin’s Business Background Has Led OSI Group to Extreme Growth


Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive officer of OSI Group. The company is one of the world’s leading producers of value-added meats, including beef, poultry products, pork products and items such as specialty sausage and hot dogs. He is also the Chief Financial Officer of CSI Industries. His transition from the world of banking in Chicago to becoming the leader of OSI Industries is very interesting. OSI Group was recently named as the largest privately-held company in the United States, with annual revenue of over $3 billion. Additionally, the company has a major global footprint. OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people across the globe. The company has 65 operations that function in more than 17 countries and has a presence on nearly every major continent.

Sheldon Lavin first became known to the leadership at CSI Industries when he was working in finance in Chicago. He managed the company’s finances. The team at OSI Industries (originally named Otto and Sons during the company’s early days), took great interest in Sheldon Lavin and soon saw how his finance savvy could help the company expand. He put that knowledge to work and soon the company was making major acquisitions, such as the recent acquisition of Baho Foods and a major production plant that formerly belonged to Tyson. He also has a law degree and is known as a leading innovator in the meat industry.

OSI Industries is also unique in its field due to the fact that it has an entire division of people that are dedicated to working with companies, distributors and restaurants that are seeking to make custom meat products. As the taste and waves of customer desire change in the food and food service industries, OSI is dedicated to dedicating an entire team to sit down one-on-one with anyone looking to create custom meat products. For example, the company works with restaurants and grocery stores to ensure that the meat offerings are keeping up with consumer needs data entry work from home and that is something admirable for all of them to see which is not that easy too. This could mean ensuring that seasonal needs are met, such as custom hot dogs, bacon flavors or beef for grilling in the summer time, or more robust offerings that are in high demand during fall and winter months. It can also simply mean keeping up with trends or regional offerings that are in demand. OSI works with all types of restaurants, from fast-casual establishments, fast food chains and even the highest level of fine dining establishments.

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Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger



What clients of Gulf Coast Western are experiencing in recent years is the benefit of CEO Matthew Fleeger’s ability to revolutionize business relationships into success. The goal for Matthew Fleeger was to remain in the oil industry, but he wanted to gather the right knowledge and experience to lead his family business. Gaining his business degree from Southern Methodist University, Matthew Fleeger did not automatically return to Gulf Coast Western. He did enter the oil industry but worked in both management and marketing for other companies, building his experience and gathering a well-rounded understanding of the industry outside his family business. 

After taking over Gulf Coast Western when his father was ready to retire, he had new ideas. Under his father, the company had prospered but had a focus exclusively on the Gulf Coast. Under Matthew’s leadership, he has partnered with businesses outside of this region, making a successful presence in both the Midwest and Southeast regions. With their clients, Gulf Coast Western has allowed both transparency and satisfaction of their customers to be the foundation of their endeavors and keep their clients returning. He also has a talent for homing in on his employee talents and utilizing them to the benefit of the employee and the company. MATTHEW FLEEGER

Customers of Gulf Coast Western are aware of any expansions and changes that the business may be taking moving forward. Under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, customers are able to voice their opinions on any impending relationships and have a voice in the direction of a company that may expand beyond their Dallas roots, but maintaining that family-owned atmosphere and respect for customers that come with the territory. Gulf Coast Western gives back to their community with steady donations under the direction of Matthew Fleeger to various organizations such as the Sadie Keller Foundation that focuses on pediatric cancer and its effect on the child and family. Gulf Coast Western is growing is making strides across the industry and the nation with Fleeger as CEO. 

Worried about stock market volatility? HCR Wealth Advisors can help


If you are a veteran investor, you probably know that the market will always remember. With the 2019 trends carrying on to 2020, the biggest question from most investors is whether the bullish trend will continue heading up or will soon get them on the brink of financial Armageddon


With worry comes the thought of critical financial decisions, and that is where HCR Wealth Advisors come in. Founded in 1988, the firm has spent most of its solid years offering independent, comprehensive services, creating long term relationships and guiding clients into a definite financial success.
Depending on the sources of information that you rely on, every investing day could easily lead to financial whiplash unless you have a trusted wealth advisory team to get you prepared with volatility. 

So how do you stay covered? 

Volatility is prevalent, and the primary action for most investors is to lighten the stocks and move to bonds which are a bit stable. However, we are in another decade, which by the look of things, isn’t that straightforward. Therefore, to avoid losing money, you may need to take a more significant stock market risk than ever before.

The solution is to work with a certified firm like HCR Wealth Advisors who understand your financial worries and develop plans that will take care of volatility, and that will be customized based on your financial goals and circumstances. HCR Wealth Advisors is there with you every step of the way, whether in complex situations or in winning experiences. 

HCR: Advice on creating stability 

A smart investor must first find a source of stability that will help you reflect and observe daily events. You will also need advisors from HCR Wealth Advisors to help you go beyond performance. The firm will focus on all aspects of your financial well-being so that you can focus on what matters to you most.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

James River Capital


JAMES RIVER CAPITALFinancing a new venture is one of the most difficult parts of beginning a business. Even the best ideas can be held back by a lack the money for startup costs (administrative costs, filing fees, etc.). Paul Sanders has brought over two decades of experience in investments to James River Capital, and they use their combined expertise to help get businesses started. Advice they suggest to startups focuses on the business and personal habits. This can include:

Personal – Change Your Mindset

People often have difficulty with upward mobility due to negative attitudes towards money. Financial success is sometimes considered “selling your soul” while becoming “the man” rather than another having improved themselves enough to move up the corporate ladder. Often, younger hold back in the workplace to keep from being seen as a sycophant. It is only by accepting healthier mentalities about money and self-improvement that can make being your own boss possible.

Personal and Business – Set Goals

A plan is nothing more than a series of small steps put into motion. In order to accomplish anything, goals must be set. Only by setting a goal can it be deconstructed into a doable plan. Open ends are seldom achieved due to a lack of being “real.” Writing down a goal makes it more likely to happen, as does writing down a deadline for such. It is necessary to reach goals to make any big picture happen.

Business – Be Flexible with Funding

Many chambers of commerce are driven to help small businesses get started as it helps the local economy. They are often great resources to help with finding sources of funding from grants, small business friendly lenders, or even angel investors. There is also a large number of successful businesses that were funded by the founders working a full-time night job while starting the business during the day.