The Success of Darius Fisher


Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that is known to be one of the premier digital reputation management firms in the world that offers quality services to individuals as well as to businesses around the world that are looking for a plan to negate negative comments or are looking for a second chance. Status Labs has been growing in business for the past five years and has even been reported to have grown over 1,000 percent from 2012 to 2016. The leader of Status Labs is Darius Fisher, an individual who is known for his accomplishments within the marketing industry and an individual who is passionate about what he does for a living. Despite the fact that Darius Fisher is a young individual, he is known to be both knowledgeable as well as experienced within the world of marketing. Darius Fisher has many plans for the future and is excited for the future that he has in store for his employees as well as for his clients.

Status Labs has not emerged to be the premier online reputation management firm overnight. It took much hard work as well as perseverance to create Status Labs and to mold it to what it is in present day. Darius Fisher is proud of what has been accomplished and is proud of his employees that offer innovative technological solutions in order to maintain a positive reputation for the clients of the firm. Through the use of SEO, the experts at Status Labs have been able to please each and every client using expert tactics.

In recent news, Darius Fisher has received an award that is only given to those that show true excellence within the marketing industry. This award is the Business Development Individual of the year award. With a long-term strategic plan to grow Status Labs, Darius Fisher hopes to continue the improvement of the company and to grow the number of loyal clients that the firm has. Darius Fisher and his expert employees have already grown the business and have accumulated over 1,500 loyal clients in over 35 different countries.


Don Ressler: Internet Marketing And Brand Building Maven


When it comes to online performance marketing and business and brand building, few people have as good a track record as Don Ressler. Starting in the early days of internet marketing he has been able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for internet based businesses. He has also been instrumental in building a number of very successful companies using his internet marketing skills on Pando and understanding of the needs of the modern consumer. Ressler started his first company, in the late 1990s. Using his marketing skills and experience he was quickly able to make it so profitable it was snapped up by Intermix Media. The company was so impressed with Ressler’s work they made him a part of their staff.

At Intermix Media Ressler worked with 19 year old Adam Goldenberg to co-found one of Intermix Media’s most reliable profit centers, Alena Media on LinkedIn. As a part of Intermix’s marketing arm Alena Media, led by Ressler and Goldenberg, generated hundreds of millions of dollars for its parent company. It helped to make Intermix Media so attractive that News Corp bought the company in 2005 for over $650 million. The new owners failed to fully utilize the talents of Ressler and Goldenberg, so the duo left and formed a company of their own. That company, Brand Ideas/Intelligent Beauty, and its subsidiaries would help to make Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s work legendary.

Founded less than a month after Ressler and Goldenberg left Intermix Media, Brand Ideas which later became Intelligent Beauty, is a business incubator. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg used it to create, launch and develop DERMSTORE and SENSA and generate almost $500 million in revenue in one year. Ressler, Goldenberg and the rest of the Intelligent Beauty team also went on to found a highly successful online subscription fashion company called JustFab. Once the company added fashion maven Kimora Lee Simmons to the JustFab team they quickly grew to have over 6 million subscribers on Brandettes from all over the world.

In 2010 Ressler, Goldenberg, Lee Simmons and the team at JustFab combined forces with acclaimed actress Kate Hudson to create a subscription e-commerce company they called Fabletics. The company offers stylish, comfortable, versatile clothing that can be worn to work, to party or to exercise. The subscription-based service at with its curated monthly showrooms featuring their latest fashions and designs was an instant hit and recently began opening bricks-and-mortar stores worldwide.

The Fyre Festival – The Unique Music Festival


The island of Fyre Cay located in the Bahamas hosts two venues at different times. In 2017, the Fyre Festival will hold the first-weekend event from April 28 to April 30, and the second on May 5-7.

The festival combines the two weekends into an extravaganza of food, art, music and the exploration of the private island paradise. Even the starting price of $1,500 does not deter the fans who come by the droves to experience the VIP experience in the tropics.

The chance to hear favorite artists in such an inviting setting offers fantastic food along with a scavenger hunt and a luxury festival experience. Learn more about Fyre Festival:

Even though the lineup of performers is still under wraps, visitors are assured that there will be acts for everyone in attendance. Hip-hop, rock, pop and other modern music and there are sure to be collaborations that will astonish.

On each weekend the treasure hunts sill inspire even the most laid back individuals, with prizes to boast about. Over $1 million is the combined value of the prizes which will include cash, jewelry, and other unusual items too diverse to mention. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

The musical portion of the event is just part of the picture, as the real excitement is involved in the vacation side of the trip.

Here you have a private island in the Bahamas, along with art displays, the very best in the way of the cuisine, and talks and lectures by the civic leaders of the island. Located just an hour’s flight from Miami, fun and relaxation are withing the quick grasp of festival-goers.

The history of Fyre Cay is bound up in all of the mystique of the pirate and buccaneer era, with the area being the haunt of Blackbeard and Pablo Escobar. This makes for the ideal environment for all of the festivities and the treasure hunt.

There are two levels of attendance and access. The lower, $1,500 entrance fee gives attendees a general access and event capabilities. If the patrons desire closer access, such as backstage and behind the scenes, the VIP package is available.

Fyre Festival is surely one of the most popular events on the planet, as partygoers and patrons will have the time of their life in one of the most luxurious environments that exist.

Kabbalah Centre


Kabbalah has recently become more popular due to its celebrity following. Famous actors and musicians such as Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Ariana Grande, Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna have all been associated with Kabbalah teachings, which has piqued the general public’s interest in Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre, a nonprofit organization located in Los Angeles, is one of the main learning facilities for Kabbalah in the United States. The center offers both on-site and online classes for those who are interested in embracing Kabbalah teachings.

Contrary to popular opinion, Kabbalah is not a form of Judaism, and individuals can become part of Kabbalah without having previous knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish writings. Kabbalah is also seen as a supplement to major religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, and teachers at the Kabbalah Centre emphasize the notion that the principles taught in Kabbalah are very similar to the tenets of many major organized religions.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches classes that expound on the five main points of Kabbalah in order to help students better understand how Kabbalah can better their everyday lives. For instance, Kabbalah teaches that it’s important to balance one’s energy and remember that karma is real. The energy that one puts out into the world is the same energy that will return to him/her. Kabbalah also teaches that when people go out of their comfort zones to meet the needs of others, they will experience the peace and positivity that comes with being considerate. Kabbalah teachings also help students to understand that the ego can be dangerous. The ego is the negative energy in a person that motivates emotions like anger, fear, immaturity and close-mindedness. Once people are aware of their ego, they can learn to balance negative emotions and become their best selves.

The Kabbalah Centre also provides a store where students can purchase helpful materials that will make teachings easier to understand. There are also several practical and stylish products at the store, such as calendars and meditation cards. Mobile apps are available as well for individuals who want to learn more about Kabbalah while on the go. More information is available at

Handy Cleaning Service Looks at Long Term Growth Plans


Have you heard of a startup company with a fast growth start and then it fizzles out of business in four years leaving both investors and customers hanging dry? Well Handy cleaning company is striving to find the right balance between real profitability and providing great customer service to its clients. The service does not want to follow down the road of of their previous big competitor, Homejoy, which went out of business in 2012. cleaning services did a number of things to help trim their operating expenses. They began by outsourcing the customer experience to call centers in Florida and Missouri. This saved a lot of money for the company as prior to this they had a lot of hourly employees and the company also went to using more automated bot systems to handle its customer base. Still they faced a long road to being profitable but these steps helped to mitigate a further downhill slide of wasted resources.

Handy made the tough and painful decision not to expand beyond the 28 markets they were already operating in at this time. The gamble paid huge benefits for the company with respect to customer acquisition and customer density rates in the 28 markets that they currently serve now. Handy is now spending less money and hope to become profitable by the second half of 2017.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Austin-based Plastic Surgeon


According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, you need an internal drive and personality to sustain your career, drive, education, and your family’s well-being for all your life. According to the recent study, Dr. Walden was named among the 24 best plastic surgeons in the United States. This is according to the last month issues Harper’s Bazar magazine. Dr. Jennifer Walden has trained with a world-class team of professionals in this field while her mentor was the well-known New York City Surgeon. Her contribution to the field of Plastic Surgery cannot be denied. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the only women to appear in the American Plastic Surgery Society of aesthetics. This is the board where she serves as a doctor. According to research, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an award-winning plastic surgeon and author of numerous books and articles. She has appeared in various television and media proceedings to point out the need to stay beautiful as a choice and not by chance.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a beautiful individual. For this reason, most of her customers want to be as beautiful as her. Moreover, she appears to be a well-composed individual she has never been a rush in her dealings, for this reason, Dr. Jennifer Walden maintains integrity in her medical solutions. For you to become successful, you must emulate special characters that can build your character. The best example in life is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Whenever she has a list of patients seeking to talk t her, she never hurries. However, she maintains an excellent composition to work together with the nursing body. She has the desire to elevate her patient’s thinking. She is the most adamant individual in the world of surgery.


Dr. Jennifer Walden comes from a medical family. While her mother is a nurse, her late father was a dentist. She comes from a family that values achievement. This is the best thing that happened in her life. Her dad showed her the need to achieve. For this reason, she led her siblings towards success in their particular fields. She has always worked hard to lead the life her parents wanted.

Clay Siegall and Humanitarianism


When people are asked what one of their most serious fears are they normally mention contracting some sort of incurable disease. In the 1970’s and 80’s the disease would have most certainly been Aids, in the modern day world, however, the answer would most certainly be cancer. Cancer is an indiscriminate killer that does not care about background, age, race or religion. If someone contracts cancer they need to go through a rigorous process to remove it and even after that there are still a number of dangerous and potentially lethal side effects to worry about it. In order to try and remove fears of cancer and find a cure for it once a for all medical scientist Clay Siegall has decided to take the case alongside his team of professional scientific minds.

Based on his company website for Seattle Genetics, Siegall seeks to battle cancer through research and development of powerful anti-bodies that cancer cells will hopefully be unable to fight against. Siegall started Seattle Genetics in 1998 and has since formed powerful alliances with a multitude of different pharmaceutical companies. Corporations such as Pfizer and Genetech are only a few of the names behind the curtain, which allows Seattle Genetics to continue to funding for their research over the past twenty years.

Through their combined efforts, Siegall and his staff are looking forward to continuing the fight the good fight against cancer. As stated on his Facebook page, Siegall is a dedicated man who will not stop until cancer is no longer a problem for the world. This is wonderful news for the world, as they can rest easy knowing that a champion in on the case fighting for their right to live and survive this disease. With the funding and goals at his disposal Clay Siegall and his colleagues will continue to move forward with locating a cure and there is no doubt that they will eventually find what it is they are looking for, it just might take a bit longer before we can see their results.

Avi Weisfogel, The Award-Winning Dentist, Balances Work and Social Life


According to Avi Weisfogel, tooth sensitivity is a disorder that should not be ignored. As it is with numerous people globally, they know that sensitive teeth can make nights and sleep hateful. Sensitive teeth are associated with discomfort that makes drinking and eating your favorite meal a painful experience. You can be rest assured that tooth sensitivity can be treated although you suffer from that illness.


In most cases, this condition presents itself as minor tooth pain after eating hot or cold foods, drinking the cold liquid, and breathing cold air. If the pain becomes unbearable, you should seek the advice of a professional dentist. For this reason, your tooth nerve can be exposed to its unusual environment. When your gums begin to pull away from the teeth, tooth sensitivity occurs. The roots have no extra protection. For this reason, they will appear exposed.


The tips exposed contain tubules leading to the nerve center of the tooth. Whenever pressure is exerted on the tooth or any other condition including cold or hot elements come into contact with the tubules, it will trigger the nerve to cause pain. People who have their gums covered don’t have sensitive teeth.


Avi Weisfogel spends much of his working time seeking for dental sleep solutions for the dentist world and his patients. When he is out of work, Avi Weisfogel enjoys following the programs created by the New York Hockey Rangers Club. For this year, this hockey team is planning to host a high-end camp to train their young fans.


The Youth Hockey Rangers Camp is part of the millennial plans of the team. The Go-Skate program seeks to have the children educated on the sport and nature their talent towards an inspired fan-base. The program, each year combines efforts to gather more than 10,000 children to participate in this ground-breaking camp. In 2016, the field saw a week-long training chance for all players aged seven years and above. The sessions were held in the months of July and August at the official training facility of the New York Hockey Rangers Team. The camp promised to engage the young learners in a great training session.

Fabletics For Everyone


There are a lot of places that you can go to for your exercise clothing needs. You might have thought about Fabletics, but you aren’t sure if it’s going to be good for you.


Fabletics Online

There are a lot of online stores, but few do what Fabletics can for you. The way it works is they have you sign up and then take a survey. The survey will tell them what your style is and you will get to see what you are going to be getting.


Another great thing about the subscription is that you can stop it when you need to. This may mean if you are going to be gone for a time, you don’t have to worry about missing it and you won’t have to worry about someone else picking it up. You can restore the subscription when you want also. That makes things a lot easier when you just want to pause your subscription.


Fabletics Stores

They have done so well, that now they are starting their own stores. This can be great if you are in the area where you have a store. Then you can go in and pick what you want to buy or try on clothing that you have thought about, but wanted to see. The best part is you can purchase the clothing you decide you want to have and walk out of the store with it. The store doesn’t affect your online subscription.


Many people are talking about the stores and that they aren’t sure if it would work for them. They weren’t sure if the subscription platform was going to also work with the store front, but on the other side of things they think the store is a great idea because people can walk out with the clothing they want.


There are a lot of times you might be looking for exercise clothing for your needs. That is why the online subscription can work the best for you. You won’t have to worry about waiting or traveling. Every month can give you a present. Why not give them a try and see if they are going to work for you like they have for many other people have already found.


Joyous Christmas Hacks


Decorate the dinner table during the holidays with cute Christmas trees that you can make yourself. Wengie requires you to have twine, magazine paper and clear tape. Roll the magazine paper to a cone shape, taping the edges together. Cut the base of the cone so that it’s flat. Make a small slit at the bottom of the cone. Put the twine through the small slit, wrapping the twine around the cone until you get to the top. Use a hot glue gun along the entire cone so that the twine stays in the shape of the cone. Try not to glue it onto the paper because it won’t come off. When it’s dry, take the cone off to set it up on the table. You can add decorations to the tree if you want to make it fun.


You’ve probably received festive socks as a gift at some point. If you don’t wear your socks, they could be used as cup warmers. Cut the sock in half, flip it inside out, and sew the end closed before you flip it back out and put it over a jar or a cup. Instead of using boring napkins, turn them into fun Christmas trees. Find the corner of the napkin with all of the loose folds. Fold the first corner up to almost the top of the napkin. Keep folding the corners in this manner until you get to the bottom. Turn the napkin over, folding the top down to create a triangle. Make a cone shape by folding the other sides. When you finish, it should look like a small tree.