Logan Stout Excels as an Entrepreneur and Success Coach


The career of Logan Stout has seen him wear many hats such as entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business owner among several others. He is particularly well-suited for teaching in the area of leadership and is a highly sought-after motivational speaker as a result.

The latest project that Stout has immersed himself in is the health and wellness company called IDLife. With other high-profile partners like Troy Aikman, the company has flourished as they provide personalized nutritional programs for people seeking to enjoy optimal health. High-quality supplements that are uniquely formulated for each individual is the foundation of their business. It is an innovative approach that takes into consideration the fact that everyone’s biochemistry is different.
Another area in which Logan Stout has a keen interest is in leadership development and his book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” offers insights into how to do just that. His expertise is considerable considering the wide range of success that he’s enjoyed and the billions of dollars that he’s generated with successful endeavors.

The Dallas Patriots baseball organization was founded by Stout and he is also their CEO. They strongly focus on mentoring and leading kids in the realm of baseball where they offer programs for ages six through eighteen. They utilize highly-skilled coaches and the group produces talented baseball players many of whom play at the collegiate level or get drafted by the Major Leagues.

One way that Stout shows his innovative side is in brainstorming new ideas. Logan Stout enjoys collaborating with respected associates and seeing where the ideas can take them. Bad ideas can even morph into good ideas according to Stout and everything gets a fair hearing during this process. He relays that every success that he’s been a part of has always been a collaborative effort. One person may come up with a basic concept and then the entire team can enhance and tweak it until it’s more functional.

Logan Stout is successful on many fronts but he relates that if he had to do it all over again he would enjoy the process more. He was always intensely focused on the next idea whereas now he values the people and process more than ever.

Logan Stout is married and he and his wife Haley have two sons who are twins. They live in Frisco, Texas and they are involved in several charitable endeavors such as the American Heart Association of North Texas.

Logan Stout’s Social Media: twitter.com/LoganStout

Behind the Scenes at Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Many people are unaware of all of the coordinating effort going on behind the scenes at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Based in Florida, this health system is always first to step out when a new treatment modality arises. The computer age has given way to more intensive cancer treatment abilities that deliver finely tuned precise treatments. This healthcare provider joined hands with Nanthealth and Allscripts to explain their newest cancer care strategy. An extensive clinical oncology platform is available that utilizes the technology of a computer program within the parameters of existing cancer care treatment plans.

Unlike previous days, today’s cancer care specialists can rapidly find all available cancer care resource materials with a quick Internet and computer program search. The information that this team gets is totally unbiased. There is never a conflict of interest that would make a lean towards one treatment as opposed to another. The statistical information is logically compiled. A doctor can instantly see available routes of care, and every patient can get even more individualized cancer care treatment. CTCA has long embraced new ideas like geno-testing for cancer type specifics. This is just another addition to CTCA’s stellar cancer treatment choices.

Costs of care including medication, chemotherapy and other treatment options are compiled to allow the healthcare team and the patients to discuss appropriate treatment options in a realistic manner. This leading healthcare institution hopes to share their successes with other providers. The goal is to further standardize all areas of cancer care across the country. This new online data service connects healthcare providers from anywhere that has Internet access. This is a terrific use of rapidly changing computer technology to assist in enabling better and more coordinated care for cancer patients everywhere. Cancer Treatment Centers of America continues providing top-notch cancer care.

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Eric Lefkofsky – Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus


There has been an alarming amount of cancer survivors and the number continues to grow each year. Research and development have helped to expand technology improvements related to cancer treatments. The past 30 years have shown a large increase in the cancer survivor category by millions. In 2016, it was reported that there were approximately 15.5 million people who experienced successful cancer therapy. It’s estimated by 2040 those numbers will reach 26.1 million. People who are in remission have many different needs than most of us. They have to make sure that they continue to monitor the effects of treatment, continue with their scans and take certain medications.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. He has dedicated much of his career to cancer research and detailed studies. As a successful entrepreneur, Lefkofsky created Tempus to help develop innovative and popular cancer treatments. Tempus helps work with many physicians and healthcare professionals by using cutting-edge technology utilizing genomic sequencing and methods of analysis. These are used to understand the necessary details needed to properly treat a patient’s tumor. By gathering large amounts of information and data, Tempus is able to better assist physicians so they are able to treat their patient’s properly. They can prescribe a more intense and personalized approach to therapy by utilizing high scaled technology. The data collected from Tempus is relayed to help doctors promote a more advanced plan of care and treatment for each patient.

Lefkofsky and his wife are fully engaged in the industry of cancer research. They regularly donate to research causes and have created a foundation called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. They donated $1 million to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University. Other donations have been made to give support to immunotherapy in relation to gastric cancer and breast cancer. He is also involved in The Giving Pledge and serves as a Trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. As an entrepreneur, he has committed a lifetime of research to help those who are diagnosed with cancer. His future hope is to help those recover from the disease and remain in remission for a lifetime. With technology on the rise and a rapid growth with research, the success of survivors is increasing at a rapid rate.

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Agora Financial Offering Financial Information You Can Trust


Agora Financial is one of the leading names in the world of economic publications and has a variety of publications, including newsletters, ebooks, magazines, videos, and more. Agora Financial was built with the mission to educate the people about the financial market and help people make wise choices with their money. As the economic market continues to stay volatile and the amount of options in the investment scene continues to multiply, it is essential for the people these days to rely on some expert advice. It is what Agora Financial offers its customers, who are looking to invest their money to achieve their long term financial goals.

Bill Bonner started Agora Financial in the year 1979 to help people get the financial insight they need to make smart investment decisions. As the market is filled with a variety of investment products, starting from mutual funds to equity market and from retirement plans to precious metals, and more, it has become difficult for the people to choose which investment option to select as per their financial goals and objectives. Agora Financial offers reliable and expert investment and financial advice in simple and easy to understand language so that people can make smart investment choices and avoid making common mistakes.

Agora Financial invests over a million dollar each year on only the travel expense of its reporters and employees who penetrate different sectors to find out what is going on in various industries. It helps in knowing whether the sector is worth investing in or not. Agora Financial has made some remarkable predictions in the last few years, which has helped save its over a million subscribers, a substantial amount of money. Agora Financial takes pride in the fact that it offers non-biased reporting and doesn’t accept money from any company or organization to mislead its readers.

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Nick Vertucci Empowers You To Profit From The Real Estate Market


The real estate industry is a bagful of opportunities for smart investors. However, it is a competitive and mystic market. Clueless newcomers are pitted against well-established players all racing to get a slice of the real estate pie. Nick Vertucci helps you break into the business and achieve success in no time. He is the CEO and founder of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Nick believes you should work hard and smart to achieve your financial freedom. He previously operated a successful computer parts shop. Then he attended a real estate training workshop, and it turned his perspective around. He took on the task to research all the elements of investing in the real estate market. He immersed himself in real estate for more than ten years.

During this time, Nick Vertucci researched, analyzed and brainstormed the different aspects of the real estate market. He discovered what works and the fads. At the height of his investment success, he chose to go into the education segment. He now teaches new entrepreneurs the tricks to fast track their path to success. Nick Vertucci trains investors using a highly successful system he developed and uses to make millions.

The academy provides education as well as investment tools and support. It smoothens your path to a successful career in real estate. His strategies always yield outstanding results. He has built a community of educators and investors with one common goal, to make a profit from the real estate market. The lessons include tricks on identifying a hot deal, renovating the property to add value, and selling the property.

Students get support at every stage of the house flipping process. New investors learn how to wholesale, rehabilitate and flip properties. Additionally, they get familiar with the process of buying and holding assets for long-term gain. The course also includes information on the various methods of financing available to different investors, leveraging your retirement kitty as a funding strategy.Investors are encouraged to start as soon as possible. The community of investors and financiers raise the capital to support the deals students make. They also provide essential mentoring and guidance to ensure students maximize their return on investment.

You need prior training or experience in real estate to enroll. In like manner, you are not obliged to have capital. One of the strategies you learn is how to use other people’s money to profit from the real estate market.

Beneful for Your Best Friend Straight From Walmart


Walmart currently carries over 100 items under the name brand Beneful. Products range from $1.77, for a 10oz plastic tub of wet food, to $33.98, for a 40lb bag of dry food. The online store does offer bulk purchasing options. Here are a few of the variations of Beneful dog food you can find at Walmart!

  • Healthy Weight: Offering your pet a healthy dry food made from real chicken. 3.5lb bag priced as low as $5.48.
  • Prepared Meals: Packaged in individual servings, these meals inclue 100% chicken or beef along with real vegetables. Individual meals priced as low as $1.77.
  • Grain Free: Being conscious of what is in your dog’s food is important! This grain free option claims farm-raised chicken along side other fresh ingredients. 3.5lb bag priced at $5.48, wet food variation available.

Stop by Walmart and pick up some Beneful commercial for your pet!


Global Companies Help Open New Oil Drill in Mexico


For almost 80 years, the country of Mexico has wanted international competitors to become involved in its local energy markets and its wish came true this year when a private firm created a new offshore oil well in the waters of Mexico.

This construction of an offshore oil well was able to be done through the efforts of these companies: Premiere Oil, Talos Energy and Sierra Oil, the only local Mexican company among this group.

Premier Oil was the firm that announced that this happened. Premier was the first company to be able to do since the Mexican government nationalized oil in 1938 and created the oil monopoly called Petroleos.

This new oil well has been called Zama-1 and can now be found in the Sureste Basin off the coast of the Mexican state of Tabasco. In the future, Premier predicts hat the oil well should hold about 100 to 500 million barrels of oil. The drilling will take 95.0 days to finish and will cost about 16 million US dollars. The three global companies involved in this new oil well won the first round of bidding in 2015.

Elaine Reyn, an Edison Investment Research analyst in London, believes that Zama is the first Pemex well to be created due to the energy reform process of Mexico. She expects that the international oil industry is very curious to see what happens with this new effort. She is betting that geologically, this drilling has a very good chance of success.

When Zama is finished, Charlie Sharp of Canaccord Genuity sees this drilling as one of the most captivating explorations for 2017.

The stakes of the new well have been determined. Talos will have a stake of 35 percent in the well while Sierra will have 40%. Premier will get the remaining stake of 25%.

Talos Energy, one of the companies that is part of this new drill, was started with 600 million US dollars that it got from equity In one day, it can produce 16,000 barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. 60 professionals operate this company in Houston Texas. If a person counts the field operators for this company along the Gulf Coast, a person should find that there are 120 employees.

Talos Energy proud to acknowledge that Workplace Dynamics the best w acorkplace among local businesses. They were able to get this acknowledgement without having to do Friday happy hours or have day care centers onsite.

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Toronto’s Dr. Cameron Clokie Talks About Regenerative Medicine


Dr. Cameron Clokie has over 20 patents both in the United States and abroad for innovations in the field of musculoskeletal reconstruction and regeneration. Among those innovations is a procedure that regrew a section of a patient’s jaw bone. His practice Induce Biologics Inc. specializes in musculoskeletal regeneration.

Dr. Clokie holds both a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree and a Ph.D. from McGill University. Over the last three decades, he has added entrepreneur, educator, international lecturer, author, scientific advisor and Toronto University’s head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to his résumé.

Regenerative medicine as defined by Dr. Cameron Clokie employs stem cells, biomaterials, and molecules in the repair of the physical damage done by illness or injury. Blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants are both stem cell therapies. A burn patient’s own cells can be used to grow new skin over the area of the burn. The three aforementioned forms of cell therapy have paved the way for Dr. Clokie’s breakthroughs.

Very few patients ever benefit from new developments in regenerative therapy. Patients that have the financial wherewithal to do so turn to private hospitals. These facilities often render unproven therapies that ascorbate the patient’s condition.

There are three issues that keep regenerative treatments from being more readily available. Even though they can prolong and improve quality of life regenerative medicine is not universally accepted within the medical community.

Despite the likelihood of reducing medical costs in the long-term regenerative medicine is hamstrung by the hobgoblin of all progress; cost. Requiring specialized facilities, staff with unique skill sets and high production costs regenerative procedures are currently more expensive than traditional treatment options.

Lastly, the number of regenerative treatments approved by the Food and Drug Administration is extremely low.

Even with the obstacles mentioned above research in regenerative medicine is being conducted around the world. Most recently, a chip was developed that makes organ repair possible by causing cells to change their intended function.

As with any medical treatment, regenerative therapies have their drawbacks. Favorable results are not guaranteed. Even when successful initially that success can reverse itself over time.

Susan McGalla and the Thoughts of Women Empowerment in Corporate Sector


Susan McGalla worked her way up the ladder in a male-dominated corporate world. She gives a lot of the credit to the way that she was raised in a family with two brothers and a dad who was a football coach. She did not get any breaks either just because she was a girl because she has to work for what she wanted, even in her own family.

McGalla worked her way up through the hierarchy of American Eagle Outfitters where all of the executives when she started were men. Before she left the company she became its president. She then founded her own executive consulting company and she is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the professional football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla is certainly talented, but she will tell you that she had to work hard for every inch. In business it is not all about whether a person is male or female, or is it? In spite of McGalla’s success, there is still a glass ceiling for most women simply because business is still a male-dominated world.

Current statistics show that businesses that foster gender diversity are 15 percent more likely to outperform companies who do not characterize that statistic, and companies that are ethnically diverse outperform the same companies by 35%. The thinking as to why this is so is that more diverse companies seem to come up with more original ideas.

It is a certainty that McGall did not work in a vacuum and that she encountered plenty of resistance when she wanted this initiative or that one implemented in her rise up the ladder. Given her background in her upbringing and her willingness to work with anyone, no matter what their gender or ethnic background, she is comfortable working with anyone who can carry their own weight and back up their ideas.

Even though Susan McGalla’s example is surely a grand encouragement for women, women are still in the position of the exception rather than the rule at getting the opportunities that many rightly deserve when it comes to the opportunity to compete. Consequently there are many companies who provide executive sponsorships to help mentor women to rise in their organizations as McGalla did.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a Brazilian Corporate Litigation Wizard


As a federal republic, Brazil is home to a progressive constitution that adheres to the doctrine of separation of powers into the executive, legislature, and judicial authorities. The judiciary, just like in any forward moving society is the custodian of the constitution. In its duties, the courts are assisted by a large number of legal practitioners. The law scene is outrightly crowded by lawyers specializing in many fields ranging from tax law to immigration to criminal justice and corporate litigations. Legal analysts contend that there are more than two million lawyers in Brazil of which up to a million are licensed practitioners. With thousands of law colleges across Brazil, the number of law graduates increases by tens of thousands annually.

In such a crowded field, building a reputation for yourself is the ultimate test of passion and talent. And it is just that, that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has succeeded to do. With the world of business operating as an irreparable jungle, the need for reputable corporate litigants has increased across the globe, and lawyers like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho who are dedicated to their practice have without a doubt gone on to build a long list high profile clients.

About Ricardo Tosto @ ricardotosto.blog

The 54 years old law graduate from the Universidad Presbiteriana Mackenzie, has had a hilarious career characterized by hard work and legal research that befits the legal matters on his desk. He is a member of the International Bar Association, Revista dos Tribunais and serves as a board member of the Center for Attorney Partnerships. He also serves as the administrator of the Institute of Political Party and Election Law Studies. Ricardo is the most popular of Leite, Tosto e Barros law firm which he co-founded with two other partners. High profile clients and his peers have all ranked Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho as an unparalleled lawyer in Brazilian corporate law practice.

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