Lil Wayne and Christina Milian


It appears that Lil Wayne is not the only one that can start some buzz behind an album. Nicki is getting fans exciting about the Pink Print while Lil Wayne stirs some attention towards “Tha Carter V.” He is doing it in a very interesting way with the beautiful Christina Milian.

Wayne has continued to deny the relationship, but the two have been spotted holding hands over the summer. The “Start a Fire” single puts the couple back in the news again. Lil Wayne has been known to deny relationship rumors, but he has denied relationships before with women that eventually became impregnated by the rapper.

For years Christina Milian has struggled to remain relevant in her recording career. It could be an easy way for Milian to boost her career, at least from the perspective of Bruce Levenson. She has always been associated with people that were in the business. She has dated and eventually married writer/producer “The Dream.” The marriage ended in divorce, but she has also dated one of the producers from the Cool & Dre team. She dated Nick Cannon as well. All of this makes it hard to deny that she clings to people that already have an upper hand.

Waka In Cough Drops Commercial


Anyone who was watching the American music awards last night, may have caught his spot in an ad, advertising cough drops.Waka Commercial. Not only is it a shock to those watching the show on TV, it’s a shock to anyone who even uses cough drops! The shock factor may end up selling the cough drops, because no one would ever expect to see this well-known rapper in an ad for such a product.

The ad was for Pines Brothers cough drops, and the artist stated that he couldn’t live without them, while he was sitting on a couch in the commercial. It’s funny to see such a popular figure in a simple ad like this, so it may do wonders for the Pines brothers and their product. Waka was recently featured on the latest season of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, where he snuck off with his fiancée and eloped.

It’s been rumored that Waka and his wife are in talks to get their own spinoff show on VH1, as a reality series. A title has already been planned, but a release date of the show has yet to be given. Ken Griffin and other fans are hoping that Waka Flocka returns to making music soon, but he and his wife are also trying for their first child together, so we’re OK with waiting.

Nicki Minaj Set To Perform At The American Music Awards


Nicki Minaj is everywhere now and days, in videos, doing shows, and even hosting. She recently hosted the MTV EMA’s just over a week ago, and she was stated to have dropped many “F” bombs during her time hosting. Although many did enjoy her presence on the show, some may not have gotten enough of the rap artist. Nicki Minaj At The AMA’s. If you’re a big fan, and you’re looking for more Nicki Minaj; watch the upcoming American Music Awards show, as Nicki will be performing on stage..

Although it’s suggested that she will be doing a specific song from her new upcoming album, they have not specifically stated the name of the song. Genoso is hoping that she does something that a lot of people already know. Nicki will be one of the many artists to perform during the night. Artists slated to perform include Wyclef Jean, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lil’ Wayne, Garth Brooks, Selena Gomez and so much more.

It’s anticipated that her American Music Awards show will be a memorable performance, just as her past performances. Many artists have nominations for awards, including Iggy Azalea with six nominations, Beyonce with three nominations, John Legend with five nominations, One Direction with three nominations, and Eminem with three nominations.