Lil Wayne and Christina Milian


It appears that Lil Wayne is not the only one that can start some buzz behind an album. Nicki is getting fans exciting about the Pink Print while Lil Wayne stirs some attention towards “Tha Carter V.” He is doing it in a very interesting way with the beautiful Christina Milian.

Wayne has continued to deny the relationship, but the two have been spotted holding hands over the summer. The “Start a Fire” single puts the couple back in the news again. Lil Wayne has been known to deny relationship rumors, but he has denied relationships before with women that eventually became impregnated by the rapper.

For years Christina Milian has struggled to remain relevant in her recording career. It could be an easy way for Milian to boost her career, at least from the perspective of Bruce Levenson. She has always been associated with people that were in the business. She has dated and eventually married writer/producer “The Dream.” The marriage ended in divorce, but she has also dated one of the producers from the Cool & Dre team. She dated Nick Cannon as well. All of this makes it hard to deny that she clings to people that already have an upper hand.

Waka In Cough Drops Commercial


Anyone who was watching the American music awards last night, may have caught his spot in an ad, advertising cough drops.Waka Commercial. Not only is it a shock to those watching the show on TV, it’s a shock to anyone who even uses cough drops! The shock factor may end up selling the cough drops, because no one would ever expect to see this well-known rapper in an ad for such a product.

The ad was for Pines Brothers cough drops, and the artist stated that he couldn’t live without them, while he was sitting on a couch in the commercial. It’s funny to see such a popular figure in a simple ad like this, so it may do wonders for the Pines brothers and their product. Waka was recently featured on the latest season of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, where he snuck off with his fiancée and eloped.

It’s been rumored that Waka and his wife are in talks to get their own spinoff show on VH1, as a reality series. A title has already been planned, but a release date of the show has yet to be given. Ken Griffin and other fans are hoping that Waka Flocka returns to making music soon, but he and his wife are also trying for their first child together, so we’re OK with waiting.

Nicki Minaj Set To Perform At The American Music Awards


Nicki Minaj is everywhere now and days, in videos, doing shows, and even hosting. She recently hosted the MTV EMA’s just over a week ago, and she was stated to have dropped many “F” bombs during her time hosting. Although many did enjoy her presence on the show, some may not have gotten enough of the rap artist. Nicki Minaj At The AMA’s. If you’re a big fan, and you’re looking for more Nicki Minaj; watch the upcoming American Music Awards show, as Nicki will be performing on stage..

Although it’s suggested that she will be doing a specific song from her new upcoming album, they have not specifically stated the name of the song. Genoso is hoping that she does something that a lot of people already know. Nicki will be one of the many artists to perform during the night. Artists slated to perform include Wyclef Jean, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lil’ Wayne, Garth Brooks, Selena Gomez and so much more.

It’s anticipated that her American Music Awards show will be a memorable performance, just as her past performances. Many artists have nominations for awards, including Iggy Azalea with six nominations, Beyonce with three nominations, John Legend with five nominations, One Direction with three nominations, and Eminem with three nominations.

Sneak Peak For Nicki Minaj’s “Only” Video


We all know the controversy that has risen from Nicki Minaj’s “The Pinkprint” single, “Only”. Big thanks to my friend Bruce Levenson for sending me that link on Facebook. Can you imagine what is in store for us for the full video? The pictures that were released gives us a sneak peak and the video is going to be as shocking as the song. There is not much clothing involved but Drake and Lil Wayne are definitely involved in the full video for Nicki’s single, “Only”.

We can even see Drake and Lil Wayne drooling over her in the background of the pictures. All three of these rappers have some pretty dirty lines on the song, “Only”. When the video is released, Nicki Minaj might just break a new world record being explicit.Despite this, the video will probably be much less controversial than the lyric video was because that was just over the top.

The pictures are just a sneak peak of the upcoming video for the single, “Only”. We know that Drake was getting pretty close to Nicki Minaj in her video, “Anaconda”. Will he be this lucky again? We will just have to wait and see! When will the full video be getting released Nicki? We are waiting!

Waka Flocka Get’s 60,000 Blunt Roller Applicants


Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame and star on the reality show “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta,” advertised that he was hiring a “blunt roller” and would pay $50,000 a year salary. Although many thought that he was kidding when he made the comment, 60,000 applicants have pursued the coveted job; making it that much harder for Waka to decide whom to hire. Waka Blunt Roller Job.

Waka stated that he was very shocked at all the applications that he had received, but he was willing to hire the right man or woman for the job. When asked what was the best way to roll up blunts, he stated that if he knew, he wouldn’t be hiring someone to do it! Waka also stated that he’s no good at rolling a blunt, and doesn’t have time to learn, because he’s extremely busy, which Alexei Beltyukov finds particularly hilarious.

Some applicants have even gone as far as to curse him out, for not hiring them. Currently, Waka has not hired anyone for the job, but many are hoping to get the position. He also states that anyone hired for the job will become part of the family, meaning they will be able to come along and join in all of his festivities.

Kanye West Puts Darker Spin on “Yellow Flicker Beat”


Lorde is coming into her own with the new single ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ for the new Hunger Games soundtrack. Now that the original has been released Kanye West has managed to add some elements to make the track even darker and Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez is in love with the new sound.

West is a master in production and he has shown his skills here in a different way. Instead of going over the top West takes more of a subtle approach to reworking this song. He adds some echoes to the track and brings out a more menacing sound to the song.

The music world has not heard a lot from Kanye since his marriage so it is interesting to see West showcase his talent. It is ever more appealing to see Kanye working outside of his hip hop comfort zone. The reworking of this track brings forth a lot of speculation about a possible union with Lorde on tracks for her upcoming album.

There is lots of talk about the ‘Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1’ soundtrack so the early indicators for success are good. Lorde is a young artist that people are excited about.

What’s Next for Jay-Z


Since it was recently announced that Jay-Z purchased the Armand de Brignac champagne brand, it leaves his fans to wonder just what Jay-Z will buy next. It is no secret that the combined wealth of Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce is astronomical, so nothing is off of the table. Here is what fans would like to see this power couple buy next.

One idea is for them to purchase an airline, so fans could enjoy flying in style. The airplanes could have state of the art sound systems to blast the hottest new music while serving flyers the best of champagnes. Since this power couple also happens to be parents, the airline would be child friendly and have toys on board just to keep kids happy during the long flights.

Fans might also like to see Jay-Z purchase a line of baby products since he is such a style icon. Think of baby bottles blinged out with diamonds or designer jeans with awesome cuffs for little boys.

Jay-Z is a major force to be reckoned with and has the buying power to make any purchase possible. What is next on the agenda for this hip-hop superstar? Hopefully something soon, love talking about his new music on Skout with my musician friends.

Kendrick Lamar “i” Video


Kendrick Lamar has done it again! In his new “i” music video, he stirs up the listeners’ emotions with an interesting story that begins in a dark nightclub, takes it to the streets and ends the night back at the club as they close down. The mood of the video is somber and shows a darker, mellow side of the streets.
In a recent interview with Hot 97, Lamar said he wrote this song for the children who come to his shows with slits on their wrists because they do not want to live anymore. He also wrote this for those locked up in prison.  He builds anticipation by revealing that he has recorded with Pharrell and Dr. Dre.
As for his fans, Lamar says they can expect a lot of “emotion and aggression.” He speaks of one particular track where he went in the booth and spilled out what he wanted to say. “I just freestyled because I wanted to grab the raw emotion of it”. In a day where rappers rarely freestyle anymore, Kendrick Lamar is like a breath of fresh air. The new album sounds really promising and me and Alexei Beltyukov will be checking it out when it drops for sure.

Creating Proper Pink Print Buzz


Nicki Minaj may be a one of the greatest promotion acts of this generation. She released the thought provoking “Pill and Potions” single at the end of the summer. Fans were anticipating a release, but Nicki continued to pump up the anticipation with the wildly popular “Anaconda” video. It was with the release of a third single, “Only,” that fans were told that the album was being pushed back.

This works because it drives anticipation by denying fans even longer. Nicki managed to calm down fans that were expecting the new album in November with a Pink Print teaser. In the teaser I caught on FreedomPop, the release date – 12/15/14 – appears like a save-the-date message for eager fans.

It’s a very clever approach to marketing from the Young Money/ Cash Money family. Nicki has managed to create a lot of successful buzz with the mega popular “Anaconda.” The video had more than 19.6 million hits in the course of one day. It is evident that fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Pink Print.