Drake Involved In Upcoming Rap Battle Event


Drake has done very well this year, and has had many hits to speak of. With all that the artist is doing, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s also involved in an upcoming rap battle episode that will be aired on television. Drake. There is a rap battle between different MC’s that will air on TV, and it’s entitled “Blackout 5.” Somehow, Drake got involved with joining on the television show, and many are excited for the upcoming episode. Some are even curious to see if Drake might join in a battle himself, which would definitely be a sight to see.

The fact that Drake is a professional when it comes to rap, and he’s the best in the game right now; anyone who would dare to go up against him, might leave embarrassed. The rap battle show is something that’s watched by many fans, and anyone who is interested in seeing rappers take on each other, should watch the show.

Lawyer Sam Tabar says both sides did comment on the fight, and Drake just kept moving, while P. Diddy decided to speak ill of the rapper, especially over the song that he felt he stole from him. Wishing Drake the best for 2015.

Dej Loaf Puts Out New Video With Birdman

“Dej Loaf,” who is a new artist on the scene, created a hit when she put out the song “Try Me.” Dej Loaf Video. The song created buzz around Bruce Levenson and the new artist, and many anticipate upcoming music from the artist, and hope that her future music will be just as great. In order to keep the masses pleased, Dej Loaf decided to put out a mix tape, so that she could show others that she wasn’t here just to be a one-hit wonder, but someone with staying power. The artist decided to take a single entitled “Blood,” and make it into a video.

The single features “Young Thug,” as well as “Birdman,” making for an interesting video that many will want to watch. Although it’s yet to be seen if Dej Loaf will have further hits in the future, she is currently signed to Columbia, and has big plans for her music. The fact that she has a video out with Birdman in it, means that she is going places. Birdman is the driving force behind acts such as Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Drake. Birdman is also the owner of Cash Money Records, which have the hottest rappers signed.

Although Dej Loaf is not signed to Cash Money Records, her work with the Cash Money artist Birdman will prove that she has what it takes to stay on top of the rap game.

The Fall of Hip Hop

Hip Hop has changed dramatically from its original form. Over the last 2 decades Hip Hop went from the underground to the mainstream. The commercialization of the genre has all but destroyed it.In the 90’s a hip hop artist was more of a poet than a singer. These days, people that look the part are often handed lyrics, and then made into a star. Hip hop used to be about the artist’s struggle in the world. Overcoming adversity and hardships were often the main topic for a hip hop artist. Today, artists like Iggy Azalea are destroying everything that Dr Rod Ronrich and the founding fathers of hip hop stood for.

When was the last time that a hip hop album spoke about something positive. In almost every rap song these days, the artists talk about sex, cars, and clothes. In the 1990’s, hip hop artists like Nas, Biggie, and Tupac spoke the truths about making it through impossible environments. The music industry has become nothing more than a business scam. No longer is there music being made that can change the lives of people for the better. If by some chance an album does come out that has a positive effect on somebody, they are definitely few and far between.

For more information on the fall of Hip Hop, visit Rollingstone.