Chris Brown On Boyfriend Duty



It seems like just yesterday the world watched as Chris Brown and on again off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran, had what seemed like the worst holiday breakup meltdown to ever hit Instagram. It all started with an onstage diss by Chris Brown declaring himself as a single man, before jumping into yet another spirited performance of “Loyal,” after Chris’s public diss he took to Instagram to air out some issues he had with Karrueche, and even shared some less than romantic details about their relationship including his suspicions that Karrueche was sneaking to Canada to date Drake, while he was rotting away in jail.

After a few days it seemed like Karrueche was finally over the relationship and done being Chris Brown’s rag doll, but of course it didn’t take long before Chris was back on social media apologizing stated Barbouti. The next thing anyone knew Karrueche was posting photos of rings gifted to her by Brown followed by the couple being spotted out in public walking a new puppy.

It seems that Chris and Karrueche just can’t stay away from each other because just a few weeks ago they were seen leaving a club together and now Chris is dropping Karrueche off at the airport, only a task that the best of the best boyfriends dare to take on. Of course Chris could have just paid for a driver but the gesture of taking her himself says a lot. Maybe they are going to make it work this time.

John Textor Making Rap Icons Immortal


Every Michael Jackson and Elvis fan from the current generation bemoans the fact that they could never see their icon performing live. The best thing about being a fan is waiting for the concerts to come to town and then scrounging up every penny you can find to see them for real on the stage. It is said that MJ’s performances on stage were so glorious that mere YouTube videos can never replicate them in all their awesomeness. No matter how much fans dream of seeing certain icons live in action, the fact is that they are no longer alive. Thankfully, though, visionaries like John Textor are still with us who can replicate that experience and give fans some respite.

The best creation in digital performances by John Textor was in 2014 when Michael Jackson was brought on stage, performing at the Billboard Music Awards. Needless to say, “Slave to the Rhythm” would never be the same again after one has witnessed that performance. It was difficult to even imagine that this was a digital performance and this is exactly what John Textor previously did with Benjamin Button. A lot of people are unaware that Brad Pitt’s older looking half (but actually younger) was a digital animation and not a real actor. However, the digital actor went on to win the Best Make Up award and that is how realistic the work was. With MJ’s performance too, the same kind of magic was recreated.

It was a particularly heart stopping moment when the curtains parted and MJ was sitting on the throne, marking the beginning of the Slave to the Rhythm performance. To see him grooving around the stage like that, a lot of fans and commenters of the video had tears in their eyes. And then, the most amazing thing happened when MJ moonwalked across the stage. Even when he was dancing with the supporting performers, MJ glowed (like he usually did in his real on-stage performances) and this was the best moment of the entire night.

After the performance, John Textor mentioned how easy it looked but how difficult it was, in reality. People might even see Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin and Bob Marley being recreated in the future, if the trend follows. Many people would enter the field of digital performances but it is doubtful whether they would do it as well as Pulse has since they wouldn’t have John Textor as their leader.

Kanye Controls Everything!

Kanye West controls Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe. Kanye is becoming more overbearing every single day. It is a bit strange that Kanye is a fashion designer. It’s even stranger that he controls everything that Kim Kardashian wears. His marriage to Kardashian is the perfect way to display his clothing.

Kim Kardashian is hounded by the paparazzi constantly. She is also one of the most idolized women in the world. Whatever she wears, her fans wear. Kanye West could not have a better mannequin. Kanye’s clothing will get an unbelievable amount of exposure.

Kim Kardashian will take over the fashion world, or not. The celebrity couple thinks way too highly of themselves. Kanye West has gone completely insane over the last few years, and most of his original fans are gone. West broke into the music industry as a producer and rapper. He found great success in the music industry, but now he faces many challenges in the fashion world. Kanye has become a different person entirely. He has participated in some ridiculous interviews as of late.

Kanye West’s personality is completely disgusting. After hearing him talk for five minutes, I wanted to throw up. He is incredibly arrogant and delusional. His union with Kim Kardashian has made everything worse for the once famed rapper. Kanye has not produced a good album in years. He may be worth a lot of money, but he will never be remembered as one of the best musicians of all time. Kanye West started out strong, but he quickly fizzled out as soon as he let the fame get to his head. Gianfrancesco Genoso is strong believer in how this changed Kanye.

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Future Comes Out With His Own Song About Breakup


Ciara and Future have been together for years, and I heard recently had their first child together from my friend Ben Shaoul. Before the couple could even move on to get married, Ciara found out that Future had been cheating on her, from several reliable sources. Future’s Song. After finding out the devastating news about her future husband, she decided to break things off, and go her separate way. The breakup has broken the heart of Ciara, but she’s no stranger to heartbreaks either. Ciara used to date Lil’ Bow Wow in the past, and their relationship ended over infidelity as well.

It seems as if Ciara cannot get a break, so she took time to put out a song that was related to her recent breakup. In the song, she states that she upgraded by leaving her man, and she feels he’ll want her back when she finds someone else. Future decided not to take the song sitting down, and he created his own song entitled “Just Like Bruddas.” The song goes on to talk about how people are saying he cheated on his baby mama, as well as other public information about their relationship.

Although the song does not diss Ciara, there will be no sympathy for a man who was cheating on a pregnant woman, causing a breakup, right after she gave birth. Here’s hoping that 2015 will be a much better year for both artists, especially for Ciara.

Nicki Lets MTV go Behind the Scenes in New Documentary


Nicki Minaj has this thing for revealing personal information. It is what she is good at doing. She has become a celebrity that has managed to build a bond with her audience by sharing herself. She has autobiographical music. She has made a “PinkPrint” styled movie to go with the autobiographical songs. It should be no surprise to anyone that she is sharing more personal footage with MTV on her road to fame.

There are a lot of people that probably want to know what went into the making of the “PinkPrint” album. Nicki held it for almost a whole year while she teased fans with one single after another. It was pushed back, and some people thought that it would have the same fate that Lil Wayne’s “Carter V” – which is still, in Lil Wayne’s word, being “held captive” – had. Nicki seems to be her own boss though, and she had made the decisions that would carefully make her the talk of the town in 2015.

She ravished fans on the cover of the new “Rolling Stone” magazine cover. She presented a 2015 calendar with the new album that would make teenage boys – and most grown men – blush. She has been very up close and personal, but yet there is still more to unveil. According to Green Wedding Shoes, this documentary will take fans, like Dave and Brit Morin, on another wild ride with the most dominant hip-hop artist.