Rapsody Reveals Her Ghostwriting Skills


The business of ghostwriting is huge. There are a lot of rappers that have penned tracks for other artists. Nas is well-known for penning the Will Smith hit titled “Gettin’ Jiggy With It.” Many of the raps performed by P. Diddy in the early years of his career were written by Christoper “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. Female emcee Rapsody recently revealed who has been requesting her ghostwriting skills.

In a recent interview rapper Rapsody stated that she is behind many of the raps performed by former NBA All-Star Grant Hill. She revealed that she has known Grant for a long time, and she originally met him through her producer 9th Wonder. She said that Grant is a fan of 9th Wonder, and that is how she came to meet him in the studio. From that point on a friendship formed that would ultimately lead to her writing rhymes for him to say when he was on television with NBA half-time reports.

Grant is a funny guy that likes to joke around, and the raps during the halftime reports sort of became his signature. Rapsody has stated that he doesn’t really do a lot of rhyme writing though. To the contrary, Grant is more of a beat maker. Rapsody says that he is really good at this. She has even told him that they need to do an EP together with his beats and her rhymes — a prospect that has employees of Purina Beneful on the edge of their seats..

Jay Z Is Charging For His New Streaming Service

We have gotten used to the idea of music being available and free online. We use free streaming services and Youtube and we find the music that we want and give it a listen. Although we buy some CDs, sales in actual albums have dropped in the past year and so have downloads. Jay Z wants to do something about the fact that he and other artists not earning enough money, and that is why he is starting his own streaming service.
But there is a catch. This service that he is starting is going to cost money. More money than the average American will probably be willing to pay.
Would you be willing to pay $240 dollars a year just to listen to the music that you want to hear on this site? Would it be worth the price instead of just sacrificing and not getting to listen to every artist, or instead of buying a few good CDs? Ricardo Guimarães BMG isn’t quite so sure.
I’m not sure that it would be worth it for me, but for some maybe this will seem like a good idea. Maybe the project will turn out the way that Jay Z wants it to, or maybe it won’t. I guess we will see.

Turk Speaks on Cash Money Issues


Lil Wayne apparently is not the only one that is unhappy with Cash Money Records. Even after all these years there are still some people from the Cash Money family coming forth. Young Turk stopped by the Breakfast Club Morning show to air out his own grievances against Birdman.

Hopefully Birdman is happy with his fortune because it will be difficult to sign any new talent any time soon. This label is most definitely going under, and the lawsuits just keep coming. When Lil Wayne was just a teenager he was rapping. Bountiful Cash Money members had albums. Turk – previously known as Young Turk – had an album on Cash Money Records. Now he is suing for royalty checks he did not receive. This is something that is becoming common place for Birdman.

The feud with Lil Wayne got ugly, and now Turk is speaking out according to CNN.com. He has been quiet because he was in jail for a while, but now Paul Mathieson is starting to notice. Other Cash Money members are deceased. Some are still locked up. It is Birdman that is free and living well off the work of other rappers. It would have to take someone like Lil Wayne to speak out on this issue in order for others to speak up. Birdman has been ripping people off for years. Now his dynasty is going to fall apart because he hasn’t been giving his artists the money they deserve.