A$AP Rocky Creates Disrespectful Lyrics About Rita Ora


A$AP Rocky is a rapper, and he has an album coming out soon. Although this rapper is not very well known, maybe his upcoming album will put him on the map. In fact, Rocky’s album is already turning heads because he has a verse in a song that is dissing Rita Ora. Rita Ora Is Disrespected. Rita Ora is also making her way up the ladder of fame, and she was recently featured in the show “Empire.” Rita performed on stage in the show Empire, and many finally got to know the young beauty.

There is very little that many know about Rita Ora, but it’s rumored that she dated Rob Kardashian. Rocky decided to create a song, and he used Rita’s name in the song, but the song is completely disrespectful. The song states that Rita has a big mouth, and he’s basically claiming that she squealed about their relationship. No one has ever known or even linked Rita Ora to A$AP Rocky in the past. It’s also ironic that Rocky would say that Rita has a big mouth, yet he’s rapping about the private relationship on his new album.

Many decided to post comments about their disdain for his tasteless lyrics, but it should be no surprise because many rap artists will gain their fame this way. James Dondero knows that it’s not uncommon for a rapper to call the name of someone else who is famous, just so they can be remembered by the world.

Rapper Common’s Album Has Now Turned 10 Years Old


Common, the rapper, he created an album 10 years ago and it was entitled “Be.” The album was one of the best rap albums ever made, and it was produced entirely by Kanye West. May 24, 2015 is 10 years to the day since the album was created, and Common will be celebrating the album’s 10 year anniversary. Common’s Album “Be” Turns 10 Years Old. Common has changed a lot over the last 10 years, and he is now known as an Academy Award-winning rapper. Common used to have to borrow money from people, due to his financial status, and today he is more than wealthy.

With Common’s popularity on the rise, and the fact that he is friends with the President of the United States, Common has a lot to be thankful for. There are a lot of things that were learned from Common’s album, and here are just a few of them. Be in the present. According to Adam Sender, one of the lessons that Common has learned is to not look back at the past and dwell on it, but to live in the here and now, and it’s okay to look towards the future. Be honest with your loved ones. In Common’s lyrics, he spills his guts to his lady about how much he loves her.

Be faithful. Being faithful is not necessarily a strong point for celebrities, but Common speaks about not being trusted because of things he’s done in the past, and how it haunts him now.

J. Cole Is Awesome At The Soundset Festival


Jermaine Cole, whose stage name is J. Cole, he did a concert recently at the Soundset festival in Minnesota. The festival took place at Canterbury Park, and it drew a very large crowd of fans. J. Cole has risen in popularity over the past year, especially after releasing his second album that did so well in sales. J. Cole. The album sales numbers were expected to hit a million sales fairly quickly. J. Cole has continued to earn more popularity amongst his fans, and during his recent concert, he showed just how popular he really is.

Some fans were sitting on the shoulders of other fans while they cheered for J. Cole. When J. Cole switched up songs, fans would do different chants, dances, or hand signals, just to show how much they love his music. One fan in particular, she was on top of another fan’s shoulders while she held up a homemade picture of J. Cole that looked very authentic.

During another song, fans were doing hand signals in the crowd. Another song only brought more dancing from his fans. J. Cole has proven to be a great asset to those who love rap music, especially music that is unique, fun, and is great to dance to.