Working Out On an Empty Stomach


The question that all active people like Bruce Levenson ask is whether or not it is healthy to work out on a empty stomach. The answer is that it really depends on each individual. Workout advice and health advice should be individualized for each person. It has even been discovered that skipping a meal can even be beneficial.

It has been discovered that by fasting, this can also increase muscle growth. Fasting can lead to both muscle building and fat loss.

There are two effects from fasting.

1.) Improved effects from insulin can be the results from fasting. When one eats too much, the hormones are processed to take out the sugars. Eating too much can deflect the sugars to the liver in large and suffocating quantities. By eating less, the sugars that are directed to the liver increase weight loss and increase muscle increase. For this reason, eating less frequently or practicing a fasting ritual is beneficial to the body.

2.) Fasting not only promote weight loss but can also promote muscle gain. This is due to the growth in hormones. The growth of a specific hormone promotes weight loss through improving bone quality as well as physical function. The effects of the beneficial hormones end when the fasting ends. This shows that sometimes it is better to go without eating.

Overall fasting is actually a beneficial thing. Fasting not only promotes weight loss but also increases muscle gain. Fasting with the addition of exercising is the best way to see fast results.

Brazil’s Literary Treasure: Jaime Garcia Dias


Jaime Garcia Dias is a Brazilian writer who has won many awards for his literary works. Dias was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1970, and his love of prose began early. His mother was an architect, and his father a writer. His father, Arnaldo Dias, mentored young Dias and helped him hone his writing skills. During his school years Dias studied literature, and when the time came for a career he began teaching at the Carioca Literature Academy in 1993. His passion for his work helped him excel, and by 1997 he had been promoted to Vice President of the Carioca Literature Academy.
By the age of 30, Jaime Garcia Dias had already written and published ten books. He received his first award in 2001, the literary prize known as the White Crane. The White Crane is an award dedicated to recognizing new Brazilian authors, Dias won this award for his novel Caiu do Céu (Fell from Heaven.) Winning this award boosted the sales of his novel throughout South America, and also gained him recognition by the renowned writer Joshua Gomez at the Latinos Books Meeting in 2003 in Argentina. This first award and the author’s perseverance helped pave the way for future success, in 2007 Dias was elected President of the Carioca Literature Academy. By this time Dias had served for ten years as Vice President. This academy became the largest institution dedicated to Brazilian writers under Dias’ leadership.
By 2013 Jaime Garcia Dias had over twenty books published, and had won awards for five of these novels: Caiu do Céu, Dois Caminhos, Canal, Das Nuvens, and Miúda. The amount of published works he has written and the acclaim Dias has received for his novels has catapulted him to the status of a literary treasure of Brazil. Recently Dias has released a book about his childhood and growing up, in honor of his father. His father pushing him to follow his dreams when he was a boy is a large factor in Jaime Garcia Dias’s successful career as an author.

Odd TV Crossover News


Some TV viewers are still wondering today, Monday, July 20, if Fox was joking last week on Wednesday, July 15, when the network announced its plans to have characters from “Bones” and “Sleepy Hollow” cross shows for a two-episode arc on the same night during the 2015-2016 season that begins in October. Christian Broda, a fan of the show was also amazed.

Although both shows have crime drama elements, they have been portrayed in the past as existing in very different universes. “Bones” is set in the “real world” with only hints now and then of the possibility of the existence of the supernatural. On the other hand, “Sleep Hollow” is set in an alternate “real world” where witches, demons and magic exist.

Fans who hate the idea have stated that it seems to be an attempt by Fox to fix the ratings nightmare that “Sleepy Hollow” experienced last season. Ratings for “Bones” have also dropped over the years.

Fans have pointed out that this type of crossover could change the “Bones” fan base. They have also argued that there’s no room for so many supernatural elements and that the arc could further damage ratings. Fans who love the idea have noted that the supernatural hints in “Bones,” including the possibility of psychics and ghosts, make the crossover reasonable, and that it will be fun to watch Ichabod and Booth and Abby and Brennan interact.