Attorney Dan Newlin Explains How Personal Injury Settlements are Valued


As a personal injury attorney who recently won a $100 million dollar verdict on behalf of a teen who suffered brain damage, Dan Newlin discusses what goes into valuing a settlement. Most cases in Florida never reach the trial phase because both side negotiate a personal injury settlement.

A personal injury settlement occurs when a defendant gives a plaintiff a lump sum of money. In exchange, the plaintiff agrees to give up all rights to sue for current and future injuries. Since a plaintiff gives up her right to sue, it’s important to understand how a fair settlement is calculated. Dan Newlin was also written about by

Newlin wants to stress that calculating a fair settlement isn’t straightforward. The first thing you need to do is compile all claim-related records and documents together. These include:

• Pay stubs
• Medical bills
• Documents listing the times and dates when you missed work or school
• Property damage estimates
This is the type of information your attorney will need to determine how much money to request from the defendant.

Economic or Non-Economic Damages
A plaintiff is usually eligible to receive economic or non-economic damages depending on the injury. Economic damages are really easy to calculate because all an attorney shows is the documents you’ve given him from the list discussed earlier. Economic losses also include future medical bills, lost income, and property damage.
Non-economic damages are harder to prove because they are the consequences of an injury. Damages listed under non-economic damages are things like:
• Pain and suffering
• Mental anguish
• Emotional impact of you injuries and/ or the underlying accident

Will the Defendant always Offer a Fair Settlement?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. You have to remember the defendant and his attorney is trying to pay you as little as possible. So during the negotiation phase you may not receive anywhere near a fair settlement offer from the defendant. That’s why it’s vital to get an experienced attorney who knows how to aggressively negotiate a fair personal injury settlement.

What if the Insurance Company Offers You a Settlement Offer?
Attorney Newlin stresses to anyone offered a settlement to contact a personal injury attorney. Whether it’s a defendant or insurance company, you need to determine if the amount is fair.

What is a “Fair” Personal Injury Settlement?
A fair personal injury settlement is one that covers all your current and future damages. The last thing you ever want to do when injured by someone else is to be left with unpaid medical bills or other expenses.
Attorney Dan Newlin is a former police officer who is now a personal injury attorney in Florida. He has experience in various types of personal injury law and has negotiated many settlement offers.

Help the Navy Seal Foundation with Andy Wirth



For Andy Wirth, skydiving was, and still is, his passion, but in October 2013 everything changed. In a chilling accident, he was forced to land into a vineyard, a place full of wires, sharp upright posts and vines. In the accident he almost lost his right arm, and major blood loss almost took his life. But Andy never gave up and with the help of the best surgeons and excellent physical therapists he is well on his road to recovery. Along the way he met a group of Navy Seals that were training at Squaw Valley. As he states: “Quite a few of them have become good friends and their spirit, counsel and narrative has truly been an important part of my recovery”. The people surrounding you through your time of struggle can be just as important as doctors for your overall wellbeing.

This is why Andy has decided to give something back to these amazing people. Through the Navy Seal Foundation he will be able to help not just the ones who are Seals themselves, but also their families. Members of the Navy Seals are strong and courageous men who leave their families for more than 270 days each year. Just imagine how hard it must be for them, being so far away from their loved ones for such long time periods, in the most unforgiving environments of the world, and training at an unrelenting pace in order to maintain their ability to execute our nation’s toughest military missions. If they can do all this for us, we can certainly give something back.

How can you help? You can donate to the cause, as many other already have. The Navy Seal Foundation is tax exempt, national, non-profit benevolent organization, so you know that all of your money is going straight to them. Be a part of this amazing effort for those who are risking it all for us. Andy would like nothing more than to give back to those who selflessly helped him when he needed it the most.

Adam Sender: Art Collector Extraordinaire


From a corner office in Soho, immersed in a Sci-fi themed desk area to an elegant suit and tie gala in Miami, Adam Sender has seen it all. Adam Sender, a funds capitalist, injects a high dose of pure life into the art scene as he sells off his massive art collection and showcases exhibitions along the way. Since the mid 90s, Sender has been buying exquisite art pieces at reasonable prices for his own private collection, and just recently, the newly divorced hedge funds manager decided to sell most of his collection. During one of the events for his company, Sender met and befriended Sarah Aibel, an art enthusiast and curator. In love with her style, Sender employed Aibel to go out and find new pieces for his art collection. Later, he allowed her to decorate his posh Miami home for extravagant exhibitions which aimed to sell off some of his collection. So far, he has made almost 70 million in profits from selling his art, and it is estimated that his collection is worth nearly 100 million if not more. Some of the featured artists include Ed Ruscha, Chris Ofili, and Richard Price. Although you can pretty much find this international rich playboy anywhere all over the world, Adam Sender’s story starts in New York where he is originally from.

After graduating college with honors, Adam quickly gravitated towards two things: art, and finance. Sender’s sharp wit and impressive know how soon attracted the attention of another famous Wall Streetian: Scott Cohen. After viewing Sender’s prolific trading portfolio, Cohen asked him to join his new firm, the legendary SAC Capital Group. It was at Cohen’s SAC Capital firm that Sender would hone both his art collecting skills, and his financial knowledge, and make a name for himself in the Wall Street financial industry. He worked with Cohen for more than 6 years, before later branching off to start his own company: Exis Capital. Check out Adam Sender on LinkedIn.

Although the company is now defunct, it was at Exis that Sender made over a billion dollars and enlivened his passion for art collecting, which believe it or not, is shared by a lot of other investment bankers. Larry’s List is a popular website for art collectors and new artists to compile art collections and connect with people in the art world. The website frequently features in depth personal articles and interviews from some of the hottest collectors on the scene. According to Larry’s List, over 21% of American art collectors are prominent financial investment officials, or wealthy venture capitalists who specialize in managing hedge funds and large equities. “The traders are so focused on finance, the art gives them a break,” says Sarah Aibel.