Susan McGalla Has Set A Great Example Of A Good Career


There are some women who have been braver than others in their careers and the challenges that they have taken upon themselves, and one of the women who has been very brave in her career is Susan McGalla. This woman has never let a challenge get her down, but she has instead worked hard to make a good career happen. She wanted to be able to have a lot of success in her career, and so she worked very hard and was as ambitious as she could be so that she could see that come true.
Susan McGalla got off to a good start in her career early on because of the way that her parents believed in her. They taught her to be confident in herself and to know that she could do anything that she set her mind to, and so that is what she did. She went ahead and made her career happen. She worked hard to be the best that she could be in it, and she was able to serve in some high positions in a couple of clothing companies because of that. No one gets anywhere without ambition and hard work, and Susan McGalla was smart to realize that early on.
Every young person who wants to have a good career for themselves needs to keep in mind the things that Susan McGalla has done and the way that she has acted. She has always believed in herself and her abilities, and she has always believed that hard work could take her places. She has treated everyone around her with a great deal of respect, and she has worked hard to be good at the things that she does. Not everyone is as successful in their careers as Susan McGalla has been, and she is someone who should be considered because of that.
Susan McGalla’s faith in herself is part of what has helped her to do so well in the business world, and everyone who sets out to make a name for themselves needs to remember that. They need to remember to always be confident in themselves and their abilities. Because, if they are not confident in themselves, then who will trust them? Susan McGalla has set a great example to follow, and every young business hopeful needs to be considering the career that she has had and all of the things that she’s done to get there.

John Textor: The Film and Visual Media Maestro


John Textor contribution in the entertainment industry is gearing up the film and visual media production to another level. The new industry of Holographic Entertainment pioneered by Textor has impressed many people worldwide. The Holographic Entertainment handled the appearance of two music icons Virtual Tupac Shakur at a music festival and Virtual Michael Jackson at the Billboard Awards in 2012 and 2014 respectively. The massive internet reactions and YouTube views are the evidence of the success story of the Hologram.

Despite the whole flashy success story, John Textor started from a humble background to build up his career until becoming the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Textor attended the Wesleyan University where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1987. In 19997, he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings where he served as the Managing Partner. The Wyndrest Holdings focuses on the Internet, entertainment, and telecommunications. Textor later became the director of the Parent Company and BabyUniverse which centers on online retailing of children products in 1999. Textor rose gradually in ranks as he became the chairperson in 2002 and later the chief executive officer in 2005. Additionally, Textor was the Chairman and CEO of Sims Snowboard as well as the founding director of Lydian Trust Company.

John Textor also has a numerous contribution in the media sector. He was the chairman and CEO of Digital Domain in 2006.Textor success story is evident in the Digital Domain and its parent company Digital Domain Media Group as 25 large-scale feature films by the companies were under Textor leadership. Textor also has a significant contribution in the movie industry. He has produced some films such as Transformers, Tron: Legacy, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End as well as Real Steel. During his stay at the Digital Domain, Textor led the company in winning an Academy Award. After his fruitful spell at the Digital Domain, Textor moved on to be the executive chairperson of Pulse Evolution Corporation.

The Pulse Evolution Corporation is a digital production company that uses computer applications to generate human likeness. The recent production of the Pulse under Textor include the visual versions of celebrities Elvis Presley, Marlyn Monroe, and Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival as well as Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Awards. The visual versions made the memories of the celebrities alive again among their fans hence prompting a rampant internet reaction as evident through the YouTube views. In the Billboard Awards, the people witnessed a Michael Jackson-like performance, with winking moonwalking and dancing illusions. From the performance, it is evident that Textor has elevated the entertainment scene to another level.

The contribution of John Textor to the film and visual media industry is evident and vital. He is a living icon of the industry.

From Handbags to Hand Drills: Slyce will find it for you


One of the most incredible things that smartphones have accomplished since their advent was making purchases possible almost anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hiking through the woods or sitting on your couch; where there’s signal, there’s a way. Despite this, smartphones still aren’t always able to answer one of the most commonly heard questions in North America: “Where did you get those shoes?”

That’s where Slyce comes in. Slyce is a Toronto based visual product recognition technology company that has created mobile and desktop software that allows its users to simply take a picture of the product they want, and so long as it is in recognizable condition they can buy it right through the app. Many companies have attempted to create similar software in the past, however these apps come with limitations not found in Slyce. Amazon Flow for example, allows users to take a picture of what they want and buy the item through Amazon. The problem however is that the item must be in the original packaging for it to be recognizable. So what about when you see someone on the bus with a cool pair of shoes or a cute purse you just have to have? Odds are those products will not be in the original packaging. That’s where Slyce really shines. It does not matter if the item is packaged or not, just take a picture and Slyce will search through thousands of products online to find it for you. Sound too good to be true? Check out Slyce’s website, it provides an excellent demo of how the software works on its technology page.

Finding the product should be no issue either. Slyce has paired with many big-name retailers such as Target, J.C. Penney, Toys “R” Us, and Home Depot to provide the widest range of products as possible to consumers. Whether it’s a pair of heels, a drill press, or even an Optimus Prime action figure, Slyce will be able to find it for you at a good price. The software can be used anywhere, and it can also find the items you want by taking a picture of a television or print advertisement. Just in case you have to be sure you get the exact item you’re looking for, you can even use it to scan the barcode, though this is certainly not necessary to find an perfect match. Slyce is an extremely fast growing company, and may very well be supported by even more large retailers in the near future. So the next time you see that shirt you need on your friend, your sibling, or even a stranger, just snap a picture and let Slyce take care of the rest.