This Year’s Popular Men’s Shoes


Shoes are an accessory that every man, woman, and child needs. A shoe can be a simple piece of footwear that is worn on your foot, or it can be an accessory that is worn with style. 2015 has been a trendy year thus far, and this fall is going to be no different. Here are a few stylish men’s shoe selections that are already turning heads.

1. Paul Evans is a company that focuses on creating timeless shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Each shoe selection by Paul Evans is handcrafted in Italy, but the trendy choices for this fall are the Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford and the Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford. Both of these options offer a stylish choice of footwear that can be purchased in the color of cognac, nero, or oxblood. The Brando Semi Brogue Oxford is a bit of a signature item that features a leather lining and detailed stitching on the calfskin leather, which makes it a great addition to any wardrobe. The Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford features double blind stitching on the toe and the vamp to give the shoe a more streamlined look.

2. Aldo is a accessory company that specializes in italian shoes and keeping with the trends that their customers love. Boots are the in thing for fall, but big clunky boots are no longer in style. Aldo offers a durable, functional boot that is more elegant than many traditional styles. Styles that are featured include black suede and cognac leather. The Desert Boots are the perfect footwear for a long day at work as well as a more rugged hike in the woods.

3. John Lobb is a company that specializes in luxury shoes and boots for men. Their trendy shoe this fall is the Levah, which is a lightweight plimsole that features a thin leather sole. The shoe is available in velveteen calf and suede material in five different color options that are inspired by the distinct landscapes of Cornwall, which are dusk, chalk, dark iron, moss, and aubergine.

4. J.Crew’s contribution to this fall’s trendy shoes is the Kenton Suede Bucks, which can be purchased in boulder and sahara color options. This shoe is designed to have a modern look that is still built to be sleek and durable. It is designed with a goodyear welt construction that features the soles being sewn directly to the shoes, instead of being cemented in place. This craftsmanship is a feature that will extend the life of the shoe; making it possible to simply replace the soles when they become worn instead of replacing the entire shoe.

Shoes can make or break a man’s stylish look. While the trends of 2015 are exceptional, every popular trend will not always fit your personal style. Do some investigating and see what styles accentuate your outfits this fall.

Bruce Levenson Offers Strategic Planning and Advice for UCG


Bruce Levenson partnered with Ed Peskowitz forming a company they called United Communications Group (UCG). Levenson has been involved in ownership of NBA franchises such as the Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers. He started UCG with the input of his friend and investor colleague Ed Peskowitz.

Today, Levenson continues to drive the business strategy for UCG and takes a key role in activities such as acquisitions involving the company. Levenson was also a director serving another communication company known as TechTarget. This company operates in the digital media sector offering brand advertising and content creation to its clients.

Levenson has been in the board of directors for the organization known as Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. His philanthropic endeavors have allowed him to contribute positively to the community and has been the president of a charity organization referred to as “I Have a Dream Foundation.”

Levenson took his undergraduate studies at Washington University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree before he went to American University in Washington, DC for a law degree. The notable figure in the sector of media has invested widely in the market. He founded the TechTarget company together with other investors.

Levenson served for the Hawks team, which he was part of the ownership as the Governor within the NBA’s board of governors. UCG came into place in 1997 when Levenson shared his vision with Ed Peskowitz and thought of starting a small startup. Both of them has a common vision and realized that there was great potential in the media and press area.

The UCG company is known to have a humble beginning — it is a company that was first operated in a storeroom. One would not imagine how a company would start from such an environment and grow to be an outstanding leader in the market. In its initial operations, UCG engaged in publications. It had a newsletter, which featured stories as well as news on the oil industry.

The newsletter used to be called Oil Express and could provide information about developments going on in the then lucrative oil industry. UCG repositioned itself in the market and grew to a big publishing company, which brings news and information as well as market data analysis targeting businesses in the healthcare, telecommunication, energy, technology, and mortgage banking.

It has not been left behind in mobile technology market since it has invested in an app it calls GasBuddy. This application allows drivers to be able to search and find gas stations, which are offering the lowest deals on the price of gas. It is a consumer-saving tool, which can help motorists to save some bucks by fueling at the lowest priced gas stations.

Levenson was recently in the news spotlight within the sports market having sold his Hawks team. Levenson and other investors who owned Atlantic Hawks team sold it to another investor known as Tony Ressler at a buying price of $850 million. Ressler is a private equity investor and has participated in various bids to purchase NBA franchises.

How Does Handy Help Keep Cleaners At Work?


House cleaning is a popular business around America. Many celebrities were once house cleaners while they searched for their big break, and local house cleaning companies are popular across America. Handy has created a website that brings house cleaners together with clients, and the concept has helped house cleaners stay busier than ever. This article explains how Handy made a simple web platform for house cleaners and their clients.

#1: Why House Cleaning?

There are many platforms online for independent contractors, but there was not yet a platform for house cleaners. The team at Handy took a chance to give the market something it needed, and the website quickly began to fill with house cleaners and clients. House cleaners can find the clients they need, and someone who is looking for work will find that work on the Handy website.

#2: How Does It Work?

The Handy website allows clients to choose a cleaner, and the cleaner lists their information on the website for all to see. The cleaner will schedule an appointment with the client through the website, and the appointments happen at the scheduled time. Cleaners may set up appointments with their clients at any time, or clients may find a cleaner for a single appointment before a major event or gathering.

#3: Who Needs House Cleaning?

Everyone in America wants to live in a clean house, and house cleaning services are becoming more and more common. A family that simply does not have the time to clean up on their own may have a cleaner visit the house while they are away. A house cleaner can visit the family at any time, and the family may schedule an emergency cleaning before a dinner party or family gathering.

#4: How Fast Is The Site?

Clients and cleaners may schedule appointments on the site in a matter of moments, and the site will accommodate any needs the customer has. Cleaners will receive a note with requests from the customer, and cleaners may follow that list of instructions when they arrive at the house. The simplicity of the site speeds up service for everyone.

The Handy formula brings together clients and cleaners in one website that is easy to use. Cleaners may create accounts at any time, and cleaners may between $14 and $22 an hour for their services. Clients may log on any time to find someone to help them keep their house clean.