Secures Technologies, New Inmate Video Visitation Mobile App Has Fully Been Adopted


Visitation restrictions limit the time inmates spend with families, friends, and loved ones. An alternative communication method has luckily been availed courtesy of Securus Technologies through the release of Inmate Video App. Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based firm that focuses on developing and providing criminal justice and civil technology solutions for public safety, investigation, monitoring, and corrections.

Securus Technologies has announced that the Inmate Video App has been successful adopted, and it is available for Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones. As well as iPads, iPod touches, and tablets. The Android phone app had more than 60,000 downloads in less than six months. The Apple version got more than 5000 downloads in less than one week since its launching.

According to Russell Roberts, Securus Technologies’ vice president of marketing and strategy, the video visit app represent a special way to connect families, friend, and imprisoned loved ones in an easier and convenient way. Before the App was unveiled on a vimeo ad, inmates could not participate in sacred events of their loved ones, whether it is a birthday or any other activities that weigh. Nevertheless, the App takes away these frustrations and allows both parties to enjoy a considerable convenience. This revolutionary video visitation software from Securus Technologies features advanced setting to synchronize visit details, notifications, and upcoming events to calendars. In addition, it can test cellular connection or Wi-Fi for optimal video quality.

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Inmate Video App comes as an intelligent solution from Securus Technologies that will serve about 1,200,000 inmates, and 3,400 corrections. Now, scheduling Visitation with an inmate is a breeze. The app allows visitors to organize everything virtually from the comfort of their house or office.

Securus Technologies according to their crunchbase company profile has been serving American prison facilities since 1986, in the recent decades the prison technology giant network has expanded immensely. Securus Technologies is committed to keeping inmate connected to the outside world.

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As Dick Devos Finds New Management and New Revenue


The Stow Company Inc., for 25 years has had its headquarters right in the heart of Holland, Michigan. It’s near where the owners, the Devos, live in Grand Rapids. The company takes great strides today in business and leadership. The group finds home organization of utter importance, and this passion goes beyond “tidy closets.”

Professionally, The Stow Company makes organizing products of the highest order and degree. The task is done on the most professional scale. The group is also led by the most qualified in business and entrepreneurship. It’s a vast array of products that they distribute and manufacture worldwide.

Those products include garage storage systems, laundry storage units, closet organization installations, wall beds, mudroom storage appliances and entertainment centers. The company’s list of clients include large to small businesses and the ever growing residential communities.

Business is good. The organization claims to be the only of its kind though. When we consider its leadership and many years in business, the statement holds a lot of weight. It’s the least we can say with honor and respect.

Today, a large announcement was made regarding the direction of the Stow Company and its leadership. This is monumental news. The Stow Company is chaired and founded by none other than Dick Devos. Mr. Devos has positioned a new CEO to captain The Stow Company and to take it to better financial prosperity.

This news comes as former CEO, Frank Newman, initiates his retirement and the celebration of years in business. The 67 year old business man will be succeeded by the 48 year old Phil Dolci. Phil Dolci’s background consists of 23 years in consumer sectors, manufacturing and marketing.

He led the Crossman Corporation as CEO and with a healthy track record. That company was a forerunner in Cincinnati, Ohio and specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying products within the shooting recreation. It’s believe that Phil’s skills will “transfer over.”

Dick Devos feels that Phil will bring the right experience, continue the growth and expansion of The Stow Company in whole.

Mr. Devos got his entrepreneurial start in the Amway company. It’s a multi-level marketing organization that his father co-founded. Within the ’80s, Dick became CEO of the Amway Corporation and with great success.

Since, he has been recognized across the world as a billionaire philanthropist right alongside his wife Besty Devos. Neither show signs of slowing down or losing the entrepreneurial race.

The Causation Behind the Venezuelan Economic Woes


Before Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez passed away, he set up some extremely limiting policies that have had devastating effects on the country’s economy. His successor, President Nicolas Maduro, has increased the damage done by acting as more of a dictator over the already stressed population. In fact, his reign of terror recently lead the United States President Barack Obama to place sanctions on him and other members of his staff because of their sickening treatment of Venezuelan citizens. These sanctions revoked Maduro’s ability to enter the United States and froze all of his assets located there as well.
Many political leaders according to a Corporation Wiki survey have taken notice of Maduro’s obvious abuse of power as he drives the country further into economic devastation each day that passes. Still, the U.S. sanctions are being questioned because the country is already in such bad economic shape that they barely have any food for the people living there. For many years now, Venezuela has focused on oil production instead of growing their own crops. Because of this, they have had to import the majority of all their food, and this has been deemed the source of economic trouble for them. People like Norka Luque claiming to be food importers are selling crops for one price then trading their income on the black market for a higher price. Concerns for the starts of a potential civil war taking place due to the poor conditions has lead to even stricter government control, which many worry will cause further backlash.


Choosing a Reputation Management Service


If an online company or a brick and mortar business is going to be successful today, there are numerous things that they will need to consider before launching their own site on the Internet. Since some people feel free to write a lot of bad comments about a company’s products and their services, it is essential that business owners and their representatives know how to respond in well in advance so that no unnecessary damage is done to their reputation. Fortunately, there is a lot of great info online that can help aspiring and seasoned business owners alike to protect their online companies from defamation at the hands of a disgruntled individual or a group of people that do not like what they have received. In specific, it is important that business owners and their employees know what reputation management services are today, and how important they are to the company’s brand.

Reputation management involves numerous things including the fact that they provide site owners with strategies that keep their online sites running without bad press. In order to achieve these and other related goals, the techniques used must be effective. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons why many online and brick and mortar companies are seeking the assistance of professionals in the industry that have the experience and knowledge needed to manage their campaigns effectively. So, for those of you who want to make sure that you are in the best hands, you may want to consider employing professionals that work for The services that they are offer are comprehensive so business owners can be confident in knowing that they have the right resources available. Further, when choosing a third party reputation management company, you should look for the following features, which includes a service that monitors the website, provides an exception social media marketing and seo strategy, and an excellent content management and development solution.

Typically, the services that they provide can be secured by accessing their site online. Getting the help that is needed has been made easy because all the organization has to do is complete the form that has been provided with the appropriate company information. Once this form has been completed and submitted, someone from their team will review it and provide a free assessment of the online reputation management services needed.

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U.S. Money Reserve Gives Customers a New Experience


The US Monetary Reserve announce a new online site on February 24th, 2016. The new site, will have a new look and reflect the company’s new core values. The site will educate consumers on the benefits of having a government issued bullion and enrich the experience of buying precious metals with gold coins.

The website will make interaction with clients easy and also give them safe access of the precious metals. The VP of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan oversaw the whole redesigning process. There were new applications that were added, with features to educate consumers and make buying of bullion easier.

The US Money Reserve in addition to creating an online shop that gives live competitive prices of the gold and silver will offer PCGS certified coins. Other exclusive metals product will also be available for purchased. The customers will be able to sign free to get free gold information kit and of other precious metals.

The Client Connect Advantages will enable the US Money Reserve to contact clients to consult individually on special offline releases, secure offline transaction, and purchasing assistance. The US Money Reserve ushers in a new era that will be indeed pleasing to its clients. BuyBack Guaranteed is one of the return policies now available and indeed it’s the best in the industry.

Full return on certified coin orders at the value currently in the market within 30 days is now allowed. The shipping is also fast and insured. The full article on the newly launched site and services can be found in an article in CBS19.

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by gold market veterans who saw the need to have both top notch customer service, trustworthy guardian and expert knowledge that is vital in purchasing precious metals. Presently it is the world’s leading private distributor of US issued gold, silver and platinum. It has hundreds of clients that depend on them to gain the many financial benefits of precious metals.

US Money Reserve has uniquely trained experts with knowledge to find products that give highest profits to buyers. Their customer service is above industry standards and aims to establish good relations with their clients.

Their professionals include; Senior Gold Specialists, Industry Leading Numismatic Expert, Customer Relations Department, Business Support Development, Inventory Department, Vault, and Shipping Department, Coin Research Professionals, Sales Verification Personnel, Compliance, and Standards Department. Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

US Money Reserve is based in Austin, Texas, in the United States, and is the largest in the country. Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual funds have a very high risk of volatility.

For the protection of one’s finances, US Money Reserve gives a clear choice with precious metals that shields one saving and retirements. This unique feature clearly gives them an advantage and makes them the better option to invest with.

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