US Money Reserve Shows How Gold Coins Work For Investments


The US Money Reserve had its time on EPNS Radio talking about how gold investments are done with coins, and Philip Diehl explained the position of the company for those who were not sure how it worked.

These people might want to get into gold coins because they think they are very simple, and it is also important for these people to make sure that they are getting the exact results they want from their investments. Philip Diehl puts out a lot of different designs every year, and he works very hard on those designs. Read more: Gold & Silver | Precious Metals and Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum

The people who buy gold coins might choose to use the coins just as a static investment that they hold onto. They will use the coins as a collection, and they can even store them away when they want to. It is a very easy to get the coins at any time in any design, and they will make it much easier for someone to understand the investments they have just made.

Every person who gets into gold coins will have a much easier time making money because it is easy to track gold prices.

Everyone who invests in gold coins has a much better chance of finding good designs from the US Money Reserve, and they can get as many as they want for their collection. The coins can be sold for a profit pretty easily, and the coins can become really easy for people to manage.

It is so much easier for people to get the investments they need done in a few seconds because they are using something as simple as a gold coin. The gold coins can become family heirlooms, or they can be sold when it is time to get cash for retirement. Everyone has their own options when they buy from the US Money Reserve.

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Oil at Center of Financial Crisis


Just about everyone on Linked In knows that the state Venezuela is in is shockingly scary, as they are on the verge of entire collapse, but few people really understand why. One of the biggest reasons that Venezuela is going through more than rough economic times, aside form the major food crisis, medical crisis and drought, is the drop in oil production and the lowering of prices of oil around the World. Venezuela was a country that was plagued by Malaria in the early 1900’s and according to Dr. Jose Manuel they were a region of the World that was in a huge amount of poverty. The drilling and production of oil over the last century and current century have cut the poverty and disease and even lead to the country being able to live high luxury lifestyles, with citizens having the ability to generate quite a bit of wealth for themselves and their families. The dropping in oil prices around the World has hit Venezuela particularly hard, as every aspect of their countries wealth is basically tied into the oil market. The dropping of prices has caused them huge financial difficulty and the end result has been the eye popping hyperinflation that is going on with the Venezuela’s currency. However, this last month may be the nail in the coffin, as they have reported their lowest production of oil, so it does not look like things are going to be getting any better any time soon.



Sanjay Shah’s Development of Solo Capital


Solo Capital, the brokerage company founded by entrepreneur Sanjay Shah, was recently mentioned by several prominent news media outlets for the recent deal they made with a famous brokerage firm which is located in the United States. The deal, which has yet to be confirmed by either of the companies but has been revealed by other reliable sources, is said to be one of the largest brokerage deals made within the last decade. If the deal is confirmed, it will further cement the success of the Solo Capital brokerage group and of its leader, Sanjay Shah. The deal comes on the heals of another huge success by the entrepreneur’s brokerage firm, which was cemented at the beginning of the year.

Sanjay Shah has had a generally successful career in the brokerage industry. As of today, he has worked for several notable financial institutions, including Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and Chase financial as the head of brokerage departments there. After being credited with a large amount of the success of these firms, Shah was forced to resign from his last position as the head of the brokerage department in a prominent financial institution. After having a difficult time with the travel time to the new position he was offered after his resignation, Shah decided to take the expertise he had developed over the course of the decades he had worked for other financial institutions, and use that knowledge to open and operate his own brokerage firm.

This move on the part of Sanjay Shah has proven to be one of the best things he could have done. Shah has earned more than double the revenue that he brought in through other financial institutions by opening the brokerage. He has also found more time to work on projects that are dear to his heart like his Autism Rocks campaign.


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