Choose the Right Lake Tahoe Resort for Your Next Ski Vacation


Lake Tahoe provides many exciting options for skiing vacations that have it all! Lake Tahoe is one of the preeminent ski destinations on the West Coast, and for good reason. The ski terrain provides challenging runs for the experienced powder hound and also has plenty of runs for the beginner and intermediate skier. California is known for its sunny skies and beautiful vistas, and the Lake Tahoe area is certainly no exception. Add world-class resorts to the mix and you’ve got all the ingredients for a perfect ski vacation!

When choosing a Lake Tahoe Skiing resort for your vacation destination, skiing ability is often a deciding factor. There are plenty of options for winter enthusiasts of all levels, with many able to accommodate the entire gamut of beginner to expert. Below is what you need to know about the top 3 ski resorts in the area:

Alpine Meadows is the area resort with the most varied terrain and something for everyone. Alpine Meadows is family-friendly and the resort is quite charming with a European feel with its chalet-style architecture. There are runs for beginners (25 percent), those at an intermediate level (40 percent) and many expert level runs (35 percent). At 2,400 acres, the resort is vast and with 13 lifts wait times are minimized. In total the resort provides over 100 trails ranging from the steepest of the steep to the wide open hills most loved by beginners.

Perhaps the resort with the most breathtaking scenery and the most varied lodging options, Heavenly is a great choice for groups with skiers and snowboarders alike. This spot also offers a terrain park for thrill seekers as well as a double-black-diamond canyon runs.

Squaw Valley is probably the most well-known of the Tahoe resorts, famous for both its world class skiing as well as the vibrant village life. There are many fine dining options, galleries and shopping galore. But how is the all important skiing? Fear not, Squaw Valley’s stellar reputation is not solely attributable to its strong off-hill showing. The slopes are varied and lean toward more challenging runs. The split of trails / skill level is similar to that of its sister resort, Alpine Valley, but the advanced runs are among the best. Squaw Valley also boasts a halfpipe and continues to be top draw for snowboarders.

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The Career of Susan McGalla


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