White Shark Media Assists Businesses to Build Strong Online Presence


About the White Shark Media

Many emerging companies in the current state of affairs transact their products and services over the internet. These Startup firms realize the need for a stronger online existence to remain market competitive. White Shark Media is a professional team of SEO experts, web designers, and other qualified online website and content managers who serve the broad SME clientele base all over the world.

White Shark Media presents startup businesses with enhanced methods of online marketing through content management and optimized web development. The company conducts market research and observes the online routine of clients to create the unique company profile necessary to attract customers. The Company designs websites through its professional team of experienced web developers who create custom made websites with an SEO optimized company logo. White Shark Media team of SEO experts conduct the investigation on small and medium businesses once the sites are operational to discover the SEO Adwords sync on the business’ service or products.


Danish entrepreneurs established White Shark Media. It is the most influential Digital Marketing Agency in the whole of Latin America. The company has the objectives of conquering the ever-expanding American SMB marketplace. The company intends to achieve business excellence through the blend of local and global customers. They plan to offer service in a most excellent manner. The company team of experts has a broad understanding of both online and offline marketing. Customers take advantage of the company’s reliable formula and concepts.


White Shark Media Partnered with the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB

White Shark Media has witnessed a recent rapid growth and has been acknowledged through the 2014 Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership Award. This honor is bestowed on the unique selected companies that meet Google’s stern eligibility and training requirements. Only a handful of firms have been privileged through this honor. Google assigns a support team to leverage the selected firm’s growth.


White Shark Media recently Held the Miami Community SMB Google Premier Event

White Shark Media lately organized the Google Premier Connect event that brought together American entrepreneurs and other dignitaries from Google. The event is a combined White Shark and Google endeavor meant to educate businesses on better entrepreneurial tips. Patrick Tam offered the professional guidelines necessary for business success. Patrick is from Google. Each attendee was presented with a free custom made White Shark Media websites during the event.


EOS Lip Balm Stays Ahead of the Pack


When buying lip balm in the past, the choices were always grim. You had to shuffle under the fluorescent tube lights of the drugstore while licking your chapped lips until you came across a display obviously marketed to little old ladies who were combating winter dryness. Other options existed too, usually in the form of insanely expensive top-end brands that could neither perform or be afforded. However, a new champion–EOS lip balm– has emerged brilliantly from the pack and is taking an entire generation of money-minded, result-demanding consumers with it.

EOS now is the second largest lip balm producer in the world and has done it, not through gimmicks or marketing, but by offering quality products flavored with exotic tinges of honeydew, passion fruit, and many others. The smooth and silky feeling combined with a tasty sensation combine to give you the protection and enjoyment that you deserve. You’ve probably seen their product – and indeed, it’s hard to miss – with its cool round shape and fun, vibrant colors, on store shelves in places like Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. Online retailers like eBay and ULTA soon follow.

Why has EOS Lip Balm ran ahead of the pack? In one word: Innovation. They were the first company to realize that lip balm need sparkling individuality and personalized brilliance. Before recently, lip balm was sold like any other medicine and kept alongside foot creme and toothpaste, but EOS realized that lip balm was –in fact– an everyday beauty product that required as much pzazz and pop as a smart and sexy modern woman deserves.

EOS Lip Balm is a treat for every sense. It tastes great and feels good going on. The fun little applicator feels nice in your hands and it looks going on too! Best of all, EOS uses organic ingredients so you can feel good about using it too. Now, EOS Lip Balm is often immolated. Other companies have tried to knock off the shape, the tastes, and the image of EOS Lip Balm, but the truth is that not a single one of them has the poise to be the complete package.