Desiree Perez


Most people know the rapper and entrepreneur, Jay Z, and his famous wife Beyoncé. They are one of the most powerful celebrity couple in the world. Over the years, Jay Z has built an empire with Roc Nation and one of the names behind the scenes is Desiree Perez. She has over 20 years of experience in the music industry and Jay Z has put her in charge of Tidal. Tidal is a monthly subscription music streaming service and app. It combines audio and music videos celebrating the culture of music. Tidal offers livestreams for concerts, ticket giveaways and other exciting live events, check this on

Jay Z is banking that Desiree will help make Tidal one of the leading streaming service in the world. Since Tidal is a fairly new service and has only been around 2 years, it is a big underdog in this very competitive industry and there is much work to be done in terms of marketing. Since many people are still not familiar with this service and app, the word needs to get out and that is something Desiree specializes in, interesting article here. She negotiated the Beyoncé Formation stadium tour and had a strong influence in the Rihanna Samsung deal.

Desiree Perez is a strong negotiator and a business woman who knows how to maximize profits. Since she has headed Tidal, more and more people are signing up and the growth continues to trend up, click on to read recent updates from Dez. With artists like Rihanna and Kanye West backing Tidal, this streaming service and app is here to stay, and Desiree Perez shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  Hop over to for related articles.

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Rona Borre Does Not Take No For An Answer


Rona Borre is a Chicago businesswoman who is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a leading staffing and recruiting company based in Chicago. Her success story sounds like a Cinderella story; only she wasn’t poor when she began Instant Alliance out of her spare bedroom.

Borre had been working at a global recruiting and staffing firm where she had led the sales of the organization for several years. She also had broken all of the sales records that existed for that company, and she controlled a #30 million book of business. However, she had gone as far as she could go with that company, so she quit her job and started Instant Alliance.  Visit

Borre is frequently asked to speak around town at civic and business organizations, and she is glad to accept when she has time, more of Borre’s words on  It is good for her business, and it is good for Chicago business too, as her speeches are very positive and inspirational. Rona Borre is pro-business and makes no bones about it. She proudly states that she has a woman-owned business which inspires other women and young girls to rise to the occasion and be the best person you can be in anything you do.

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Three Transgender Movies That Break Cinematic Ground



The subject of transgender living is rarely addressed on the silver screen, but when it is, the film is extraordinary. The top movies addressing transgender issues are fun, create unique acting opportunities for the cast, and provide audiences with rare insights.


Hedwig and the Angry Inch


One of the most prominent trans movies, a young male-to-female punk music band superstar is thrust into a worldwide music tour. While struggling to regain ownership of a few blockbuster songs, Hedwig is forced to reconcile a stolid European upbringing with the freedoms of the American touring circuit. Though a past surgical alteration has made her identity final, ghosts from the past emerge that bring emotional pain.


Pink Flamingos


This iconic and campy John Waters movie places Divine, the Queen of Sleaze, in a fast-paced extortion scenario. A battle of reputations quickly erupts into a criminal scheme to deliver children into the care of individuals who represent the worst in urban transgender subcultures. This 1972 classic has become the model for every edgy cross-oriented film in the last four decades.


The Danish Girl


Two Danish artists nurse a taboo love affair in the quest to gain insights about the modern world. One is a loving female muse. The other is a transgender man who loves his art, but begins to love his penchant for feminine mystique even more. This was the first movie centered on transgender issues to be nominated for four Academy Awards.

EOS Lip Balm Product Grows Huge Canafian Following


EOS lip balm products are perfectly infused with shea butter and jojoba oil. Experience all natural beauty care products that offers a unique blend of vitamins suitable for your lips. Each application is guaranteed to leave your lips feeling silky smooth. Join thousands of women that chose hypoallergenic products that are safe for all skin types. Evolution of Smooth is quickly becoming one of the largest lip balm products in Canada. Do you experience extremely dry lips? EOS lip balm products protects your lips from UV rays and the elements.

EOS lip balm products are reasonably priced and packaged in unique pastel containers. You’ll never get Evolution of Smooth products confused with their competitors. They offer exclusive delectable flavors that your lips will crave. Get a perfect blend of vitamin C and E that promotes soft smooth skin. Your friends will envy your lips and believe you spend money on a high makeup artists or treatments. EOS lip balm products are chosen 10 to 1, over competitor products like Chapstick. Amazingly, Evolution of Smooth is LEAP Bunny approved and cruelty-free, click on Give your lips outstanding coverage that lasts throughout the day without the need of multiple reapplications.

Popular EOS Brands

– (2) day Wildberry & Sorbet

– Lemon Drop

– Mint Kisser

– Almond Milk

– Pomegranate

– Original EOS

and much more…

Order from an exclusive website that gives you an extensive list of products and promotional offers, make sure to visit for more info. You’re invited to visit the Evolution of Smooth website today. You can also visit the beauty care aisle of select retailers for more purchase options. Never go back to your original beauty care product. Nourish your lips with Evolution of Smooth for outstanding beauty care options with immediate proven skin healing results.

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How James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Became A Leader In Credit Market?


James Dondero is a famous and most trusted name in credit & equity market. And due to his prominence in this industry, when he founded Highland Capital Management, he became the leader in this industry. He has over three decades worth of extensive experience in that markets and also the co-founder and first President of HCM. Under his leadership and through his extensive experience, Highland Capital Management deals in many award-winning solutions and products for retail and institutional investors.


He has approximately $19 billion in assets and works with NexPoint Advisors, Acis Capital Management, NexPoint Capital and Residential Trust and much more. Highland has also awarded with -star designation for Morningstar for Global Allocation, Lipper Award from Floating Rate Opportunities, and awarded as the top-ranked Healthcare Short/Long Equity Fund. It’s his talent that people trust him, not because he is a reliable financing specialist but because of James, with his team, works hard for their client’s success.


1984 was the yeas when the legend, James Dondero, started his professional career as an analyst by working in a training program offered by Morgan Guaranty and he graduated in the year from McIntire School of Commerce. His extensive understanding of finance and account is huge because he earned dual majors in these subjects. Dondero is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant.


James’s heavy portfolio can produce big swings in your financial business. The fund of Highland Capital Management ranked top in 2014, and it is expected to rise this year again. Dondero said that they did not want to provide a copy product with muted performance and volatility. James is a lead manager of HSZAX and NHF funds.


James Dondero allocates almost half of the fund to give a boost to different ideas in financing industry, typically less than one percent positions each and with a proper balance for a handful of ideas that are of high-conviction. James said that we expect the bigger themes to drive alpha. He also said that these new ideas might begin start as smaller positions, whereas themes which have played out might progressively graduate to that diversified bucket.


Goettl Diversification St


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have always been a strategic business practice designed to grow companies into a greater portion of market share. At other times, M&A’s are a path to reduce future competition in an industry sector. Yet, with the recent acquisitions by Goettl Air Conditioning throughout the Southwest region, and more recently in the Las Vegas area, the premiere residential HVAC company appears to be facilitating the diversity of target acquisitions.

Both Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air merged with the larger Goettl corporation this month. The benefits for both Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air include an increased reservoir of skill in the plumbing market (a vertical service) as Goettl will benefit from gaining new client opportunities in the commercial HVAC sector.

Diversification is a sharp business strategy that invests excess capital by branching out into new business opportunities, with a secondary goal of receiving a greater return on the reinvestment. Under the leadership of Kenneth Goodrich, Goettl has proven it is following a strong focus on growing in similar vertical markets while expanding its customer reach in the Southwest portions of the United States.

From its Phoenix, Arizona inception by the Goettl Brothers in 1939, the company has moved its base of operations to Las Vegas, Nevada, and has risen to receive accolades in 2017 as ‘Best HVAC Company in Arizona’, proving its skill in maintaining and installation of systems that must endure some of the most harsh HVAC climatic conditions in America.

Goettl’s well-respected brand name and service reputation prompted a purchase of the company by the larger ARS/Rescue Rooter based in Memphis, Tennessee, yet the company continues to operate under its founding name, branding and leadership. Each new venture continues to leverage the company’s foundation of Old World work ethics with increasing technological and geographical escalation.

Goettl Air Conditioning offers a full range of residential and commercial HVAC sales, service, and maintenance programs throughout the Southwestern Regions and the Tennessee Valley.


Clay Siegall’s Contributions Towards Cancer Treatment


Clay Siegall is among the founding fathers of Seattle Genetics. This company is involved with biotechnological research with the motive of helping patients of cancer. Currently, Siegall works as the SEO of the company. Siegall is a scientist who specializes in cancer treatments. After graduating with a Genetics Ph.D. from George Washington University, Siegall jump started his career working as an investigator of research at the Bristol/Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. While working here, he was promoted to the post of a principle scientist. He later went on to earn the title of “National Cancer Institute” fellow.

Siegall’s Role in Seattle Genetics

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Siegall has led the company to be regarded as a leading authority in the study and manufacture of “antibody-drug conjugates”. It is under his tenure that Seattle Genetics received FDA approval for ADCETRIS. Later on, ADCETRIS merged with Takeda Pharmaceutical to form an international product that is acknowledged in over 65 countries across the globe.

Siegall can also take credit for helping Seattle Genetics receive multiple licenses in connection with the ADCETRIS product. Siegall’s influence has resulted in licenses from AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Genentech. Dr Siegall further helped Seattle Genetics amass over $1.2 billion in capital from private and public sources. In 2001, Siegall played a central role in Seattle Genetics IPO launch.

Siegall’s Role in Cancer Research

Siegall’s prosperous career is attributed to his efforts and achievements with regards to cancer research. Siegall’s hard work, dedication, and commitment have all been directed to identifying a cancer cure. It is his desire to find a solution to this life threatening condition that caused him to champion research on alternative treatments. Siegall has been involved in several medical and scientific committees that are focused on addressing the cancer menace. His full involvement in the fight against cancer caused him to receive an award given every year to the University of Maryland Alumni for math, natural sciences, and computers. He had initially been awarded with the “Pacific Northwest Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Apart from receiving coveted awards, Siegall owns 15 patents and is set to have more as he continues his journey in the search for a cancer cure. His publications address his discoveries and the progress of his research. These publications have helped the health sector identify more efficient and effective cancer treatments.

Stock-Based Loans from Equities First Holdings: A Business Financing Solution with a Difference


While I may prefer to be modest by not making the categorical statement that stock-based loans from Equities First Holdings are the best at the moment, this brand of loans has some outstanding advantages rare to by. The company came on board only 14 years ago, but its impact has taken a global dimension. From Indiana, USA it has spread to many prominent cities in the world, the likes of London, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Sydney to mention just a few.

Many businesses at the point of collapse were literally resuscitated with the help of stock-based loans. Previously, these businesses had attempted getting loans from banks and other conventional lenders to no avail as the collateral was just beyond their reach. No one can tell how many would-be businesses that could not see the light of the day because the capital to run them was not forthcoming. Stock-based loans are helping to break this yoke by requiring only stocks or shares as collateral for loans. The criteria are not burdensome, and many business persons and organizations have been taking advantage.You can also visit their official website:

The issue of outrageous interest rates on loans provided by banks and other conventional lenders has been a torn on the skin of individuals and business owners. Many businesses have collapsed under the weight of these huge interest rates. How could a company make progress when almost all its profits are used to pay interest leaving the company with little or nothing? Stock-based Loans issued by Equities First Holdings is helping out in this regard. The company operates fixed, low and affordable interest rates, generally below 5 percent. This is about the least rate anyone can get today. Hardworking business persons will definitely thrive when interests are at the minimum.The above points are only a few of the benefits of stock-based loans from Equities First Holdings. Little wonder, clients regard them as the best when it comes to business financing solutions.

Lime Crime Stays On Top


There are very few cosmetic brands that can hold a candle to Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup brand that has taken the cosmetic world by storm. It is a make up brand that is made fro people that want to break the mold when it comes to their colors and cosmetics. Doe Deere is the person that created this famous cosmetic brand, and she was able to do it with just a few hundred dollars and her dream. Deere is a woman who believes in making her dreams come true, and that is what she has done in her life with her style and her makeup.


Deere wanted to create a makeup brand that would be able to stand out in a place of its own. This is a brand that has the purpose of giving individuals the opportunity to choose how to design their personal look. Deere was not happy with the makeup that was available on the market. Since Deere is a lover of color, she wanted to be able to wear a makeup that was pigmented and colorful as well. Deere loved the pigmentation that theatrical makeup had, but she wanted to make a brand that would have the rich color of theatrical makeup without all of the heavy ingredients. Deere started to mix her own makeup, and that is how she was able to come up with her cruelty- free brand.


Lime Crime is an internet based makeup company, and it sells to individual all around the world. Not only does the brand attract unique people that want to be able to express themselves, but Deere herself is a woman who has a huge fan base of unicorns. Deere encourages her fans to follow their day dreams, and to never let anything define them. Deere is also an inspirational speaker, and she is a woman who has broken a lot of barriers when it comes to female entrepreneurship, and she continues to help women to start their own businesses.



Top Analysts Feel Its Time Americans Start Taking Savings Seriously


Warren Buffett recently wagered $1 million saying that he can make more money by investing in S&P 500 index fund than by investing in expensive funds, and it looks like Warren Buffett would win this challenge. It is true that the market is filled with many expensive funds that have low manager ownership and high expenses, which wasn’t the case earlier. However, it cannot be only said that passive funds are better than other expensive funds out there that are equity linked. Warren Buffett is one of the leading investors in the world, and his theory of making simple investments for long-term is a strategy that is followed by the majority of the investors worldwide.

He believes that no matter which path of investment one chooses, it is essential that people do a thorough analysis of the concerned investment tool as well as follow the market trend to get a proper insight. He says that people should start investing for a better future and must take retirement planning seriously. As the world has evolved and the way investments are made has changed, it only makes sense to start investing early for long-term wealth creation.


Tim Armour is one of the most active fund managers in the world and is the chairman of Capital Group, which is the home of American Funds. Tim Armour has helped Capital Group’s global expansion and became the chairman of the group after the previous chairman was deceased.

He has helped the firm gain major accounts worldwide, including collaboration with the Samsung Asset Management of South Korea, where Capital Group helped devise and market financial and retirement planning tools for the company.

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