Eric Lefkofsky believes that someday soon, cancer drugs may be completely customized


Over the last 50 years, one of the great mysteries of cancer treatment is why some patient groups respond incredibly well to treatment, such as chemotherapy, while others barely respond at all. Part of the mystery has to do with the genetic makeup of the tumors themselves, with some tumors being highly susceptible to chemotherapeutic agents, while others are barely affected.

However, with the proliferation of electronic medical records and such technologies as the ability to sequence the human genome being developed over the last few decades, there is great promise for the ability of modern data analysis techniques to yield huge results that have never before been possible.

One of America’s foremost entrepreneurs, Eric Lefkofsky, has co-founded a company, Tempus, which is dedicated to the creation of artificial intelligence applications that can be used by doctors in real-time to greatly enhance their knowledge about given treatment regimes and the likelihood of their patients to respond to them. The Tempus system will use a combination of all available medical records, including the patient’s own genome, in order to provide doctors with the most cutting-edge analyses possible, leading to far more accurate medical decisions taken with regards to the types of treatment patients are given.

Lefkofsky believes that one of the most promising areas of development that will begin to seriously transform the practice of medicine has been the exponential decline in the cost of human genomic sequencing. Lefkofsky points out that in the year 2003, the first time a human genome was sequenced, the cost to do so was over $100 million. Lefkofsky points out that, within the next 10 years, the cost is likely to drop below $100.

Lefkofsky firmly believes that this will open up an entire treasure trove of previously completely untapped data, much of which will prove to be invaluable in the treatment of various types of diseases, particularly cancers. Tempus is now developing applications that will use the human genome itself to give doctors a better picture of their patients’ likely outcomes than has ever been before been possible. Through efforts like these, Lefkofsky is helping to change the face of medicine.


Why you cannot do without the SQL database System of NuoDB


NuoDB happens to be an elastic cloud storage company created in 2008. As the brainchild of Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey, NuoDB’s flexible SQL database system has enabled businesses to manage their data needs way better than their competitors. To date, institutions like the Alfa Systems, UAE Exchange, and Dassault Systemes brag of improved productivity ever since they chose to partner with NuoDB.

Relying on technology created by Edgar F. Codd, an IBM computer scientist, the SQL cloud database has been the one-way ticket for organizations willing to scale their elasticity, eliminate downtime, and at the same time maintain their acid semantics.

Also, the SQL database system from NuoDB has come in handy for many companies willing to boost productivity levels. By tackling millions of digital instructions every second, NuoDB has helped eliminate backlogs that commonly characterize conventional bodies and institutions.

For the many years that NuoDB has been in existence, it has helped corporations scale down on operational costs since unlike its competitors; the company expands its databases by accommodating more servers. Since 2008, NuoDB has been developing its technology to keep up with client demands. Largely, NuoDB has revolutionized a new age of SQL database management, thanks to technology and innovation.

Dr. Clay Siegall & His Approach To Cancer Research


Cancer research is one of the most demanding and time consuming industries in the world. The job requires for long hours of due diligence and testing. Cancer is no joke and the medications that are being developed to fight this disease, can’t be left up to chance. Dr. Clay Siegall is all too familiar with the process as he has done this very thing time and time again. Siegall is the president and founder of Seattle Genetics, which is one of the top biotech companies on earth. Seattle Genetics focuses on developing and commercializing antibody-based therapies.

These powerful medications are much more efficient when it comes to destroying cancer. Unlike the eras of the past, antibody-based therapies are easier on the body, and it won’t make the patient sick. This is a huge bonus since most cancer medications can make the patient feel even more ill than the illness itself. Siegall’s thorough approach to how the medications are developed and delivered, ensures the patients that they’re receiving the best products to help themselves get better. These types of therapies are known as antibody-drug conjugates, and they’re yielding much better results than previous cancer medications.

Siegall does a good job of informing the public of any breakthroughs and upcoming events through blogging. Of course, he’s a very busy man, but he still seems to find time to announce this valuable information. Some of his latest blogs spoke a wide variety of topics such as politics, sports and science.

Rigorous research is one of the key factors that goes into producing high quality medications and Seattle Genetics is no exception. With so many more already in the company’s pipeline, who knows what the next wave of antibody-drug conjugates will do.

Lori Senecal Is A Leader In Sparking New Ideas


Lori Senecal has been highlighted a company leader who can spark new ideas and generate conversations within her company about innovation. One of her unorthodox approaches to improve creativity at her company was when she offered fellow employees under her wing to take a venture capitalist course. The then chief executive officer at media firm, KBS+ was not saying her employees should leave and start ventures of their own. Rather, she was trying to improve creativity and foster a sense of entrepreneurial spirit at her firm.


Another way that Lori Senecal tried to foster creativity was through a companywide competition. The winner would have their idea or work displayed in a gallery and visible to co-workers as well as guests. Ideas or submissions to the competition were open to all employees at the company. Interestingly, the best idea for the competition had come from some of the youngest employees at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The competition has now evolved to be a way of talent recruitment, company promotion and a demonstration of services to prospective clients.


Leaders who foster creativity at their companies such as Lori Senecal are gaining a distinct edge over their competitors. Companies that stifle innovation often end up falling behind. Getting ideas from within a firm’s employees is also a tremendous challenge especially with a top down approach that is common at most firms. CEOs such as Lori Senecal are showing that you can generate new ideas and ingenuity right from within a company with an unorthodox approach.


The approach at KBS+ and CP+B as well as at other firms such as Red Hat by executives such as Lori Senecal has been studied in depth by Bruce A. Strong. He outlined what these company leaders are doing right in promoting creativity and innovation at their companies. Below are some of these key facets that people like Senecal seem to promote within their company.


Management should provide a vision and not a solution for problems. Creating a structured environment and debate is another good idea such as a competition open the all that Lori Senecal did at CP+B. The empowerment of employees who have great ideas to make changes at a company is also important. This is highlighted by the case with Lori Senecal awarding employees with great ideas for change at her company shows.


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The OSI Group/Industries Is Going To Cover The Globe


The OSI CEO Sheldon Lavin and the President David McDonald were born with the word and its meaning “Expansion” in their blood. In 17 countries there are 65 plants and offices operating globally. The management teams are local folks who know the likes, dislikes, nuances and the different cultures of the populace.

An expansion was always on the company’s agenda.
* The First plant was in China in 1992.
* During the Beijing Olympics the company supplied onions and eggs, beef, chicken, and pork. The quality of the food pleased the visitors at the event.

The event gave OSI the boost it needed to open a beef plant in Japan in 2010. The new plant was named OBF short for Orange Bay Foods. The Ehime Prefecture in Japan allowed the company to be its biggest investor at the time.
The new partnership was prosperous for the local workforce.
* The local packaging, transportation and shipping companies had new clients.
* The International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare and the Compassion in World Farming awarded Orange Bay Foods plant the “3 Star Good Chicken Production” Award in 2017.

In addition to the plant in Japan, they opened a poultry plant in Shandong Province, China, called the OSI Weihai Poultry Facility.
* The plant produces more than 600,000 tons of meat annually.
* In 2012 the company had a hatchery, breeder feeding, and broiler feeding departments.
* The poultry is slaughtered and processed with their bio-security.
* The facility has the means to trace their products and check for quality assurance.

The partnership with the Doyoo Group made OSI the country’s largest supplier of chickens.
* China had a new plant in Henan Province.

The company constructed a new plant in Ostróda and hamburgers were purchased by the Baltic States, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

The next expansion came to the nation of Hungary.
* The existing facility cost $25 million to expand the production and storage rooms.
* The plant’s output became 15,000 tons annually.
* There are 16 nations that purchase the fast food products from Hungary.
The LEED Certifications or the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design was given to Henan Best Foods in 2015. In 2014 OSI Ostróda was given the LEED award. Both facilities are eco-friendly.

OSI and the largest food chain in Germany called Edeka became partners. Then Edeka gave OSI a Research and Development lab in Eastern China.
The new 2017 expansion project in Toledo Spain will offer more jobs and a better quality of life.

OSI Group Info:

Michel Terpins Taking over the Rally Sports


Michel Terpins is a renowned Brazilian driver who has participated and won many rallying competitions. Terpins is a common name in the Brazilian sports, Michel Terpins and Terpins brothers. In 2015, Michel formed the duo, where he joined with his brother Justo. He uses his T-Rex, which have landed him awesome classifications and numerous podiums.

Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins with his brother, Justo has taken part in many competitions. The two participated in the 22nd Sertões Rally edition. They went for the Prototypes T1 and finished in the seventh position due to tough terrain that required more skills and caution. Their car failed to make to the finishing during the event. They emerged in the fifth position during the 24th edition of the same rally. The siblings managed to accomplish great results regardless of the difficult and strenuous experiences they faced.

Sertões Rally is holding the 25th edition to give the duo another opportunity to prove their power and expertise of their car. This event is one of the longest off-road competitions in Brazil since it covers around 3,300 km.

Debut of Michel Terpins

Michel joined Sertões Rally in 2002 and began with motorcycle category before taking the cars. He has grown his skills over the years. The evolution has allowed Michel Terpins to win various stages like the Brazilian Championship of Cross Rally Country. The talented driver enjoys every event he participates in and is always ready for unknown. He always learns from the challenges he faces.

His T-Rex keeps him moving. The T-Rex with a V8 engine is a strong care with meticulous designs to match his needs. The additional elements make the machine appropriate and more powerful for the rough terrain. The Green Initiative gave the vehicle the pilot carbon free seal and could compensate the CO2 the car emits during these stages. The payment involved tree planting in Atlantic Forest.


The love for speed and off-road contributed to the brothers forming the Bull Sertões rally team a few years ago. The pilots drove the T-Rex for four seasons developed by MEM Motorsport, Sertões Rally. It is at this time that they took the Mitsubishi cup and Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally challenge.

Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Eyeshadow Palettes Are Here


Everyone loves a little throwback. From music, movies, and TV shows to snacks and toys, feeling the nostalgia of the joy and innocence of childhood is one of the best experiences of adulthood. The Polly Pocket toys were just one of the staple toys of many 90s childhoods. You may not be able to find 90’s Polly Pocket toys in stores anymore, but now you can relive your childhood with Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes. This new eyeshadow product by Lime Crime hit the market today and is on its way to becoming the next big thing in eye makeup. Just as you once carried your little Polly Pocket dolls everywhere as a child, these Polly-inspired palettes can fit in your makeup bag, or your purse, and go everywhere with you.

Nothing could ever replace the nostalgia of the original Polly Pocket toys, but the Lime Crime Candy Palettes do offer something Polly never did: functionality. While Polly Pockets were just pulled out for playtime or show-and-tell, these Pocket Candy Palettes open up to reveal a mirror and full-sized eyeshadow palette. The cases come in three colorful shades, and each palette offers both bright and neutral shades of buttery shadows, so there’s something for every style, every occasion, and every mood. Polly Pockets were once the toys of our childhood, and now the Pocket Candy Palettes can be the toys of our adulthood.

You can purchase one palette for $34, or get the whole bundle for $90. They can be purchased from Lime Crime’s website.

Need more than just eyeshadow? No problem. Lime Crime doesn’t just sell the new Pocket Candy Palettes. They also offer fun and colorful makeup brushes, hip pop-on nails, a variety of hair colors, and many, many shades and styles of lipstick. Whether you’re looking for a throwback or a step forward in beauty, Lime Crime’s makeup line is just what you are looking for.

NuoDB’ SQL Database: The Cloud Solutions Provider


The cloud culture is the present and the future. NuoDb is one of the large enterprises that believe it to be so. It’s also the database company that has its main headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and that got founded in 2008.

A lot of praise has given rise to the growth of NuoDB, and one of those is the recognition from the Gartner Magic Quadrant that said the company is one of the great leading providers of solutions for all problems in cloud computing. NuoDB’s SQL Database has also contributed to the improvements of businesses such as Dassault Systemes, Kodiak and Alfa Systems.

SQL Database from companies like Nuo continues to impress a lot of people. With SQL database, new servers become stronger and more equipped with the right distributed object architecture that improves performance in the cloud.

NuoDB’s SQL database is indeed one of the few technologies today that offer the best solutions for database problems for companies without the risk of sharding, which is a condition many companies want to avoid. Its database solutions also provide a lot of protection that helps avoid bottlenecks of data that may contribute to a lot of lag and storage problems for the client’s data.

The Cloud Database of NuoDB


The business of cloud database is booming, and one of the most successful companies is NuoDB which is based in the state of Massachusetts.

NuoDB was sounded in 2008. The business specializes in working with cloud database. The cloud database has a distributed object architecture. When the cloud database has a new server added it runs faster. That is called NewSQL, and it is also what NuoDB uses to create their services.

NuoDB was founded by two entrepreneurs working in the tech industry – Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. Up to date, the chief executive officer, and leader of NuoDB is Bob Walmsley. NuoDB currently employs 85 people. Although the business is not too large, it has been recognized n a number of occasions by institutions such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The technology of the company is utilized by large firms such as Kodiak, UAE Exchange, Alfa Systems and many other companies.

NuoDB as set the bar higher for other businesses. It is the placeholder for a number of patents. In 2017, NuoDB stepped in partnership with CauseSquare. NuoDB is now the official cloud database for the platform. It is a social platform connects donors and volunteers with different organizations and charitable causes.

Bernardo Chua’s Multipurpose Grapeseed Oil – Marketing Mastermind


In the world of marketing where customer demographics meets demand elasticity, many people have failed to make their product known.

This is often due to being unaware of the current trends, not having enough experience, or not being knowledgeable. An individual that has none of these issues, however, is Bernardo Chua.

Chua’s career started in the Philippines and culminated with the foundation of his company, Organo Gold, in 2008. He is an expert in sales-increasing marketing, which enabled him to expand the previous company he worked for, Gano Excel, to Canada and the United States.

Nowadays, this entrepreneur is focused on growing his business. The main product that the company focuses on is “Grapeseed Oil” which has some undeniable health benefits. Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

Originating from grapes, this type of oil comes from three different seeds that are within the fruit. Procyanidolic Oligomers can be found inside the product, which is known to be a very prominent antioxidant.

Furthermore, even some medical conditions can be treated with this formula. Bernardo Chua’s company Organo Gold is one of the biggest manufacturers of the grapeseed oil.

According to Chua, some of the main benefits of this product are as follows:

  • Vitamin E within the formula stimulates white cells production
  • It can help treat breast cancer
  • Helps one’s cardiovascular system
  • Speeds up the healing process of wounds

The aforementioned benefits are only a few positives that those who use the oil can expect. Studies have been performed around the world, including some in the United States, which have indicated affirming results to all the claims that Bernardo Chua makes.

Additionally, the oil might have capabilities that reach as far as helping treat Alzheimer’s disease and nonalcoholic liver conditions that people may struggle with.

This is why this marketing genius has decided to launch his own business and push grapeseed oil as the main product. If his endeavors are as successful now as they were in the past, he will end up helping thousands of individual deal with all the problems that this oil can assist them with.