Dr. Jennifer Walden


Jennifer Walden Was A Doctor In the Making From An Early Age

When most elementary aged school children are interested in going outside to play, Walden had already taken an interest in plastic surgery. She was enamored in the art aspect of plastic surgery. Walden’s 8th-grade teacher even told her that she had the hands of a surgeon.

Walden began her journey to be a surgeon at the University of Texas where she majored in biology. She received medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. After completing her residency, she relocated to New York to pursue aesthetic surgery.
The Manhattan Eye, Ear, Throat Hospital selected Walden to join their fellowship program. She also spent eight years working with Dr. Shrrell Aston who is a famous aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Things changed for Walden when she decided to become a mother and wanted to move her boys back to home to Texas. Even though the move was difficult, it proved to be the best move for her career. Walden is now one of the top ranked aesthetic plastic surgery in the state of Texas.

It is Walden’s knowledge and use of technology that sets her apart from other surgeons. She uses a technology called Vectra, which is a 3-D imaging system that allows patients to gain a visual aspect to what their surgery will look like after it is complete. To provide the best results and accuracy when performing breast surgery, Walden created her own surgical insturments.

Walden specializes in many prodecures that encompesses the whole body from breast and vignial surgies, to the face and the entire bodies. She however does not specialise in women surgeries alone. She has also worked with men to help them achieve thier overall health goals too.

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José Auriemo Neto’s Stunning Innovation Skills


The constant growth in the real estate field has drawn many realtors to invest their time, effort and money into the sector. With many successful business men in the same venture, José Auriemo Neto sought a creative way to bring something more appealing to the table. Having run a parking lot management company in his early years at the company, Neto based his emphasis on commercial properties. He has since developed entrepreneurial platforms to strengthen the business.


Neto has worked in JHSF for many years alongside his father. He gained more experience and later rose to being chairman and chief executive officer of the company. Since he took over in 2003 José Auriemo Neto has added many achievements to the company’s portfolio including luxury hotels, shopping malls and being the first real estate company to build a free apartment. The company has a shopping and retail portfolio that includes a variety of shopping centers and in different parts of Brazil. Neto also saw the company through its first venture into retail with partnership with renowned designers in the fashion industry like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Pucci. Valentino also partnered with the company and launched their stores in Brazil. There are multiple properties that have been acquired by the company that has fast dominated the world of real estate. This is all attributed to the leadership and hard work of José Auriemo.


José Auriemo Neto went to Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo. He started working with the company back in 1993 and was the pioneer of the company’s service department by founding a parking lot management company which after much success later developed into a shopping centre department. This is after he obtained the rights. Neto understands the roles of a leader in his level and more developed levels like senior management.

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Ricardo Tosto: Getting High Quality Legal Representation In Brazil


Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top Brazilian lawyer and he caters to clients from a wide variety of fields. He has numerous satisfied clients and they keep on recommending his services to their friends, relatives and colleagues.

When a legal issues occurs, in business or personal life, it is imperative to turn to an experienced lawyer. Having a knowledgeable legal professional or lawyer on your side can improve your chances of getting a favorable outcome.

If you’re looking for a competent attorney in Brazil, it is crucial to do your research before choosing someone. There are many law firms and attorney that provide good service to their clients but you need to know where to find them.

There are several resources that can help you find a good lawyer but many people choose someone who has an established history of rendering outstanding legal solutions.

Based in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto renders top notch legal guidance and advice to his clients. Ricardo Tosto has been practising business and corporate law for over 22 years and is highly regarded in the legal community. His clients include some of the most prominent business people, corporate executives, large organizations and establishments in Brazil.

As a reliable and reputable lawyer, Mr Ricardo Tosto works closely with his clients to make sure they get best service possible and a great result. He is passionate about getting excellent outcome for clients and he strives to apply the best strategies in order to ensure complete satisfaction of his cliensts.

If you want high quality advice or guidance, get in touch with Mr Ricardo Tosto for a consultation. Ricardo Tosto will go over the details of your case and let you know what can be done to resolve the matter effectively and efficiently.

The legal system can be difficult to deal with, but with a powerful attorney like Mr Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho representing you or advising you there’s nothing to worry about. His courtroom style and unique litigation strategies have earned him a great reputation in the legal community.

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Rick’s Involvement in the Technology Sector and Beyond


Securus Technologies is a technology firm that deals with civil and criminal justice. It focuses on offering prison technology in preventing crimes committed by inmates. It was founded in 1986 in Carrolton, Texas. Its headquarters is in Dallas Texas. Securus Technologies provides public safety for civil offenders and criminals facing justice. Their technologies are sought by the various stakeholders in criminal justice including public safety organizations in order to investigate cases. It prevents crimes in correctional facilities by monitoring contraband cell phones into correctional facilities. They have had an excellent reception from their market and stakeholders.

Rick’s Resume

Richard “Rick” Smith has been the chief executive officer of the company since July 2008. Rick is known for his focus, experience, and work drive. Secures Technologies Inc. is undisputed in the business of criminal correction industry. Rick has worked in the finance sector, operations, and information technology. He showed grit in all these. He is a great leader. Secures Technologies has improved in the provision of criminal correction sector with technology and expertise in communication, surveillance, emergency responses, crime investigation, and self-service to inmates under the leadership of Rick Smith. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo and a Master’s degree in Engineering. He is well learned. Rick worked in various reputable firms from 1972 to around 1998. He held strategic offices during this period. He was the controller and chief information officer at Global Crossing North America Inc. and the president of Frontier Information Technologies.

His take on customer emails

Securus Technologies invested more than USD 600 million in patents, technologies, and acquisitions from 2013 to 2016. Rick’s remarks about Securus Technologies’ inbox traffic from customers is proof that the company is in the good books with the masses and it is on the right track. This is according to reports and research. The emails show that incarceration is working. Incarceration is a safer alternative in restraining inmates from committing further crimes.

Addition of sales executive

Rick Smith has helped Securus Technologies Company to grow and fend off competition. He has used his position to appoint competent individuals. His choice of John Bell as the senior vice president of sales at Securus Technologies fosters a further growth in the creation a technology-based sales team. John Bell was appointed on 7th January 2017.


Rick Smit Securus is a hardworking and innovative individual. His activities as the chief executive officer at Securus Technologies shows that he has great management skills. This is a legacy that will live on for many years to come. It will also serve as an example to upcoming innovators.

Drew Madden: Revolutionizing the Healthcare IT Sector


Drew Madden is a seasoned entrepreneur and Healthcare IT executive passionate about Electronic Medical Records (EMR). With more than a decade worth of experience in the industry, he has gained skills and knowledge in implementing, troubleshooting, and optimizing EMR systems. Some of his core skills include Epic Systems, EMR, Healthcare IT, CPOE, EHR, informatics, software implementation, software documentation, crystal reports, and business analysis, among others. Drew Madden is certified in Epic Willow Inpatient (EpicRx), Epic Inpatient Clinical Documentation, Epic Inpatient Procedure Orders, and Epic Inpatient Medication Orders.

Work Experience

Drew Madden is currently a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He has previously worked with Nordic Consulting Partners where he was the executive vice president before becoming the president of the firm. He previously also worked with Healthia Consulting which was purchased by Ingenix Consulting. At Ingenix, he served as a senior Epic consultant before taking up the role of regional sales director. Other positions he held in the past include as an integration consultant at Cerner Corporation and as a student advisor at the University of Iowa. Drew attended the University of Iowa for his BSE in Industrial Engineering centered on medical systems.

Career Growth

Throughout his career, Drew Madden has been for different aspects of the firms he has worked with. He started out in inpatient clinical solutions implementation before joining the business development side of the healthcare IT industry. Since then, he has taken up roles ranging from recruiting, consulting operations, sales, customer relationships, and business development. He is known for diligence and exemplary leadership skills wherever he goes. His business acumen and focus on company goals have helped him foster growth of all the companies he has worked with so far.

About Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Evergreen Healthcare Partners offers healthcare IT expertise to its partners. Some of its services include providing specialized healthcare technology, implementing multiple EHR platforms and offering advisory services for the same. Unlike other healthcare It players in the industry, the firm focuses on building lasting relationships by focusing on preferences, skill sets and goals. As a managing partner at the firm, Drew Madden is looking to create a unique and attractive company culture focused on building high caliber teams made up of trusted partnerships.

Greg Secker’s Craeer in Forex Trading


Greg Secker is a renowned master trader, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also known for his philanthropic activities. Apart from his professional career, Greg is also a father.

Knowledge to Action Group

One of the strides which Greg has taken in his career is founding a group of companies known as Knowledge to Action Group. The Group was founded back in 2003, and comprises several companies. These companies include Learn to Trade, a company which specialises in teaching people how to trade. Learn to Trade is located in London, but it also has offices in Manila, Johannesburg and Sydney.

Another company in the Knowledge to Action Group is SmartCharts Software which provides the most recent and innovative technologies in trading. With the company, Greg has been able to make trading simple for starters as well as seasoned forex traders.

Capital Index, which is also one of the companies founded under Knowledge to Action, is a brokerage firm. The other company under the Knowledge to Action umbrella is FX Capital, which generally offers service sin forex investment.

The Greg Secker Foundation

Apart from his group of companies, Greg is also the proud founder of the Greg Secker Foundation. The Foundation is geared towards helping other people who are disadvantaged in society. Through the Foundation, Greg has been able to make an impact in the lives of many people across the globe.

About Greg Secker

Most people will know Greg Secker from forex trading news sites. What they may not know is that he began his career as at a company called Thomas Cook Financial Services. He worked there for a while before he moved to Virtual Trading Desk, one of the first online forex trading sites that offered real-time experience.

Afterwards, Greg moved to Mellon Financial Corporation, where he became the bank’s vice president. While working there, he was able to interact with some of the world’s best traders. After several years working at Mellon Financial Corporation, he decided to come up with his own business. that is how Learn to Trade was conceived and the rest is history.


Anthony Petrello’s Inspiring Life Story


Nabors industries development owes a significant gratitude to Anthony Petrello. He is celebrated for steering the company to its flourishing heights since 1991. Being the CEO of one of the largest oil and drilling firm in America, his level of success has become inspirational to many. Nabors industries provide employment to large number of people living in New Jersey and its surroundings. Tony believes in hard work, honesty, respect and fairness. All these may be the reasons behind his achievements.

Apart from being a successful international business man, Tony is an amazing philanthropist. He donates money to several charity organizations. The $7 million he donated to Texas Children’s Hospital was used to construct a pediatric neurological clinic. The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute works toward finding cure for neurological disorders affecting children.

Anthony Petrello’s act of charity was inspired when his daughter was born with a health disorder. This inspired him to help other families who are undergoing a similar situation. He also holds inspirational talks together with his wife to give hope to families having children with neurological disorders. Anthony is among the few entrepreneurs who don’t believe in shortcuts towards success. He grew from a humble begging and worked hard to his current position.

Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. In his younger age, he had an exceptional ability in mathematics which made him absorbed by Yale University. He was given a full scholarship to study a degree in mathematics. He later acquired a master’s degree in mathematics from the same University. This is also where he met his beloved wife, Cynthia. However, Tony changed his profession unexpectedly. He enrolled in Harvard law School where he graduated with a Juris Doctor.

Anthony Petrello’s career began immediately after graduating from Law school. He joined Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979 where he specialized on general corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. He later become the managing partner and thereafter moved to his current company, Nabors industries. Due to his exceptional leadership skills, his career in Nabors industries grew enormously. He started as an elected member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Board and rose to the top where he is currently the CEO.

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OneLogin explains Why the Envoy holds the key to Office Security and Access Management


Over the years, OneLogin has had to adopt drastic measures that gear towards open identity and modern standards of access management. In turn, the development of one of the most outstanding software named Envoy. Through Envoy, OneLogin has actualized a milestone achievement in keeping data users safe with the integration of its System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). The system has been developed to enable registration of visitors who come into offices with a lot of ease in the registration process. So unique is this software that it verifies all the visitor’s details in the signing in the process by checking the visitor’s badges and their photos. All these processes are synchronized with the visitor’s iPad thus rendering the visitor’s book a thing of the past. The system not only caters for the visitors but also the employees have a slice of its deliverables.

Integration of the Envoy and Office’s Catalog

In this case, the movement of the working personnel up and about the offices becomes easier as the SCIM protocol allows for the addition of an Envoy user connection to the Office’s catalog. It, therefore, means that the employee or the user can get his attributes such as official name, email address or even location synchronized with the Envoy. The resulting indicator is that the system ensures that employees’ profiles are updated by the minute and also when any change in the portfolio occurs. From this provision, the working personnel can save on time and consequently realize an improvement in general security in and outside the office.

The Visitor’s Access to the Office

Whenever an employee expects a visitor, it becomes the lot easier as since the system has stored all the accurate, updated and relevant employee records. The Envoy then enables the operator to create a visitor invite where he can receive notifications whenever the visitor comes. To the visitor, signing in remains easier as they can take the least time searching for the employee they are visiting in the office. It is also important to note that this integration ensures that the changes one makes in their directory are replicated via the Envoy.


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Omar Yunes: The Winner of Best Franchisee in Mexico


Omar Yunes is recognized for winning World Award as the best Franchisee for Mexico. This completion which was held on December 5 in Florence, Italy had eight competitors where Omar Yunes who originates from Sushi Itto featured. He began his work as a Japanese franchisee food chain at a tender age of 21 years. During the competitions, he won a prize which was worth 400 employees who were working with this 13 unit brand. Omar Yunes owns about 10% of the 13 franchised units. Some of its branches are located in Veracruz,
Puebla and Mexico City.

During that competition where Omar was a winner, there were more than 30 countries. The evaluation was based on the effects that the franchise has impacted on the network. Some of the aspects that were addressed include, the contribution of the franchise to the system, its influence and employee motivation. Regarding grant some terms like savings, the amount of the invoice and improvements on your model were looked at.

Omar won that award due to his hard work. The organizer of BFW Mexico stated that omar deserved the prize. Some of his excellent work included getting better management regarding information. Omar Yunes also helped in implementing controlling the boards in clearing the measurements of each unit.

This award was considered as a significant manifestation according to Benjamin Cancelmo who is the CEO of Sushi Itto. It was taken as the joint effort that aimed at offering customers excellent service, flavor, and first-class hospitality. Elizarrarás took this award as an international exposer of the Mexican franchises. The award moved it from being a local Mexican franchise to a worldwide known brand that people can trust.

A good effort should be appreciated and recognized by the authorities. That is why Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) is taking time in thanking the winners like Omar Yunes. Through a unique selection which is carried out in each state in the public versions of the event. This process aims to manage and to bring together the best franchises with the best and leading brands.

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Bernardo Chua, One Of The Top Business Man Of The World


Bernardo Chua humble beginnings began in the Philippines where he worked in multi-level marketing for years. In only three years time he helped to expand Gano Excel, the company he worked for as an executive.

He expanded the company to Hong Kong, Canada, and not long after that to the United States. After expanding Gano Excel to the United States he then moved to California, there be became President to the same company he helped to expand there from the Philippines.

The Street revealed that Bernardo Chia had a vision to sell a range of healthy bioactive coffee products globally. Known for being one of the best in the direct sales industry He set out to introduce the people around the world to ganoderma a herb he would be adding to his coffee, tea and other products. He accomplished that successfully.

Bernado is an award winning businessman. The most successful in the Pacific Rim. Among the rewards is the “Direct Sales Company of The Year Award”, which he received on five different occasions. Another reward was the Dungal ng Bayan award for Business and Industry in 2014.

Zoominfo revealed that Bernardo Chua only works with the best organic ganoderma producers in the world. His mission was and still is to educate consumers of the world the benefits the herb ganoderma have on the over all human health.

Founder and CEO of Organa, Bernardo Chua revolutionized coffee and tea with the added herb ganoderma through that company. His business continues to grow as with the knowledge on science and human wellness. Bernardo Chua’s goal is to get the body working at its full potential through herbs and the love of coffee and tea.

He has a passion for wellness of the human body. Along with his passion he had the zeal to educate and encourage people to obtain herbs he had known about his whole life through just simply drinking what you’ve always loved. That made him the very successful business man he is today.