Bernardo Chua, One Of The Top Business Man Of The World


Bernardo Chua humble beginnings began in the Philippines where he worked in multi-level marketing for years. In only three years time he helped to expand Gano Excel, the company he worked for as an executive.

He expanded the company to Hong Kong, Canada, and not long after that to the United States. After expanding Gano Excel to the United States he then moved to California, there be became President to the same company he helped to expand there from the Philippines.

The Street revealed that Bernardo Chia had a vision to sell a range of healthy bioactive coffee products globally. Known for being one of the best in the direct sales industry He set out to introduce the people around the world to ganoderma a herb he would be adding to his coffee, tea and other products. He accomplished that successfully.

Bernado is an award winning businessman. The most successful in the Pacific Rim. Among the rewards is the “Direct Sales Company of The Year Award”, which he received on five different occasions. Another reward was the Dungal ng Bayan award for Business and Industry in 2014.

Zoominfo revealed that Bernardo Chua only works with the best organic ganoderma producers in the world. His mission was and still is to educate consumers of the world the benefits the herb ganoderma have on the over all human health.

Founder and CEO of Organa, Bernardo Chua revolutionized coffee and tea with the added herb ganoderma through that company. His business continues to grow as with the knowledge on science and human wellness. Bernardo Chua’s goal is to get the body working at its full potential through herbs and the love of coffee and tea.

He has a passion for wellness of the human body. Along with his passion he had the zeal to educate and encourage people to obtain herbs he had known about his whole life through just simply drinking what you’ve always loved. That made him the very successful business man he is today.

Ricardo Tosto: a phenomenal Brazilian legal mind


Lawyers are essential professionals in Brazil. It is by virtues of their role in assisting people and corporates navigate the relatively complex field of law. The Brazilian legal system exhibits a significant influence of the Portuguese civil. It was mainly based on statutes although the constitution now incorporates court decisions or judicial precedents. The country has a considerable number of lawyers who mostly practice under law firms. In fact, it is estimated to have the highest number of lawyers in the world. Lawyers in Brazil are called ‘advogados.’ The Brazilian Bar Association, popularly known as the Ordem dos Advogados do Brazil (OAB), regulates the legal profession in the country.

Among the leading legal experts in the country is Ricardo Tosto. He has immense experience in Commercial Litigation. Some of his specific areas of interest include administrative law, civil law, election law, banking contracts, and credit recovery among others. A host of national and international legal bodies and publications have recognized his achievements including Who’s Who Legal. He was instrumental in the establishment of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados where he is also a partner. The law firm is one of the best in Brazil offering services to a wide range of clientele.

Ricardo Tosto went to Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he graduated with a degree in Law. He has also pursued extension courses in business thus explaining his biased interest in commercial law. Ricardo has held various positions in the Brazilian legal system. He has once held the esteemed position of the president of the Judicial Reform Committee at OAB- São Paulo Section. He has also been a legal advisor or director in some Brazil’s large companies.

Ricardo Tosto is a member of other professional bodies such as International Bar Association. He has also been active in the formation of various organizations within the broader legal fraternity in Brazil. In addition to this, he sits on numerous boards as a director. Besides Portuguese, Ricardo Tosto is also fluent in English. It has enabled him to engage with a wide range of clientele as well as issues in the legal and political contexts.

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A Closer Look at David Giertz


David Giertz is a successful businessman. Mr. Giertz is currently the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial. David Giertz has a variety of duties and responsibilities on a daily basis. Giertz is required to supervise the Financial Distribution as well as Sales departments.

David Giertz began his career at Nationwide back in 1999. He began his career with Nationwide as a Regional Vice President of Sales. Therefore, Giertz has had several corporate positions since he began working for Nationwide. In 2013, David Giertz accepted the position as Senior Vice President at Nationwide. The company has excelled a great deal since Giertz took over as Senior Vice President.

Giertz has delivered extraordinary operating results for Nationwide. Giertz also does a great deal of work with retirement planning as well as Specialty Markets. David Giertz was responsible for a financial growth of over one billion dollars.

Previously David Giertz worked for Citicorp Investment Services as an Investment Adviser. Giertz has always worked within the Insurance and Financial Services Industry. David Giertz eventually worked his way up the corporate ladder to Senior Executive President of Sales during his tenure with Citicorp.

David Giertz has extensive and successful experience within the financial market. Mr Giertz has been an FINRA Registered Broker for over twenty five years. In addition, David Giertz is fully accredited through the State Securities Law Commission.

*Education/ Board Memberships:

David Giertz graduated from the University of Miami with MBA in Finance. In addition, Giertz attended undergraduate school at Millikin University. He has always stressed the importance of higher education. Giertz came from a family with little financial means. Therefore, he knows the value of a dollar and he realized early on that you only accomplish goals through hard work and devotion.

Mr. Giertz is a member of a number of community based organizations. He is currently on the Board of Trustees at Millikin University. David Giertz at one time held an staff position at Millikin prior to graduation. He also served as a member Millikin University’s Budgeting and Finance Committee.

Finally, David Giertz is without a doubt a success within the business world. He has received several business and financial recognition awards for his outstanding business achievements over the years. Giertz never takes anything for granted and he is a firm believer in giving back to the community.

Talkspace on Borderline Personality Disorder


One personality disorder that can cause a lot of pain in relationships is borderline personality disorder. This can be a very tricky thing to deal with. For one thing, people with Borderline Personality Disorder tend to push others away out of suspicion that they do not genuinely care about them. Fortunately, Talkspace has a lot of advice and experiences from people that deal with a relationship with someone who has borderline personality disorder. For one thing, it talks about the symptoms of the personality disorder so that people can know whether or not they have it or that the person that they know is suffering from it.

One issue that BPS deals with is the issue with boundaries. Often times, people who are borderline test boundaries. They would do things like take money or other belongings without permission. This often gets the borderline person in trouble. Often times, they do not have an understanding about social boundaries. Another issue that comes with BPD is the desire for codependency. One of the issues with BPD is that the person who is suffering from it needs others to constantly reaffirm the worth of the BPD sufferer. They often have issues with abandonment.

Another issue that Talkspace addresses in the BPD issue is what is known as splitting. People with BPD are often thinking in black and white. They either see people as completely evil or completely good. There is no in between. Many people see others as different shades of grey. They take note of all of the complexities which can deal with the circumstances which can drive a person to different types of actions that they would not have considered in different circumstances. Fortunately, Talkspace is there for people who are suffering from this type of personality disorder. They can learn new ways of coping which can help them avoid damaging the relationship any further.

A Look At Tony Petrello’s Exemplary Leadership And Philanthropic Activities


Tony Petrello is the chief executive officer and president of Nabors Industries, one of the largest oil and gas drilling contractors in the world. In 1991, he was elected to the company’s board of directors and executive committee. Tony served as the deputy chairman of the corporation from 2003. In October 2011, the executive assumed his roles as the president and CEO. Besides his executive duties, Tony offers strategic planning services that enable the company to adapt and thrive in the dynamic market environment. Nabors Industries Ltd operates in the United States, Africa, Middle East and Far East.

Before joining Nabors, Tony worked for Baker & McKenzie, a respected law firm, from 1979 to 1991. His practice zeroed in on taxation, international arbitration, and general corporate law. Tony served as a managing partner of the law firm’s New York office from 1986 to 1991. He also worked for Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company as the director. Additionally, Tony is a well-known philanthropist working for Texas Children’s Hospital as a member of the board of trustees. He is an advocate for clinical and research programs that seek to address the needs of children suffering from neurological disorders.

Tony’s has been passionate about supporting children diagnosed with neurological disorders considering that his daughter developed this condition at a tender age. This made him and his wife to invest in finding solutions to childhood neurological diseases. The couple conceived the idea for an institute dedicated to researching the causes of neurological problems among children at the Texas Children’s Hospital. They began this journey by making a commitment to donate $7 million with the help of their friends. Tony’s focus is to see the center become the leading institution in changing the lives of many children suffering from neurological diseases.

The transformative leader has a sound educational background. Tony earned his Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree and earned his Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Yale University. Tony began his professional career in 1976. Over the years, he has since worked for different organizations, holding a broad range of positions. Through Tony’s visionary leadership, exceptional staff and cutting-edge technology,

Nabors Industries has continued to deliver world-class drilling services. The company values protection of environment and safety of its internal and external community while supporting educational and charitable activities. As they continue exploring new territories, Nabors Industries takes pride in innovation. The noble corporation seeks to grow as a technology leader in the oil and gas industry.

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A Look at Cassio Audi’s Strides to Success


Many may know him from a career that has seen him become a senior financial management executive with many accomplishments to his name, but Cassio Audi had a music career before venturing into business. The finance expert with 23 years of experience was part of the founder members of the Viper Rock Band. He started this journey in music in 1985 together with Filipe Mahoda, Yves Passarel, Andre Machando and Pit Passarell. Many who knew him on the day praise his prowess with his instrument and believe he would have had an amazing career in music. The group was also said to have drawn inspiration from the rising British heavy metal music as well as the Iron Maiden.

When the band released their first demo album named “The Killer Sword”, Audi impressed many with how he played the drums. The Demo had several pieces: Princes from Hell, Nightmare and Killera, which were also included in their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise that was released in 1987. Audi played the drum sets on the album, and many saw a bright future for the band considering English was their second language. The album “winning many hearts,” also received a four-star rating by Allmusic. Later, it would be redone and released several times since it was launched.

In 1989, Cassio Audi, the much praised drummer, left the music industry. The band, however, did not collapse but continued to release music. Their second album named “Theater of Fate” was a very successful one. Audi then joined the university where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He then joined the University of Sao Paulo where he acquired an MBA in Finance. He has since then acquired skills in the finance management industry upon which he has built a successful career.

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Even Though Private Schools Are Better Than Most Public Counterparts, The Quality of Rocketship Education’s Educational Experiences Is Unbelievably High


Public schools’ aggregate sum of enrollees greatly outnumbers that of kids being homeschooled or blessed enough to have parents and guardians pay for private school. Although it’s often difficult to instruct large groups of students, as compared to smaller classrooms, statistics related to enrollment have no bearing on the disparity between the quality of education the three types of primary and secondary institutions.

Rather, the reason why private schools – not fair to bring up homeschooling, as such success speaks to the instructional talent of parents or learning ability of students – generally outperform public schools is because the former inherently have better access to relevant resources, including tablets and laptops for students to benefit from personalized educational endeavors and software that facilitates such instruction, teachers with longer experience and positive references can better command high salaries that public schools typically can’t pay, and the fact that donors often give money to “better” schools – far more often private than public.

Preston Smith founded a now-eighteen-deep group of public charter schools in 2007 – Rocketship Education. One of its primary characteristics that sets it apart from other learning institutions is its location in neighborhoods that are of economic disadvantage. Having expanded across the nation, Smith learned a variety of tidbits of pedagogical info throughout its first decade of existence.

Teachers and administrators need to be OK with repealing previous educational plans. Smith had designed and rolled out a “flex model” at a select few private schools. After several weeks of testing, the majority of Rocketship Education locations loved it. However, because not all of them experienced such success, Preston decided to repeal it, even though he wanted to see it succeed from allocating so much time, effort, and resources towards it.

Parents need to demand great schools. Not only should they form groups and committees to found new public schools if their children’s current programs are failing to work – they must remove their kids from current locations if underperforming.

Flexible teachers, rather than ultra-experienced educators, are more important to RSED’s goals than other selections most competing schools look for. As Rocketship Education’s primary differentiating characteristic is its personalized education, teachers must be willing to change on a regular basis.

Dr. Siegall Believes in the Power of Hard Work and the Desire to Create Change


Dr. Clay Siegall was interviewed for the online publication Inspirey, a website created to spread the success stories of entrepreneurs around the world. In the interview titled “Dr. Clay Siegall—CEO, Seattle Genetics”, Mike Munter sought to discover the inspiration behind Seattle Genetics, a biotech company.

In the interview, Munter discovered that Dr. Clay Siegall is a firm believer in hard work. Siegall believes that inspired work habits are the key to success and intelligence and network are secondary.

Siegall reveals that the company only became profitable about ten years after the initial public offering. But after hiring a talented sales team and developing a marketing strategy that involves long negotiation as relationship building, they are able to create contracts of 7 or 8 figures. He believes their selling process is rather unique since the marketing strategy is based in building relationships with the clients and negotiating with a great legal team. Because they have unique products, the sales staff is able to represent the company. He believes the sales team may be one of the most important parts in making the company successful. They developed the process after having some financial difficulties in 1999 and 2000. However, Siegall believes they were able to grow from it and become profitable due to their talented sales team.

The company also produces incredibly unique products. They were the first to have an FDA approved ADC. Their drug, ADCETRIS, is an antibody drug conjugate which combines monoclonal antibodies and cell-killing agents to treat cancer. He was inspired to create the company after realizing the lack of choices in cancer treatment, all of which can be very invasive and harmful to the patient. He realized that choosing between the harsh, systemic chemotherapy that can have deadly side effects, or brutal surgeries and amputations did not leave patients with the best options. He created Seattle Genetics to help those patients.

Prior to starting Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharamaceutical Research Institute as a senior researcher. He also worked with the National Caner Institute and the National Institutes of Health. He is not only the CEO and President of Seattle Genetics, but he has also been a key factor in the capital-raising activities for the company. Under his leadership, the company was able to gain $675 million in financing. He is also a thorough researcher with nearly 70 published works and 15 patents. He led Seattle Genetics to create a variety of antibody-based cancer treatments including ADCETRIS, an FDA approved drug available in 65 countries.

IDLife Providing A Healthier Lifestyle


IDLife is a fitness and wellness business that is transforming the industry with personalized nutrition. IDLife provides individuals with exclusive nutritional essentials to support and fulfill each individuals wellness needs. IDLife’s primary mission is providing individuals with top quality products and platforms to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

IDLife has numerous products to offer. All of the products contain top quality components. There are no gratuitous fillers or flavorings put into IDLife products. IDLife takes great pride in the way the products are formulated. All IDLife products are free of soy, non GMO, free of hormone, and free of gluten.

IDLife shakes provide the body with fuel. The fuel provided by IDLife shakes help the body in numerous ways. The shakes help the body to form muscle, increase one’s metabolism, and help one maintain momentum throughout the day. Chocolate and vanilla bean flavored shakes are available.

IDLife also has IDLife Hydrate product. IDLife Hydrate is a top quality powder blend. This top quality powder blend has ingredients such as vitamins, coconut water, and electrolytes. IDLife Hydrate helps energize the body and keeps one hydrated all day. Grape flavored IDLife Hydrate is available.

IDLife also has an energy related product. IDLife makes IDLife Energy. IDLife Energy is a beneficial energy alternative for any circumstance one may encounter throughout the day. It keeps one going and decreases the likelihood of having a crash during the day. Orange and chocolate flavored IDLife Energy products are available.

IDLife also has products available to help one relax the mind. IDLife produces IDLife Sleep Strips. The sleep strips help provide one with a soothing sleep throughout the night. It helps one to feel much rejuvenated first thing when waking up in the morning. IDLife Sleep Strips comes in mint.

IDLife has workout line products. The workout line products produced by IDLife help one get the best out of each and every workout. IDLife PreWorkout helps one make the most of physical training and mental concentration. PostWorkout helps support muscle restoration and growth. For more info about us: click here.

In conclusion, IDLife is a beneficial company that helps individuals maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Felipe Montoro Jens Details His Vision For The Future of Brazil’s Privately Owned Corporations


When it comes to the state’s rule of law, few countries can compare to Brazil. In fact, Brazil is one of the few countries that have managed to privatize more than 90 percent of their government companies in a way that assimilates better business solutions in the world of business and capability solutions. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the 20th century was the birth date of this presence that marked a new beginning for the free country. For over five decades now, the country is still working towards adopting better business values to achieve the most sophisticated business capability in a manner that is not precedent in the industry.

One of the main reasons why the country decided to privatize some of its companies was due to the debt crisis that worked towards developing better business values in the industry. Felipe Montoro Jens has been one of the keen observant who tries to achieve better business for those who seek to develop animated business capability in the management solutions. Felipe Montoro Jens has also showcased a scenario where the country gains more than when it takes care of the management procedures for such companies based in the country. This is perhaps the reason why the country is going ahead of the rest in business.

According to the National Confederation Industry, the country saw it as a necessity to privatize the companies so that they could remain in good economic shape after delivery. One of the best ways the country could meet their investment needs was to achieve better business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. It was during the 20th century when Brazil became a state. During that time, it had not established itself as a nation that could develop better business. However, they ended up attaining working solutions in a manner that showcases their economic growth on the continent.