OSI Food Solutions, An American Company Catering Globally


OSI Food Solutions Spain established in 1990 is an American company catering to a global clientele and provides customized food solutions suiting any market. OSI Food Solutions, has increased their output capability of chicken products, boosting their total factory operations to more than double its production capacity. The building addition includes a production hall, facility supplies storage, shipping and receiving area, oil service areas, nitrogen and hot water tanks, refrigerated waste container storage and an employee break room and social area, in addition to a new product development kitchen to improve service for the ever-changing needs of consumers. This expansion allows OSI to add new products to their portfolio, continue to grow with new accounts and to support their growth with long standing customers. The installation of their new perimeter control surveillance system and the addition of new indoor cameras along with an advanced firefighting system enhanced their food defense structure. OSI has high standards and criteria for sustainability, the new equipment has reduced electricity consumption and has improved the operations energy efficiency.

The region has experienced an increased craving for chicken products within the last several years, that is expected to continue to grow with increased options. In addition to the increase of space and upgrades, OSI has ensured their new facility has new measures of sustainability improvement into the future. Their increase in chicken production capacity contributed to an increased overall output, which has proven to be an important metric for OSI Solutions. In addition to the benefits reaped by the company, this addition has boosted the economy by adding 20 local jobs, including one production development managerial position, this manager will oversee improvements of OSI’s existing products and development of new products for the company. OSI is a top 100 American food company that puts its customers first, they offer consumers a variety of selections including custom options. OSI Solutions is continuing to broaden their food production capacity all around the world and plans to continue to grow without slowing down.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Women Look Beautiful through Cosmetic Surgery


Jennifer Walden is from Austin, and the second in her class at Galveston’s University of Texas Medical Branch. After she finished her fellowship in aesthetic surgery at Manhattan’s Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, she successfully built her practice in New York. After that she returned back home in 2011.

According to Dr. Walden, for eight years she has been working as a plastic surgeon. Her concentration and expertise are on nose jobs (rhinoplasties), eyelid lifts, face-lifts, breast augmentations, and cosmetic surgery. The expenses for a nose job are usually between $8,000 to $9,000, face lifts costs about $10,000, and augmentation are normally around $7,000. She also does liposuction on the arms, inner thighs, and on the abdomen along with negligible invasive operations like soft-tissue fillers and Botox injecting.

Dr. Jennifer Walden says that she is unusual because there are more men than women who choose a career in plastic surgery, as proven by the country’s board-certified plastic surgeons where 851 are female out of 8,100. And these certified professionals American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery members – a prominent and reputable board-certified cosmetic surgeons’ organization, and only 12 reside in Texas.

Moreover, she said that a plastic surgeon who is a woman has some benefits since most plastic surgery patients are women. She explains that women who go for plastic surgery do not have the intention of duplicating a Barbie doll. The go for plastic surgery due to the fact that they are self-conscious about a saggy body part or another normal body feature. She claims that her clients tell her they are more comfortable talking to a female plastic surgeon about particular parts of their bodies because she will not criticize them unnecessarily.

Dr. Walden says that she is happy when she knows that she was, and is able to help other people, especially her own gender.

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Look to Elysium Health for Exciting News on Cellular Health


There is new and exciting news on cellular health coming from Elysium Health. The company has has released a supplement designed to support cellular health. The supplement is called “Basis” and it is available for purchase  on the company’s website. While this is exciting news, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how this supplement came into being.

Founder of the Company

Dr. Leonard Guarente is the co-founder of Elysium Health, as well as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Dr. Guarente has conducted significant research on the molecular and genetic causes of aging.

A Team of Professionals

Elysium Health has teamed up with the world’s leading scientists and clinicians from some of the best universities in the world, including Stanford, Yale, and Harvard. These scientists guide the direction of Elysium Health and its research.

The Results

In 2016, Elysium Health put Basis through a clinical trial to ensure its safety and effectiveness. The trial involved 120 subjects, who were divided into three groups. The recommended daily dose of Basis is two capsules. The first group took two capsules, the second took four capsules, and group three took a placebo daily. The trial demonstrated that taking the recommended daily dose of Basis over the course of several weeks increased levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent.

Purchasing Basis

In order to buy Basis to try for yourself, you just have to head on over to the Elysium Health website. There you will find different subscription levels that can fit your lifestyle. You can choose to purchase just a single month’s worth of the supplement, but that might leave you without some of the savings that you would get by purchasing  a long-term subscription. Right now, the most popular plan is the six-month subscription for $270 ($45 per month). Take a look at all of the plans and see which one works best for you.


Cassio Audi a 1980s Brazilian Musical Idol


Nowadays, Cassio Audi is known in Brazil as a successful businessman and entrepreneur but there is more to the story. Audi, as a young teen growing up in Brazil, formed a band with a few of his classmates including the Passarell brothers. The band called themselves Viper and they were nearly solely responsible for bringing heavy metal music to Brazil.Cassio was just a teenage boy in 1985 when he and four classmates floated around the idea of forming a band. The boys had already been spending a number of evenings together jamming out in Audi’s garage and so the idea was a logical next step.

At the time, heavy metal from England was heavily popular in most parts of the world and a personal favorite of the teen. As Audi as the drummer, Viper was founded in 1985 and was heavily influenced by Iron Maiden.The group made an early decision that they would write and sing their lyrics in English, which seemed like a foolish decision at first. Once they recorded their first dmo album, Killera Sword, it was soon discovered that the listeners could not tell that English was the group’s second language.

Viper, with Cassio Audi’s talented drumming, immediately became a local hit. They played in sold out shows in Brazil and South America initially. Once they released their first studio, Soldiers of Sunrise, in 1987 the group completed a tour of Europe. In 1989, they released their second album entitled Theatre of Fate. This album went to the top of the Brazilian charts and soon after, Audio left the band to attend university. Cassio Audi is a musical icon in Brazil o this day.

How Obsidian Energy Plans to Turn Around its Fortunes and Achieve Success


Penn West Petroleum has been struggling to achieve the set goals in a financial year for the past few years now. For Obsidian Energy to turn around its fortunes, it has adopted a three-year strategic plan that will see it re-establish itself in the and take its rightful place in the gas and oil industry in Canada. The conglomerate has also decided to change its name to Obsidian Energy. The new look Obsidian Energy’s administration has reduced the spending budget to an amount that will reflect the prevailing prices of oil and gas in the market.


During a shareholder meeting to discuss the changes in tactics, almost all shareholders voted unanimously for the name change and agreed with Obsidian Energy. Obsidian is a volcanic glass rock with unique chemical characteristics that allow it to be sharpened and honed into different shapes. Due to the reduced spending budget, the corporation has minimized its workforce from 1,400 to 300 because they also had to cut down their product portfolio; Obsidian Energy is now involved in four areas of production down from thirty. These four production areas are Pembina Cardium, Deep Basin, Alberta Viking, and Peace River.


The company’s top executives and shareholders are optimistic that the firm’s fortunes will change for the better if the new strategies are followed to the letter. Go Here for related Information.


Currently, Obsidian Energy is as a middle-level producer of oil and gas. The corporation produces over 30,000 barrels of oil each day. The new asset base and organization pillar is designed to see Obsidian Energy achieve profits and take its rightful place in the Canadian Energy sector. The company has a workforce that is hungry for success, and that will help accomplish all missions and goals. David French who is the corporation’s president and the chief executive officer believes that when the plans are put into action, Obsidian will emerge stronger and more competitive.


Obsidian Energy new strategy also involves cooperating with the local communities to ensure operations are carried out by the law and to prevent the dangers associated with gas and oil exploration. It has provided an email address and a toll-free telephone number to be used in case of an emergency.


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Expanding pop horizons with Alex Pall


The Chainsmokers unique way of creating music and genre-defying songs have set them apart in the music world. Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers has been a DJ his whole life, in 2012 he discovered his passion, creating dance music. This led him to quit his job being a DJ to pursue his dreams and become one of the greatest musical creators in the world. Pall along with fellow music creator Andrew Taggart created their duo The Chainsmokers which has taken over pop music in the past few years. Taggart had loved dance music long before it became a major trend, and jumped at the chance to produce this music with Pall.

Over the past few years, this music duo has grown more than they ever could have imagined. The two have studied pop and dance music, and what it takes to make a great artist. Their passion has allowed them to create music which went from just paying their bills to slingshotting them to the world stage.

The Chainsmokers are far different from most traditional artists, being a DJ duo as well as music producers has set them apart from other similar artists. The pairs decision to branch out from just making dance music is what allowed them to grow as much as they did.

Their music style doesn’t fit into any one genre, a mix of indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop has proven to be very successful for them. Learning to sing over their beats has also worked very well for the duo. Originally, just creating the beats and having others add their own personal elements and singing the songs was the only way this duo knew to make music. But learning how to sing and truly make the songs the way they intend them to be, adding their own personal element has greatly helped the duo.

Over the past few years, The Chainsmokers have become staples in the music world, getting a feature from pop star Halsey has helped the band explode in popularity. Now that the duo can sing, we get to see the true originality in these songs. Hopefully, we get to see more of this boundary-pushing music in the coming years.


The Chainsmokers Release ‘Sick Boy’, Give Fans A Glimpse Into The Darker Side Of Their Music


With millions of people turning into their songs every hour and several chart-topping numbers, The Chainsmokers have become a worldwide phenomenon. Even though the duo has been visible in the mainstream for the past four years, their musical careers span way back, to when both of its members were small-time musicians working gigs and performing their music for smaller crowds.

Comprised of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the duo have released several hit songs like Don’t Let Me Down, Closer, Paris, Something Just Like This and of course, the song that got them on the charts in the first place – Selfie.

This year, The Chainsmokers decided to kick off the year by releasing their new hit single Sick Boy. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Drew pointed out how their songs have always been a reflection of the generation that we live in, which is also why so many people can relate to the music that they make. He went on to stay that they know the topics that they want to touch on and always try to lyrically incorporate that into the music that they make.

The Chainsmokers is now moving towards a new direction when it comes to the songs that they release, which is what Sick Boy has been evidence to. The song shows a darker side of our generation, which is what the duo now wants to touch on. They want their music to be a form of expression that resonates with the thoughts of the people listening to them, while still offering them something that they can groove to and enjoy.

Both the members of the duo have always been high achievers who wanted to make a name for themselves. They have always been driven individuals, which is one of the things that had led them to become the successful name that they are today.

Even though the duo has become bigger than they ever envisioned, both Alex and Drew believe that they still have a long way to go in terms of the music that they want to make and all that they hope to one day achieve.


Products Offered at Jeunesse


Jeunesse is a small company in the health industry. Over the past few years, the company has grown rapidly. There is a major need in the health industry for affordable products.

Jeunesse has a large portfolio of products to offer customers. Many customers enjoy purchasing products from Jeunesse due to the excellent customer service offered by the company. If a customer has an issue, it is easy to get in touch with the customer service team at Jeunesse.

Tough Beginning

The founders of Jeunesse wanted to start a company that could transform the health industry. Starting a business in the health industry is not easy. There are thousands of companies offering health products and supplements. As a result, gaining just a few clients can make a huge difference.

The company essentially gave away free products for customers to try. Once customers were able to get the results they wanted, they told all of their friends about Jeunesse. This is what propelled the growth of the company.

Social Media

Jeunesse uses social media to promote new products. Instead of spending money on traditional marketing options, the marketing team at Jeunesse likes to interact with customers. The company also offers a discount on products when customers post about Jeunesse. This is a great way for the company to reward loyal customers and get advertising on social media.

Direct Selling

Jeunesse also offers a direct selling option for customers who are interested in earning additional income. Anyone who participates in the direct selling program is able to purchase inventory at a reduced price. The inventory can then be sold to other customers for a profit. People in the direct selling program have to pay a small percentage of the sales back to Jeunesse. This program helps both Jeunesse and loyal customers who want to increase their income.


Developed at the Academy of Art University


The primary purpose of education is to determine your least capables and secure a plan of how to partner with others who reign supreme in such skills… as you do in yours. That’s the exchange.

Many get it confused thinking that their attendance in school will help them acquire a skill, or a talent, or even a passion. Passion, like fire, isn’t acquired. It’s merely uncovered, or in some cases, discovered. There’s no blueprint for its unveiling. No timetable for its flourish. It is. It does. It happens. And like the New York Fashion Week runway show, when it does, you know that you’ve been in the presence of genius and unbridled beauty.

But, just ICYMI, here are some highlights of the extravaganza. Saya Shen, a Master’s Degree student, delivered convincing scenes from winter formations of Hokkaido Japan to the ocean breezes of San Francisco. Cana Klebanoff’s samurai warrior design confirms an amazingly inspirational collection. Seeking a BFA at the Academy of Art University (AAU) located in San Francisco California, Cana desires to convey comfort, confidence and power through fashion. For personal reasons, Ryan Yu’s Out of Darkness by Way of Light, showcased as part of the curriculum for an MFA, is my selected favorite. Hailun Zhou, also aiming for an MFA from the prestigious establishment which commenced in 1929 under Richard S. Stephens, allowed us to glimpse a day’s journey through scenically infused designs. Also amazingly impressive. While just decades ago, we could only hope to wear a replica of a scene on our statement attire, today, when achievements such as home designing and printing a life-saving 3-D organ for your child is par for the course, we can port the actual scene itself. Zhou has made this connection. Reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s sailor and nautical patterns- ocean waves shirts and tops that point to rising insignia- we’re reminded that talent remains intrinsic. It may be nurtured, even mined. But, it cannot be taught or duplicated. You have to, as did also Tommy Hilfiger, touch base with what is essentially you and remain confident that there are others out there, many others, who will appreciate that. Perhaps Terry Jones, AAU-1992 Advertising Alum, stated it best: “advertising found me.”

Dina Marie Lam is also a student of the Master’s in Fashion curriculum and showcased a tribute to her recently deceased auntie. Jelly Shan, inspired by a visit to the temples of northwestern China, presented the “girly, edgy and fresh” collection that promotes the march to the goal of Master’s in Fashion Design. Joanna Jadallah, in ode to ancestors’ flee from Palestine, makes excellent use of cashmere, lambs’ leather, and wool to convey the essence of getting light for the flight. Eden Slezin produces a united collaboration of denim and recycled rubber materials to demonstrate the individuality of “life and loves” prescient to the San Francisco area in pursuit of the MFA at AAU. Carlos Rodriguez aims for the BFA in Fashion Design offered at AAU and is accredited with the show’s embroidery details of Lam’s showcased collection. And Rheanna Oliver-Palanca, also a student of the MFA in Fashion Design curriculum, presented a knitwear version.

Perhaps what’s most spectacular about the participation of students from the Academy of Art University, for the 21st consecutive year and counting, is the assurance of historical significance before their careers have actually even begun.

We have this assurance because of the long list of notable graduates of the privately owned Academy of Art University which continually reaffirms its commitment to community, excellence and growth. As a student, you will find all of the resources you need to nurture your talents. As an individual, you will find everyone you need to learn and share the human experience. And as an aspiring professional, you will encounter key faculty dedicated to mentoring you onto impactful success.


All about the Chainsmokers


The chainsmokers have only been around for about three years, but they have received several different rewards and millions of loyal fans in the short amount of time. They have always created music that relates to what people go through in their everyday lives such as romance and broken hearts, but they have decided to change it up a little, and their new music has a darker feel to it. They wanted to bring something new to the table in hopes that people could relate their new music.

Their new song “Sick Boy” was inspired by the darkness of this generation, and some of the struggles people go through. They created the song through their anger in what they were dealing with in their fame. People see Alex and Andrew through who others say they are, and through what they see. Their next album is different and their next couple of songs will have a darker vibe than their past hits. Sick Boy takes you through many of the struggles through this generation such as anxiety and self identity. It also goes through the struggles of everyone relating to others on social media. It is an empowering song about staying true to yourself and doing your own thing in a generation full of so much negativity and judgement.

The Chainsmokers have had hits that have been in the top music charts for weeks. They have also worked with many great artists such as Daya, Halsey, and coldplay. Their top hits include “roses” “something just like this” “paris” “Don’t let me down” and “closer.” Closer was number one on the chart for thirteen weeks. They are hoping to reach a wider variety of fans with their new music, and they’re hoping that their fans can relate to their darker music