Chris Linkas talks about early investing.


The old idiom goes that the early bird catches the juiciest worm and so can be compared to all real-life situations. Investment experts like Chris Linkas agreed unanimously that early investment ventures have a more significant potential for higher returns in future. This applies to both ordinary civilians and those in service to the country. Investors have come up with a few pointers on why early investments are the way to go.

Expert Advice

Time is a critical factor in investing. When one starts to invest early, one has the drive to take more risks which yield higher returns. This is because they have time to recover in case anything goes wrong. Secondly, there is the compound interest which is primarily interest earned on interest. One increases ROI every time an investment is made. Savvy investments take advantage of investing early to potentially benefit from the accumulated compound interest. Investing early helps one to develop a discipline in spending habits. This means that a person will focus on their budget and cut back on unnecessary expenses, therefore, earning money by saving money. Early investing also sets one a step ahead of his/her counterparts ( Over a period one can afford things that others cannot, and it also brings about absolute stability in one’s finances that enables the investor face any unusual hardships. Early investment also helps a person live a quality and comfortable life.

Investment Guru

Chris Linkas is a seasoned investor with an experience that transcends over 25 years in the industry. He has been at the helm of a UK-based investment group. Chris jumped into the financial world shortly after college where he worked as an Analyst and Asset Manager. Chris Linkas has held various prestigious positions such as Vice President at RER Financial Group LLC, and he has also worked for the New York-based Goldman Sachs. He is currently the Managing Director and European head of Credit at UK Investment firm. According to Chris Linkas, a lot of young people procrastinate too long when it comes to investing. He says that young people should think about investing regardless of their financial situation.


Stay Productive With Upwork


Upwork is an online platform that allows businesses and independent professionals an easy and intuitive way to connect. Freelancers have access to over $1 billion worth of projects via their website or app, and getting that work done may not always be the most natural thing to accomplish. That’s why for years people have used to-do lists to help them get the job done.

When making a to-do list, it might be obvious, but it’s important to put everything down in one place, whether inside an app or day planner. For more extensive projects or tasks, it’s also productive to break it down into more manageable and digestible sub-tasks, so the mental strain of getting it done doesn’t become too much. One thing people might neglect, though, is putting together said to-do list in advanced. For example, doing so a day in advance or even the night before is a great way to acquire a birds-eye view on the week ahead.

That said, you can also benefit from tagging tasks with levels of priority, the energy required to do them and time stamps such as how long it might take you to finish it when you might start it during the week or day. Taking this step will help keep everything in perspective so as the week goes on you can keep tabs on progress, and it will make it easier to re-evaluate.

Another thing we might not think of doing is batch processing. It’s common in manufacturing because it’s often more efficient that way. Say you have several emails you need to send out, why not do them all one after the other. Why not do the same with phone calls or meetings if you can help it. Similar and straightforward tasks are more accessible to overcome this way.

Making sure to capture everything you need to get done, putting them in one place, labeling tasks with time attributes, batch processing, breaking down larger tasks and always re-evaluating as you move down your list will ensure greater success. Having a to-do list is one thing, but making sure it can work for you is the best thing.

The Rise of Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences


Paragon Biosciences is quickly becoming a well-known name in the pharmaceutical field. They have a record 13 FDA approved drugs on the market in only a decade’s worth of time. This much success is most commonly associated with much bigger companies. The rate of success only proves that they are here to stay and make it known that they mean business. This is a very good thing for us. Paragon Biosciences has the same fundamental values in its veins as the CEO and Chairman, Jeff Aronin. They value patients above anything else. It shows not only with the amazing success they have already had, but the success they are continuing to achieve. Paragon Biosciences is specializing in nervous system disorders, rare genetic diseases, dermatology and many more. Having multiple projects in the works, it won’t be long until we hear of a new breakthrough ( With the achievements that have already been met, the patients and industry can only wait to see what other groundbreaking development comes from Paragon Biosciences.

Knowing that medicine and healthcare was his chosen path, Jeff Aronin figured out his calling early into his career. Having more than 20 years in the medical industry, his drive to cure and comfort his patients is what got him to where he is now. After becoming an entrepreneur, Jeff Aronin not only has a passion for his patients, his knowledge and expertise in rare diseases are what make him an asset to the industry. Jeff Aronin won multiple awards for entrepreneurship and patient oriented work, his dedication and research for cures has not dwindled. He’s consistently striving to find the problems in healthcare and come up with a solution for them. His record breaking company is proof to his dedication and commitment to the industry. Being able to build and maintain the highest of standards is important for a company in any field. Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences has managed to not only maintain those standards, but exceed them in so many ways. We expect to see many more success stories from Jeff Aronin and his successful company, Paragon Biosciences.


“Dr. Mark McKenna’s is Impressive Business Ventures”


Dr. Mark Mckenna is a Louisiana native hailing from New Orleans. Tulane University Medical School was the start of his pursuit for furthering himself in education. After Dr. Mckenna’s graduation from Tulane University Medical School, he went on to receive his licensure in Medicine and Surgery by the following State Boards of Medical Examiners: Florida and Georgia. Dr. Mckenna’s graduation was the beginning of his professional advancements, as he went on to launch a franchised real estate developmental firm named McKenna Venture Investments. The company started off small, but it opened doors; allowing Mr. Mckenna the opportunity to expand his brand and open up companies such as Uptown Title, Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending, employing over 50 people.

As a real estate businessman, Dr. Mark Mckenna began making a name for himself. He launched a successful business in New Orleans and as it grew, but devastation soon followed. Hurricane Katrina struck causing Mr. Mckenna to lose millions and rethink his business ventures. Mr. Mckenna used his knowledge in real estate as he indeed helped with the rebuilding and redevelopment of the lower socioeconomic income housing in New Orleans. Upon completion of the new housing, Dr. Mark Mckenna knew it was time to relocate and start over. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he created the successful company, ShapeMed. ShapeMed is a medical practice based around aesthetic and wellness. Life Time Fitness Inc. caught wind of the company and purchased it from Dr. Mark Mckenna. This purchase allowed Mr. Mckenna to serve on the board of his newly sold company as a National Medical Director.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has used his ideas at ShapeMed and advanced them for the startup of a new company. Mark Mckenna’s newest venture is called OVME. OVME is an app that connects freelance practitioners with customers. The idea of OVME is having freelance practitioners making house calls, doing cosmetic medical procedures whenever they receive a request. This app will be similar to that of Uber, because it will connect providers across the country with customers that need certain cosmetic procedures. A medical provider will have clients at the push of a button and customers will be able to access cosmetic physicians without having to worry about the paperwork and scheduling conflicts that comes with doctor visits. OVME is the future of cosmetic procedures and it’s captain, Mark Mckenna, is ready to see how far this ship can go.

LimeCrime: Doe Deere’s Committment to Vegan-Friendly Makeup


LimeCrime is a company that was brilliantly founded due to one amazing woman’s need to have access to bright, bold colored shades of makeup that she was unable to find elsewhere. When Doe Deere founded LimeCrime she was seeking shades of lipstick and eyeshadow in shades like blue, hot pink, bold red and orange. She was unable to find the shades in the quality that she wanted and even further, she wanted makeup that was vegan friendly and made from natural ingredients.

Thus, LimeCrime was founded and has since gone from a fringe beauty brand to a mainstay of every woman’s makeup bag. The company continues to expand, offering everything from its signature lipsticks to a line of semi-permanent hair dyes. Doe Deere has been named the Queen of the Unicorns and she can often be seen sporting the signature hair dyes in every shade from bright blue to hot pink. The unicorn is the signature icon of the company, as Doe Deere encourages LimeCrime fans to never be afraid to be the beautiful unicorn, standing out in a sea of plain horses.

The company is known for its widely creative makeup offerings. For example, the company recently released a line of eyeshadow palettes that are designed to look exactly like the ‘90s craze toy, the Polly Pocket. The palettes come in creative plastic shells in hot pink, robin’s egg blue and bright yellow. The motto of the company is that if the team’s creative department isn’t absolutely obsessed with a product, they simply won’t release it to their fans. Another creative eyeshadow is the Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette. The palette houses shades that are designed to bring out any woman’s inner goddess. The shades include varieties of berry shades, roses, bronzes and deep reds. It has become one of the most popular palettes of the season and is available exclusively from Lime Crime.

Doe Deere prides herself on her company’s commitment to being vegan friendly. Every single one of her products is 100% vegan friendly and she also is heavily committed to ensuring that her line of makeup uses the most natural ingredients possible.

How Sheldon Lavin’s Business Background Has Led OSI Group to Extreme Growth


Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive officer of OSI Group. The company is one of the world’s leading producers of value-added meats, including beef, poultry products, pork products and items such as specialty sausage and hot dogs. He is also the Chief Financial Officer of CSI Industries. His transition from the world of banking in Chicago to becoming the leader of OSI Industries is very interesting. OSI Group was recently named as the largest privately-held company in the United States, with annual revenue of over $3 billion. Additionally, the company has a major global footprint. OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people across the globe. The company has 65 operations that function in more than 17 countries and has a presence on nearly every major continent.

Sheldon Lavin first became known to the leadership at CSI Industries when he was working in finance in Chicago. He managed the company’s finances. The team at OSI Industries (originally named Otto and Sons during the company’s early days), took great interest in Sheldon Lavin and soon saw how his finance savvy could help the company expand. He put that knowledge to work and soon the company was making major acquisitions, such as the recent acquisition of Baho Foods and a major production plant that formerly belonged to Tyson. He also has a law degree and is known as a leading innovator in the meat industry.

OSI Industries is also unique in its field due to the fact that it has an entire division of people that are dedicated to working with companies, distributors and restaurants that are seeking to make custom meat products. As the taste and waves of customer desire change in the food and food service industries, OSI is dedicated to dedicating an entire team to sit down one-on-one with anyone looking to create custom meat products. For example, the company works with restaurants and grocery stores to ensure that the meat offerings are keeping up with consumer needs. This could mean ensuring that seasonal needs are met, such as custom hot dogs, bacon flavors or beef for grilling in the summer time, or more robust offerings that are in high demand during fall and winter months. It can also simply mean keeping up with trends or regional offerings that are in demand. OSI works with all types of restaurants, from fast-casual establishments, fast food chains and even the highest level of fine dining establishments.

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02Pur E-Cigs Your Top Resource for All Your Vaping Needs


More people are choosing to give up cigarette smoking in favor of e-cigs. “Vaping” was introduced into the tobacco market around 2007. It originally got its start on the West Coast, but soon spread throughout the U.S.

A few years ago, a few companies were involved with the manufacturing of e-cigs, now it has become big business, with Reynolds America, Fontem US and Logic being some of the leading brands.

In fact, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), e-cigs are the most commonly used tobacco products among youth. In 2016, over 2 million high school students using e-cigs. In the U.S. more youngsters are choosing e-cigs than tobacco cigarettes.

Why More People are Turning to E-Cigs:

E-cigs amount to 795 million dollars in retail sales in the 2014, with convenience stores being the largest outlet for e-cigs capturing 81% of sales.

There are a variety of reasons why e-cigs have been flying off the shelves:

  • E-cigs save smokers money. According to NerdWallet, e-cigarettes cost $1,387 for those that smoke a pack a day, compared to $2,569 spent by tobacco smoker.
  • Many restaurants and bars that don’t allow smoking still allow e—cig smoking.
  • E-cig’s give the user a variety of flavors to choose from, enhancing their smoking experience.

O2Pur, Great Choice for e-Cig Users:

There are a wide range of e-cig choices to choose from, but one of the most popular products in the market are made by O2Pur.

The company makes a full range of products to enhance your vaping experience, including:

  • E-liquid single or in bundles
  • Smooth Nicotine salts e-liquids in a variety of flavors
  • Coils
  • Charging cables
  • Batteries
  • Carrying cases
  • Auto USB
  • Wall adapter

Box Mods

O2Pur has everything vapers need. The offer discounts and gift cards so if someone you know enjoys vaping you can let them to choose their own gift.

O2Pur is offers flavor, ease of use and a variety of ways to keep your equipment charged and ready to go at any time. Visit their Web site or call them to order your supplies today at 321-325-1161.

IC Systems – Since 1983


IC Systems has been an exceptional company within the collections market over the years. Since 1938, the company has held strict to the principles of consistently exerting ethical and consumer-friendly approaches which has successfully accomplished consistent wonders for the business. Today, IC Systems is one of the most consistent collection agencies when it comes to receiving positive reviews after positive reviews for their amazing customer services administered throughout the United States.

Its ethical and consumer-friendly approach has been greatly appreciated throughout the market. Review boards are flooded with comments on how respectful – as compared to other collection agencies – IC Systems is when it comes to its consumers. Training sessions after training sessions are administered in order to develop representatives into the idealistic character expectations of IC Systems, which entails various components of ethical and consumer-friendly representation. IC Systems has been honored as a finalist for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics three consecutive years- 2013, 2014 and 2015 (

When it comes to securing consumer’s data, IC Solutions has managed to entail high level security that has been recognized and cleared through an audit administered by FRSecure as completekly effective. IC Solutions checked out as being compliant with:

* the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

* the Federal Trade Commission Red-Flags Rule

* the DCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Version 3.2* the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999/Gramm-Leach Bliley Act

* ISO27002

and the list continues.


IC Systems is licensed and bonded in all 50 states. In the instance that a consumer decides to move outside of the state in which service is currently being received, IC Systems can still handle the case accordingly. Many collection agencies do not have licensing in states in which they attempt to collect debt, which is a violation.

IC Systems is an avid supporter of the community. Since 1981, their in-house charity committee,”Employee Charitable Help Organization”, has been dedicated in helping the community in any way possible as it relates to volunteering and donating to charitable organizations. Organizations in which IC Systems have committed their philanthropist efforts towards are the following, but not limited to: American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, St. Judes Children’s Hospital and ARMing Heroes.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Medical-Aesthetics At Its Finest


Does the name Jennifer Walden standout to you? Do you know of anyone who has this particular name? When it comes to the medical industry, Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of its most popular figures. This phenomenal plastic surgeon has a resume of success as well as extensive knowledge on the subject. She was born and raised in the Northwest Hills neighborhood of Austin, Texas. During her youth, Walden was quite the athlete as she was named as an all-state soccer player. After graduating Anderson High School, she would go on to attend the University of Texas at Austin.

The University of Texas Medical Branch was her next stop, but she would be waitlisted for quite some time. During this chapter in her life, Walden got a chance to experience many things on a first-hand basis. She was elected president of the Texas Alpha Chapter Honor Medical Society, and she participated in an externship at the esteemed Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. Walden was on the fast-track to success as she attained a medical doctorate while graduating as her class’ salutatorian. New York City was her next stop, and she was selected to attend the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. This is where she pursued her special interests in medical aesthetics. After obtaining her fellowship, Walden would remain with the prominent hospital for work purposes. After seven years of working and residing in The Big Apple, Walden relocated back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. This loving mother went on to open her very own medical-aesthetics practice and the rest is history and more

Desiree Perez-A Climb to the Top


The music entertainment industry is dominated by prominent male figures such as R. Kelly, Dr. Dre, David Geffen, and Clive Davis. Desiree Perez relishes and welcomes the opportunity in her role as CEO of Roc Nation. Perez’s history of outstanding leadership is an inspiration to many women all over the globe.

Since becoming Roc Nation’s CEO in 2009, Perez and her team have multi-faceted roles within the music entertainment industry. Some of them include management, merchandising, touring, and television work. She has a solidified presence in music entertainment with more than twenty years of experience. Perez currently remains a driving force taking celebrity careers to the next level.

Desiree Perez has a multitude of success with celebrity clientele’s business endeavors. From transitioning Jay-Z into a highly successful businessman to a multimillion-dollar deal with Samsung for Rhianna, Desire Perez has an unmatched reputation for unparalleled success. This success is driven by Perez’s strong desire to succeed and a “whatever it takes” mentality.

A large part of Desiree Perez’s success as a CEO and businesswoman is her ability to negotiate. Perez’s financial savvy puts her in top position to handle difficult negotiations. These successes as a proven negotiator have created long-standing relationships with her celebrity clients.

Through her amazing and difficult climb on the ladder of success, Desiree Perez remains incredibly humble. She prefers living a quiet lifestyle and her example of determination inspires many of all ages and genders to strive to be the best versions of themselves every day.

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