Chris Linkas talks about early investing.


The old idiom goes that the early bird catches the juiciest worm and so can be compared to all real-life situations. Investment experts like Chris Linkas agreed unanimously that early investment ventures have a more significant potential for higher returns in future. This applies to both ordinary civilians and those in service to the country. Investors have come up with a few pointers on why early investments are the way to go.

Expert Advice

Time is a critical factor in investing. When one starts to invest early, one has the drive to take more risks which yield higher returns. This is because they have time to recover in case anything goes wrong. Secondly, there is the compound interest which is primarily interest earned on interest. One increases ROI every time an investment is made. Savvy investments take advantage of investing early to potentially benefit from the accumulated compound interest. Investing early helps one to develop a discipline in spending habits. This means that a person will focus on their budget and cut back on unnecessary expenses, therefore, earning money by saving money. Early investing also sets one a step ahead of his/her counterparts ( Over a period one can afford things that others cannot, and it also brings about absolute stability in one’s finances that enables the investor face any unusual hardships. Early investment also helps a person live a quality and comfortable life.

Investment Guru

Chris Linkas is a seasoned investor with an experience that transcends over 25 years in the industry. He has been at the helm of a UK-based investment group. Chris jumped into the financial world shortly after college where he worked as an Analyst and Asset Manager. Chris Linkas has held various prestigious positions such as Vice President at RER Financial Group LLC, and he has also worked for the New York-based Goldman Sachs. He is currently the Managing Director and European head of Credit at UK Investment firm. According to Chris Linkas, a lot of young people procrastinate too long when it comes to investing. He says that young people should think about investing regardless of their financial situation.


Stay Productive With Upwork


Upwork is an online platform that allows businesses and independent professionals an easy and intuitive way to connect. Freelancers have access to over $1 billion worth of projects via their website or app, and getting that work done may not always be the most natural thing to accomplish. That’s why for years people have used to-do lists to help them get the job done.

When making a to-do list, it might be obvious, but it’s important to put everything down in one place, whether inside an app or day planner. For more extensive projects or tasks, it’s also productive to break it down into more manageable and digestible sub-tasks, so the mental strain of getting it done doesn’t become too much. One thing people might neglect, though, is putting together said to-do list in advanced. For example, doing so a day in advance or even the night before is a great way to acquire a birds-eye view on the week ahead.

That said, you can also benefit from tagging tasks with levels of priority, the energy required to do them and time stamps such as how long it might take you to finish it when you might start it during the week or day. Taking this step will help keep everything in perspective so as the week goes on you can keep tabs on progress, and it will make it easier to re-evaluate.

Another thing we might not think of doing is batch processing. It’s common in manufacturing because it’s often more efficient that way. Say you have several emails you need to send out, why not do them all one after the other. Why not do the same with phone calls or meetings if you can help it. Similar and straightforward tasks are more accessible to overcome this way.

Making sure to capture everything you need to get done, putting them in one place, labeling tasks with time attributes, batch processing, breaking down larger tasks and always re-evaluating as you move down your list will ensure greater success. Having a to-do list is one thing, but making sure it can work for you is the best thing.

The Rise of Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences


Paragon Biosciences is quickly becoming a well-known name in the pharmaceutical field. They have a record 13 FDA approved drugs on the market in only a decade’s worth of time. This much success is most commonly associated with much bigger companies. The rate of success only proves that they are here to stay and make it known that they mean business. This is a very good thing for us. Paragon Biosciences has the same fundamental values in its veins as the CEO and Chairman, Jeff Aronin. They value patients above anything else. It shows not only with the amazing success they have already had, but the success they are continuing to achieve. Paragon Biosciences is specializing in nervous system disorders, rare genetic diseases, dermatology and many more. Having multiple projects in the works, it won’t be long until we hear of a new breakthrough ( With the achievements that have already been met, the patients and industry can only wait to see what other groundbreaking development comes from Paragon Biosciences.

Knowing that medicine and healthcare was his chosen path, Jeff Aronin figured out his calling early into his career. Having more than 20 years in the medical industry, his drive to cure and comfort his patients is what got him to where he is now. After becoming an entrepreneur, Jeff Aronin not only has a passion for his patients, his knowledge and expertise in rare diseases are what make him an asset to the industry. Jeff Aronin won multiple awards for entrepreneurship and patient oriented work, his dedication and research for cures has not dwindled. He’s consistently striving to find the problems in healthcare and come up with a solution for them. His record breaking company is proof to his dedication and commitment to the industry. Being able to build and maintain the highest of standards is important for a company in any field. Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences has managed to not only maintain those standards, but exceed them in so many ways. We expect to see many more success stories from Jeff Aronin and his successful company, Paragon Biosciences.