Jay Z Throws A $113,000 Birthday Bash For OG Juan


During Presidents Day weekend OG Juan had one crazy birthday party. OG Juans great friend and Hip-Hop icon Jay Z threw OG Juan a birthday bash totaling around $113,000. OG Juan, his wife Desiree Perez, Jay Z and a small group of friends started the birthday bash at Midtown. Then had dinner at Zuma, a modern Japanese restaurant and then moved on to Made in Mexico, a popular restaurant nightclub and ended the night at the playroom nightclub. Were they were seen handing out bottles of Ace of Spades Gold Champagne and Ace of Spades Rose to other tables. At the Playroom Nightclub alone Jay Z racked up a tab of more than $19,000 on OG Perez’s 50th birthday.

In the early days of their friendship OG Juan helped Jay Z run studios. Then in 2003 they opened several lounges and sports bars all around New York city. The 40/40 club has opened five new locations over 11 years in Atlantic city, Brooklyn, Las Vegas and Atlanta. The popular 40/40 Club is a mix between a upscale and sports lounge.

In the hit “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” the 40/40 Clubs walls are lined with gold plated baseball bats. These gold plated bats were arranged on the walls to look like a sound wave. This made it perfectly clear that Jay Z and OG Juan are Music and Sports at their core.

OG Juan was born in Harlem and went to school on Manhattan’s upper west sides Brandeis High school. In 1996 he was introduced to Jay Z through founder of ROC-A-Fella records, Kareem Burke.

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Success of Mina Ebrahimi


Founding a catering business is a dream for many people. However, starting any small business requires a lot of hard work. Mina Ebrahimi immigrated to the United States when she was a child. Her parents taught her the value of hard work, and she quickly focused on starting a company. She began working in a bakery at the age of 11. During this time, she was able to learn various aspects of the baking business. She quickly learned how to cook multiple recipes and serve customers efficiently.

When she was 26, Mina founded Saint Germain Catering. The company offered a full range of catering options for customers.

Early Years

The first few years of running the business were tough. Not only were sales low, but Mina had to live on a strict budget and invest everything in her company. She worked long hours each day. Over time, she finally started earning a profit with the business.

Mina eventually had to hire employees to help her with the work. The company now employs 32 people, and it could hire more employees in the coming years. One of the reasons that Saint Germain Catering is successful is the company’s commitment to customer service. Early in the business, Mina focused on making customers happy over making a profit.

Personal Life

Mina has done a great job building a successful small business. Numerous people have asked for interviews related to her career success. She is always willing to sit down and discuss how she created a successful company.

Mina has also won numerous awards from various organizations. She is proud of her accomplishments so far, but she still has bigger dreams for her business. Mina also contributes a large percentage of her income to charity. She firmly believes that giving back to the community is essential for small business owners. Anyone who wants to operate a successful small business should listen to Mina’s advice.


Sightsavers collaborates with the Ugandan Government


Sir John and Lady Jean Wilson founded Sightsavers. The organisation helps the blind victims recover their sight as their name suggests. They prevent blindness among the neediest victims of blindness. Sightsavers have a team of optical doctors and surgeons dedicated to their cause. They treat other derelict tropical diseases like trachoma and river blindness. The organisation is dedicated to improving disability rights among the affected victims. They work hand-in-hand with governments and non-governmental organizations in finding the causes of blindness. Sightsavers also give vocational training to individuals majorly affected by disabilities. Recently, they launched a campaign in Uganda, working closely with the Ugandan Government in the project. The campaign involved initiating a program for the elderly above the age of 65.

The program offered free testing for the aged people. They specialized in treating eye disease and sight loss among the selected clientele. An advantage of this forum enabled the elderly get the services as they collected their pension from government offices. Where a person was found to have developed sight issues like cataracts and trachoma, they were engaged in immediate treatment. The campaign was launched at the end of May this year. Sightsavers worked with the ESP otherwise known as the Ugandan government’s Expanding Social Protection together with other developers. The age group was targeted as the surrounding communities neglected them. Also, they were the group that was likely to develop such issues as they age.

Funded by The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Trachoma Initiative, the campaign has proved to be successful. Under the UK’s Department for International Development in collaboration with the Sightsavers initiative for Community Health Program, the elderly got efficient services. The Ugandan country director, Johnson Ngorok, said that the Program had aided the elderly by a large margin as it has changed lives. The elderly can now work on their own as opposed to begging for their livelihoods. The campaign also eased the lives of the family members as they elderly became self-reliant. Since 2010, the ESP Program has been an umbrella organisation under the Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development.

The primal aim of the government was to reduce poverty in Karamoja region, which is supposedly the poorest are in Uganda. The head of the ESP campaign said that the organisation linkage with Sightsavers has aided in the country in reducing disability in the country. Also, the issuance of pension grants has spearheaded the fight against blindness-related diseases. Dr Astrid Bonfield, Chief Executive of The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, said the collaborations between the three parties has helped blindness become history.

Kamil Idris’ Insight Into The United States And China Trade Feud


Kamil Idris is a law expert and advocate for peace who regularly arbitrates international disputes presented at the Permanent Court. The Sudanese author and scholar has earned respect because of his global achievements and efforts especially towards protection of Intellectual Property (IP). IP refers to anything created by the mind like trade secrets and business names. He served as the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization for 11 years, a position he used to champion for protection of IP rights and to educate people on the importance of IP. Kamil has also written several journals and books on Intellectual Property.

According to Kamil Idris, IP is continuously shaping the patterns in which countries relate to each other. China and the United States trade relations have deteriorated because the latter blames China for the theft of Intellectual Property. China allegedly forces companies from other countries to circulate their technologies among Chinese firms in China prerequisite for being allowed to sell their services and goods in the country. Chinese manufacturers are also accused of counterfeiting products of favorite American brands and selling them in the international market at lower prices. This has caused many American businesses to close down and cost the American economy billions of dollars.

President Trump has disclosed that his government will impose massive taxes on Chinese exports to pressure the Asian country into enforcing strict IP regulations that will do away with IP theft. Some experts argue that this could escalate the trade tension between China and the United States but others like Kamil Idris believe that this is the right move in protecting American Intellectual Property. Kamil thinks that the move by Trump will solve the problem of IP violations even if it is at a gradual pace.

Kamil Idris points out that protecting IP allows creative individuals and innovators to benefit from their work. He requests everyone to join WIPO in the World Intellectual Property Day celebrations conducted on April 26th. Kamil Idris points out that this will encourage more innovations which improve life and boost economic growth. Nations will enjoy IP wealth when everyone understands the importance of Safeguarding IP.



Bob Reina juggled a few employments while finishing his coursework at the University of South Florida, and eventually graduating the top in police foundation class. While being a part-time associate in coordinate selling, he started using his desire and sweat to break through. His energy for marketing prompted to strikingly surrendering a steady paycheck. Friends and family called him insane, yet he had a distinct vision for progress. In a previous overview, Bob’ progress was the reason that Talk Fusion’s technology experts and marketing merged with his team.


He conveys knowledge and devotion. Bob Reina is the CEO and creator of the Talk Fusion. Besides his business ventures, Bob is a sharp humanitarian and a devout family man. He was able to recognize that business is a device for good and has contributed a considerable amount of his private time and money in helping others.


Talk Fusion is a creative tech and correspondences business. The approach that Talk Fusion uses is instead of imposing products on the market and taking as much advantage as possible within a short-term; they focus on their customers’ wants and needs. By collaborating with organizations and business people at public expos and gatherings globally, they have built up an instinctive comprehension of what organizations need to convey in the advanced age. That has prompted a consistent stream of advancement guiding Talk Fusion’s steady growth and standing out from the crowd. Learn more: https://twitter.com/bobreina


Bob Reina believes one can do a greater good when one tries and works with a significant number of persons. His work started in his community where he initially encountered the need to have a positive effect on the planet but has rapidly developed into a worldwide outreach program involving random travels. By getting away from the closed doors of a meeting room and seeing and encountering new places on the planet, he trusts that he can keep on making a distinction in a wide assortment of areas. With a one of a kind philosophy that puts charity and business on an equal balance, makes him among the country’s thought leaders with regards to seeing how huge firms can reach further its client base and do great on the planet.

TV Icon Ryan Seacrest


Ryan Seacrest is an award winning television actor. He is currently working as a host for the ABC network. His career has expanded since working for media companies years ago. Ryan’s passion has always been in the entertainment industry. He has made quite a name for himself as a famous TV actor. Seacrest has experience with radio stations nationwide also. He also worked with Broadcast TV in the beginning of his career. Another business venture he has done is sign endorsement contracts with famous corporations. When Ryan is not building his career; he works with youthful charity groups. Ryan has a passion to help the younger generation any way he can. Many fans look up to him as an inspiration and leader. American Idol host Ryan Seacrest continues to accomplish new goals in his career and personal life.

Ryan Seacrest is a talented actor and passionate philanthropist. Ryan has dedicated his time and money to youthful charities over the years. His charity group, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, has several centers set up in major cities. These centers are in hospitals and they help pediatric patients. Ryan is known for his big heart and he loves giving back to communities everywhere. He is a host for the new series called American Idol. His talk radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, has become popular in California. He has experience working as an executive producer on TV projects as well. Ryan has a fashion collection and skin care line that are sold exclusively. These popular collections are both sold in Macy stores nationwide. Seacrest is also apart of the Grammy Foundation as an honorary member. Ryan has worked in many areas of the entertainment industry. Watch shows of Ryan on ABC.

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David Mcdonald’s Contribution To Continued Prosperity Of OSI Group


For the past few years, OSI Group has embraced an expansion spree in an attempt to solidify its foothold on the global food and meat processing industry and distribution industry. The David McDonald led company hopes to achieve this through the rapid acquisition of related companies and setting up of ultra-modern processing facilities in the world’s strategic markets like China, Europe, and the Americas. To date, the company has successfully such food and meat companies with a nationalistic approach as Baho Foods and Tyson Foods.

David McDonald’s role in these acquisitions

David serves as the company’s president and Chief of Operations. His department is, therefore, critical in vetting prospective acquisitions and gauging the impact their addition to the OSI Group would have on the company’s overall operations. He is also in charge of understanding the market dynamics, instituting, and championing favorable policies that help further the company’s goals or go towards giving it an edge over the competition. OSI Group releases sustainability report.

Such policies include championing acquisitions and setting up of new facilities. His effectiveness as a leader manifests in the fact that during his tenure as the company president and COO, the company has already spread tentacles to Europe with the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group. David McDonald also takes credit for the expansion projects in Asia that include the construction of two poultry processing facilities in China.

David on expansion while keeping in touch with long-term partners

On numerous occasions, David McDonald has emphasized the importance of partnerships in this line of work. The food group president is also constantly reassuring the company’s long-standing partners of his commitment to maintaining and further strengthening their ties and alliances. He argues that the rapid expansion experienced by the company isn’t meant to tear them apart but draw them closer as they present a wider pool of opportunities.

More about David McDonald

David is an Animal Science graduate from Iowa State University. Before procuring the Presidents post at OSI Group, David served as the company’s project manager and a member of the Board. The president’s position comes with the added responsibilities of being the food group’s Chief of operations.

He is also the head of the company’s Australian subsidiary, OSI International Foods Pty Limited. He previously worked as the chairman for the North American meat institute as well as a director’s role at Marfrig Global Foods. David is particularly interested not just in the processing of the different food products lined up by OSI Group but also follows up on their production to guarantee maximum quality for the end consumer.

About OSI Group: interview.net/david-mcdonald-osi-group/

Peter Briger Big Business Giant


Peter Briger has a United States citizenship and dwells in New York in the northern parts of America. In 2013, an official from Wells Fargo, one of the greatest banks wild full, met at post venture gathering to examine on the most proficient method to make the principal directed trade of Bitcoins on the planet. In this gathering, Peter Briger discussed how Bitcoin innovation is a computerized gold and a relatively moment and less exorbitant approach to exchange cash everywhere throughout the world and how there was an inadequacy of an American based Bitcoin controlled trade and how the association with Wells Fargo would give this together.

Arrangements went about for a more broadened period and this gave Wall road a sufficient time to proceed with the moderate and long process which has seen them develop and build up the new innovation. In spite of the fact that this endeavors fizzled, Peter Briger says that wall streets determined wander into Bitcoins had quite recently started.

Stronghold organizations, over its private value subsidizes and credit stores have practical experience in resource-based contributing, and convey to manage huge involvement in putting comprehensively and profoundly in a different arrangement of advantage writes. Post’s mastery stretches out to evaluating, owning, financing and regulating the administration of physical and budgetary resources running from land and capital advantages for monetary resources secured by expanded long-haul money streams.

Stronghold has profound information of the businesses in which it contributes. Over the span of executing ventures and working portfolio organizations, Fortress Investment Group has built up a group of speculation experts with critical division particular aptitude and associations with driving organizations, foundations and people around the world.

A blessing from three graduated class Princeton—’86 Gordon Ritter, ’86 Peter Briger, and a third who wishes to stay unknown—has set up a pilot financing project to help late University graduated class business people and their new businesses. The AEF program will energize and empower inventiveness, hazard taking, development and thought age among their understudies and late graduated class. These graduated class business people will get budgetary help from the store, as well as chances to impart their encounters to current understudies as a component of our enterprise instruction program.

All through his vocation in back and speculations, Pete Briger has fabricated notoriety for being an exceedingly able pioneer, and a committed proficient. Besides his work with Fortress, Peter Briger had likewise upheld the Central Park Conservancy, among different associations.

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