DAMAC Owner Sajwani and Trump Handshake


Since Damac’s earnings momentum continues the chairman is also optimistic regarding the Dubai property market as it continues work on its own mega jobs along with a growing portfolio of hotels and serviced apartments, which currently make up approximately 30 percent of earnings. Sajwani is expecting the company to transcend the 2,800 units it’s calling for delivery this season since handovers at jobs such as Damac Hills and the 1bn Damac Towers from Paramount four-tower luxury resort and serviced homes growth is finished. The businessman has formed networks with prominent figures all over the world. Some of these include Trump. According to television news stations, Hussain Sajwani and Agent Orange have been business partners for a very long time. Go figure.

The Trump Organization additionally last year declared the development of luxury villas near Trump’s present golf club in Dubai.

President Trump also confessed Hussain Sajwani household presence and known to them as the very gorgeous people during his address in the New Years Eve in Mar-a- Lago resort in Florida. Mr. Sajwani, who previously collaborated with President Trump, perceives his rise to power as a boost for his property industry. Hussain Sajwani expects to boost his business relationships with President Donald Trump.

Hussain Sajwani is a booming small business owner who resides in Dubai Since the DAMAC proprietor, he’s got a massive responsibility to his or her company. They added that there wasn’t any company or formal talks between Trump and DAMAC Properties’ Hussain Sajwani.

Among the few people is a renowned Dubai-based businessman, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner. The association between DAMAC proprietor Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump isn’t restricted simply to a company one. It had been positioned to benefit from the opening of the housing market to overseas buyers, and DAMAC proprietor Hussain Sajwani watched this company chance for exactly what it was.

According to the Analyst of Finance, after modifications in Dubai’s real estate legislation, Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties in 2002. Its proprietor, Hussain Sajwani, has created a reputation for himself and his firm whilst also playing a part in Dubai’s built environment more than any other land development firm.

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Robert Ivy Builds Higher Recognition After Earning Noel Polk Award


There has never been an architect before Robert Ivy that has one the Noel Polk Lifetime Award, which was issued by the Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters. Starting in 2011, Robert Ivy started working at the American Institute of Architects as the company’s vice president and Chief Executive Officer.

His accomplishments at the company and promotion to company president have earned him nationwide recognition as a leading architect and influential businessman. The Noel Polk award is one that very few ever have the privilege of achieving. There have been some famous individuals that have won it in the past, including Morgan Freemon. This award is one of the highest when it comes to artists and their efforts throughout the community and to their field.

Robert is recognized for his hard work and expertise not only as an architect but also as an author and editor as well. Robert has received the praise of both the American Institute of Architects president and the president of Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters. Accord to Ivy, one of the biggest contributors to his achievements in the field at the position he maintains at AIA and the team he works with throughout the year. CEO of AIA, Robert commends his colleagues for their professional attitudes and talents that have allowed him to make the best use of his talents at the company.

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Robert Ivy didn’t join up with the American Institute of Architects until 2011. Previously, he worked at McGraw Hill as an editor in chief where his contributions directly lead to the company becoming known as one of the most famous journals all over the world. After earning the National Magazine aware, Ivy started building more opportunities for himself.

Throughout the organization’s history, none have been as successful as when Robert Ivy has been in direct leadership. Thanks to AIA’s efforts, people all over the world, especially Americans, are able to practice architecture and put their designs out into the world. Robert Ivy has extraordinary character as well and has even earned the title of Master Architect, an achievement only a handful of other architects have achieved throughout the past several decades.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Is A Plastic Surgeon With Both Expertise And Warmth


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of the nations top physicians and is based out of Dallas, Texas. He has built an exceptional reputation as a board certified plastic surgeon and his patient reviews are excellent. He belongs to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and his residency was completed at the University of Michigan Health Centers and Hospitals. His experience spans more than ten years leading to the trust of his community.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar provides treatments for general plastic surgery. His specialties include the repair and replacement of bone, tissues and skin. He is also skilled in reconstructive surgery for the hands and face and hair transplantation. He utilizes current technology such as 3D preview imaging. This enables patients to view how the potential changes will look prior to surgery. This involves a top of the line software program and simulator.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar helps his patients with common issues such as dark circles, fine lines and the loss of elasticity. He believes every patient should be treated as an individual and takes the time to learn about his patient’s current condition, health history and important goals. He can completely change the appearance of a patient or improve small imperfections. He ensures his patients are treated with dignity and respect while maintaining their privacy.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has affiliations with several Dallas hospitals. He has participated in collaborations and research with numerous medical professionals and written several prominent articles regarding plastic surgery. He is licensed in both Texas and Michigan and once practiced in New York. He currently belongs to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He has extensive training in the art of plastic surgery and considerable experience. His main focus is on the eyes, face, body, nose and breasts. His reputation has been attained due to his sensitivity and warmth.