Jim Toner Is A Well-Established Entrepreneur


Jim Toner is a well-established entrepreneur who has had success in real estate and is a passionate philanthropist. Toner now travels the country as a public speaker. He is highly sought-after in this regard and uses his experience to motivate others to achieve the goals that they have in mind. Toner is an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience. He counsels others on what he calls the 12 Little Houses plan. This is Toner’s method of putting together ideas and executing them to perfection.

Jim Toner is heavily involved in the community. He is a philanthropist who has done a great deal of work with military veterans. Toner is also heavily involved in issues regarding the homeless. He is a member of Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation. Toner is also an active participant in The Advisory Board Chair at the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Salvation Army.

Jim Toner‘s favorite phrase is “The Band of Rebels.” This is a term Toner uses to describe a group of business people that he put together. These individuals understand what it is like to take a business concept and build it from nothing into a real life organization. Toner respects those who have struggled to obtain what they have just as he did.

Jim Toner is a person who believes in physical fitness. He begins his day with a training routine in order to sync his mind and body together. Toner relishes the opportunity to challenge himself in the gym. He believes it gives him the mental fortitude to tackle the obstacles of every day.

Jim Toner continues to be involved in exciting projects such as his next book. He uses his radio show and podcast to reach large amounts of people. It gets his message across in a definitive way.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) does not procrastinate when he has made up his mind to move on an idea. Procrastination can kill an idea in stages. Some people simply talk themselves out of doing what they really want to do. Toner brainstorms an idea. Then he comes up with the recipe to make it into a reality. At this point it is all about execution.

Jim Toner has experienced financial setbacks. It does not deter him from making the next important decision. Toner is not afraid to take chances and does not let the prospect of losing money prevent him from pushing through trying circumstances. Visit Toner’s profile on Crunchbase.

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Ryan Seacrest & His Multi-Faceted Career


As many would agree, Ryan Seacrest is a big name in entertainment today. He is mostly known for his work as a host for popular television shows like “American Idol”. Nevertheless, others know him for being a radio broadcaster on the Los Angeles-based radio station, 98.7 FM. His career is very extensive and goes far beyond the surface of what most people know.

Ryan Seacrest started out hosting kids’ shows. Some of his earliest hosting assignments included “Gladiator 2000” in 1994, “Wild Animal Games” on the Fox Family Channel in 1995, and “Click” in 1997. One of the greatest things about his career is that there were moments when one opportunity led to another. For example, through his work on the show, “Click”, a new door opened for him to have an afternoon gig at the 98.7 FM radio station in Los Angeles. It is on this radio broadcast that he entertains a great number of listeners, many of whom are commuters in traffic looking forward to his show, “Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home”.

At the start of the new millennium, as per Men’s Journal, awesome doors began to open. It was the summer of 2002 that Ryan Seacrest’s legendary work on American Idol began. Although this exact type of show had been done before in other countries, it was a first in America and Ryan Seacrest was asked to lead it. Gladly, he took the opportunity and ran with it for many years, as it is now one of his most well-known appearances.

Now, Ryan Seacrest has expanded his career to include new areas that he is passionate about. He has joined as a host with Kelly Ripa on the Live with Kelly and Ryan show, which airs on weekday mornings. Yet, the latest expansion of his career includes the official red carpet announcement made by his appearance in a suit from his very own clothing line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which came out in 2014. Finally, he has also decided to give back to youth through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, where he supports students’ interests in entertainment within the realm of education.

Twitter: @RyanSeacrest

From this source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html

Steve Ritchie Knows What it Takes to Start from the Bottom


Steve Ritchie believes Papa John’s stands a chance if he can build the company from the ground up. While he does not plan to change the things people love most about the pizza chain, he’s going to make positive changes everyone can get behind so they can make the most out of the business. He wants to show people there are more chances for positive experiences with Papa John’s and he’s going to do what it takes to make these happen. He also knows there are ways he can restructure the company so the customers are the most important things. He is focused on the business and knows a lot about how to run a business like it. He also knows there are things he can do that will continue helping people see the best parts of the way the industry works.

Steve Ritchie knows a lot about starting from the bottom and working his way up. He started out as just an hourly employee at Papa John’s. He worked very hard as an hourly employee. Steve Ritchie remained dedicated and continued pushing to make himself the best he could be. The hard work he put in paid off when he was promoted. He was promoted again and again. He continued working through the ranks of the company over a period of 21 years. From the bottom, he built his way to the top. He is now the CEO of Papa John’s. He’s one of the only people in the world to start out as an hourly employee and work his way to the top as the CEO.

Steve Ritchie continues making good decisions. His experience in all the different roles at the company gave him the edge he needed to show people he could make things better for them at every level of the company. He wants people to see what he can do and how he can make the most out of the way he runs the business. If he stands a chance at doing things the right way, he’ll be able to continue pushing to make positive opportunities for everyone. See Steve’s open letter on Facebook.

Fortress Investment Group And The Deal With iPass


Fortress Investment Group, an investment management company from NY, recently worked out a $20 million worth partnering dealwith iPass. Was the agreement well accepted in the Fortress Investment Group?

The Brief History Of Fortress Investment Group

FIG was founded in 1998, by three gentlemen named Wesley R. Edens, Randal A. Nardone and Rob Kauffman. The company immediately started growing roots in the hedge fund sector, loans, and various real estate investments. More importantly, they worked very closely with Goldman Sacs.

The company snowballed, netting 39.7% in the time span of seven years (from 1999 to 2006.) They launched on the NYSE in 2007, becoming the first large private equity company to be traded publically. The company went through a rough time during the 2008 Financial Crisis but has managed to bounce back.

Moreover, in 2014 FIG was named “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” by the Institutional Investor. FIG went through major changes on its road to the success. Nevertheless, the firm went forward with each new decision, and with each new deal, they made.

In one 2016 report, it was calculated that the Fortress Investment Group was worth $70.2 billion. More importantly, it showed the four primary sources of revenues: credit (mostly loans), private equities, free markets and traditional asset management.

On Recent Deal With iPass

iPass is one of the leaders in providing global connectivity options. Their $20 million deal with Fortress Investment Group netted them %50 of the mentioned summa instantly. iPass CEO boasted about this deal, claiming that this injection will help improve their financial structure.

But the deal was also greeted in Fortress Investment Group. They have always been investing on a low term basis, seeking technological trends. The fact that the FIG invested in iPass means that the iPass will only improve their already impeccable services.

Remember, iPASS is a tech-oriented company, focused on delivering net services, WiFi services, and well as roaming opportunities. The company allows its users to freely connect to more than 64 million hotspots worldwide.

Thanks to the new financial injection, they plan to own 340 million hotspots on planet Earth before they enter 2019; now that’s a lot of hotspots!

Victoria Doramus – Conquering Addition: One Day At A Time


Victoria Doramus is a recovered addict, that has taken her personal experience and transformed it into a positive affect on those suffering with addition. Ms. Doramus has become renown for her blog and work with those suffering from addition. She uses her 15 year struggle as a way to empathize with patients; therefore, making fellow addicts more comfortable with communicating with her.

During Victoria Doramus’ transition she realized that it takes more than just attending a recovery facility; but also total commitment to the program and understanding that addiction is a disease. Prior to her last and final recovery facility, she noticed that previous programs did not help her understand that addiction is a disease and not a choice. Therefore, she fell back into addiction, because she did not have the proper tools to help her overcome the problem. By relying on her self to overcome the disease, she slipped further into addiction. Also check her profile on IMDB.

After her true recovery in Texas, Victoria Doramus believes in taking the 12 – step program further by introducing addiction education to patients. By understanding all aspects of the disease, patients can understand that commitment is just the beginning of recovery. Currently Victoria Doramus is seeking to open a half-way house in New York City for those suffering from addition. Her model will be a no nonsense approach, patients be personally responsible for their sobriety. In addition, she hopes to build on a peer accountability approach, were patients work together and support each other as they try to rebuild a better life.

Find out more: https://soundcloud.com/victoria-doramus

Bruno Fagali Is A Reliable And Reputable Lawyer


Need a powerful lawyer to advise or represent you? Looking for a lawyer who is committed to providing excellent guidance to clients? Perhaps you are thinking about contacting Bruno Fagali. View Bruno Fagali’s profile on linkedin.

If you are serious about getting a lawyer in Brazil, you need to consult Bruno Fagali. There are many law practitioners in Brazil but it is crucial to choose one that has been rendering top notch legal solutions to clients. People come from many parts of the country to get advice and guidance from Fagali.

Anyone who is dealing with a legal matter related to Administrative Law, Urban Law or Regulatory Law should consider getting in touch with Bruno Fagali. Bruno is also an expert in Ethics and Compliance and is well known for providing outstanding service to clients.

Bruno is a leading legal practitioner and he takes the time to look into his client’s situation before deciding how to resolve the matter. Numerous entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations turn to Bruno for effective legal representation. Bruno is highly reliable and he, has the expertise and resources to meet the needs of his clients.

A litigation process involves several steps and can be handled properly by a knowledgeable lawyer. Your case doesn’t have to end up in court. All parties involved in a dispute or other legal situation can decide to resolve the case even before it ends up in trial.

Depending on the urgency or complexity of the issues the client is dealing with, a lawyer can negotiate on his client’s behalf, fight for his client in court, and take a different approach to resolve the matter. Once you hire the services of an experienced attorney like Bruno Fagali, the professional will guide you throughout the legal process and ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome.

Learn more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/160652/cuidado-com-as-trocas-de-presentes-de-fim-de-ano-entre-sua-empresa-parceiros-e-fornecedores-alerta-fagali


Victoria Doramus gives Charity, Design, Fashion and Lifestyle a Creative Edge


Victoria Doramus specializes in giving creative solutions to market trends. She has successfully found answers to problems in marketing patterns especially in the areas of lifestyle, fashion and design. Her current focus is in finding solutions to marketing trends for charitable organizations that help and offer aid to the needy.

Victoria Doramus graduated with a BA in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2012 she attended London’s Sotheby’s Institute of Art and completed a course on the History of Fashion. Her first job was as assistant media planner at Mindshare where she created advertising plans. She later worked for many well-known creative advertising groups and on freelance advertising projects.

Currently, according to blogwebpedia.com, Victoria Doramus volunteers for many charitable institutions. Some of the charities that she helps include Room to Read that provides education and literacy in developing countries, the Amy Winehouse Foundation that helps patients with depression and addiction recover through music, the Women’s Prison Association that helps rebuild the lives of women who have served time in prison and the Best Friends Animal Society that helps get foster homes for animals in shelters.

Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) has provided a wide range of services to the charity sector. She uses her vast experience in designing creative marketing campaigns, advertising, management of media projects and marketing trend analysis to help the less fortunate. Victoria Doramus volunteers her time and efforts to make the media focus on the needy in addition to managing many freelance advertising projects in other sectors.

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Jim Toner the Guru in Real-Estate Investment


Jim Toner is a household name when it comes to real-estate investment in the United States. Through a direct approach to the management of the real-estate, Jim Toner has enabled helped investors to make a significant profit margin. His experience in the real-estate business has enabled Jim to publish several books offering an in-depth analysis of the how to navigate the murky waters of investment. Jim Toner is a man with many huts and one of them being a radio show host who main uses his platform to educate the investors on real-estate business. For several decades he has spent his time as a real-estate consultant helping the investors to earn good profits from the smart and effective investment in the sector. His several books have become a trademark for investors and other individuals who have developed an interest in knowing how the mawrket works.

Over the past 25 years, Jim Toner has helped thousands of investors to reap profits from the real-estate investment. This has been achieved through holding seminars, conferences and workshops on how to navigate in the terrain of this sector. One main objective of writing the book by Jim Toner is to educate the people on how to invest in real estate since he wants them to take opportunities found in this market. One of the main challenges of investing in this market of real-estate is information asymmetry making it difficult to know where to put money. Majority of the prospective investors have money and are willing to invest in real estate, but lack of information is the greatest hindrance.

According to Jim Toner, investing in the real-estate requires an investor to have the adequate information since failure to comprehend different aspects may lead to experiencing massive losses. Jim Toner himself despite being a professional consultant in the experienced real-estate loss when he invested without conducting a proper analysis. The unfortunate incident of 2010 led to Jim Toner quit investing in the real-estate due to the loss he incurred. However, after the loss of the investment, he learned valuable lessons on how to avoid experiencing the same fate again. One of the lessons that a prospective investor should learn from the misfortunes of Jim (@thejimtoner) is not to trust investment guru.

Contact: Jim Toner | Facebook

Reference: https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/jim-toner/478220/