The Boy Next Door


Ryan Seacrest is an American radio and television personality who began in the radio and television industry acquiring small hosting jobs on sport shows and radio broadcasts throughout the 1990’s. He received his big break with the onset of the popular television show “American Idol” in the early 2000‘s. Moreover, it is said that during the prime of his career, which was around 2009, he was considered one of the highest paid television host and radio personalities at the time. Ryan Seacrest remained a host on American idol until its final season in mid-2016. Outside of American Idol, Mr. Seacrest has explored other ventures such as a radio hosting for programs like “America top 40” and “KIIS morning show” which broadcasts in Los Angeles. As well as “On The Air with Ryan” which is broadcasted in New York. He has had a very successful career as a television and radio personality. In an article from the Hollywood Reporter, it says that his poise and charming personality made him the boy next door for years during each week that he was broadcast into the homes of millions of viewers who tuned in faithfully to the beloved show “American Idol”. Another show where America got to see Ryan’s all-around boy next door personality is “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. His personality shines through with comedy skits as well as real life topics. He has won an Emmy for his participation in production of “Oliver’s Food Revolutions” just to name one of his many accomplishments.

Radio show host Ryan Seacrest is also a devout philanthropist who has a nonprofit foundation called “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”. This organizations aims at education in the entertainment industry with a focus on today’s youth. He is working on building multi media centers in the hospitals of chronically ill children to bring them uplifting content during their hospital stay. With 9 centers at children’s healthcare facilities already up and running in the Atlanta are, there are plans for more underway. His boy next door image is not just one that is portrayed for viewers on TV but a role he has taken to heart and seriously in life. His work in the community has brought smiles to many young faces and his plan is to keep doing such in the future.

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ichel Terpin and his Passion Towards Sports


MMichel Terpin was born in 1979 in Sao Paulo, and his successful brother in the field of racing played a significant part in helping him shape his today`s successful career. The renowned rally driver is ranked among the most influential and successful rally drivers in the world. His father, who was a famous basketball player also served a great deal in inspiring him into his career. Michel has continued to impress people through his excellent skills in racing, besides perfecting his skills in the latter through learning from his older brother Rodrigo Terpin.


The duo has participated in many competitive races through which he has earned prestigious titles. He continues to gain inspiration in his career from the accreditation that he received from people concerning his notable successes. Michel drives a T-rex, and he recently took part in the 22nd Sertões Rally. Together with his brother, the two attained the seventh position in the prestigious rally, and though they have always emerged winners, he termed the experience as challenging due to the harsh terrains, that were unexpected. Rodrigo Terpins has continued to perfect his skills in the field of racing, and his ability to work closely with his elder brother has also served a great deal in helping him improve his skills. You can visit



Though car racing is termed one of the most challenging and dangerous sports in the world, Rodrigo Terpins has not been shaken, and he continues to gain more passion towards the games. He is not afraid to take risks, and he believes that his positivism is the primary reason behind his notable successes. He started his career in 2002, and he was passionate about motorcycles before later changing to cars after registering at the Prestigious Sertoes Rally. At first, he served as a navigator for his elder brother before then branching out on his own to make his career better. He has participated in numerous car races and being a go-getter, he has always emerged a victorious one. Besides focusing on his career, he has striven to encourage other people to follow their passion and adopt the best strategies to ensure that they achieve their goals.


Charlamagne Tha God honest Review Of Eminem’s New Album Kamikaze



Charlamagne Tha God, one-third of the syndicated morning radio show, The Breakfast Club, the host of two MTV shows and author of the best-selling book Black privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create it; on Friday, August 31st, 2018 gave his opinion of rapper Eminem latest offering Kamikaze.


Charlemagne’s starts out by saying that in his eyes, Eminem’s last album Revival was “wack” and that it relieved him to see Eminem release a new work. In fact, he says Kamikaze was a “dope” album. This is although on two songs from the album Eminem comes after Charlemagne.


Now Charlemagne is not one to back away from controversy, may have started a new one with his comments to Esquire magazine about the album later the same day. In the piece, he gives his opinion about the use of a homophobic slur describing Tyler the rapper. Charlemagne is quoted as saying “that everyone is entitled to freedom of speech; however, everyone is free to feel offended.” With that, Charlamagne explains that although he grew up with the homophobic word being used in everyday conversation and was not himself offended, he knew Eminem was not only taking on Tyler the Creator but members of the LGBTQ community as well. He wanted to see how members of the LGBTQ community who like hip-hop respond to Eminem for his use of the slur but opines that Eminem does not care about what people think about him. Find Related Information Here.


Charlemagne both on air and in the Esquire interview, says he appreciates Eminem going after the current President of the United States and the current political environment. He believes Eminem’s political statements on this album are more “organic” compared to ones made last year. Charlemagne gives Kamikaze an overall good review and though he has never been an Eminem fan, Charlamagne Tha God acknowledges Eminem as one of rap music’s greatest lyricists. He describes him as a living rap legend, a rap god and an icon; with Kamikaze strengthening the position.