Rebel Wilson Fights Her Way To Comedic Stardom


 From Shyness to Acting Classes

Like most stars that make it to the top, the “overnight” rise to fame meandered thru ups and downs, setbacks and new twists and turns in the road to Hollywood.

Rebel Wilson has won the hearts of millions of her fans throughout the world with her infectious smile and brilliant and confident humor.

It was this unique combination of being able to be a funny while down to earth, accepting setbacks while keep moving forward, seeing the bright side in the midst of those who worked against her journey into the spotlight, that made her the well-loved person she has become to the worldwide fans who follow her. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

Keeping an Eye on the Road Ahead

Today many in the world who see her successes, her flights to highly sought after resorts, being able to pick the movies she is part of, as a quick road to success. That would be an underestimate since Rebel Wilson’ road to success had plenty of cancelled shows and people who doubted her talent.

Also, her personal life had heartbreaks and a broken relationship. Rebel Wilson didn’t allow those temporary defeats to take her spirit away. She simply redoubled her efforts and marched forward with her heart set on what she wanted to accomplish with her life. Her Aussie spirit kept her afloat thru the ups and downs.

With Peers Comes Pressure

Rebel Wilson was born in Sydney on the Western Side of Australia. She had several siblings she grew up with: Liberty, Annachi, and Ryot. Both her parents were do-lovers, especially, they loved breading beagles.

Rebel Wilson worked hard against her shyness and helped her parents at the dog-shows she attended with them, sometimes showing the beagles. Rebel Wilson had to be coaxed into attending acting classes by her Mum, who otherwise would have preferred staying in the car.

Her First Acting Class

Her Mother seeing her daughters need to express the talent that lay deep inside of her, simply left her at acting classes and drove off for two hours, until class was over. Rebel Wilson says her family didn’t see her talent as being funny at all.

Her family sees themselves as funnier than Rebel Wilson, but it was Rebel who ultimately landed before producers and actors in Hollywood as a professional comedian. Though Rebel Wilson had the talent inside her self she realizes now how her Mother played an instrumental role in getting the spark of talent ignited at an early age.

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An insight on Ashley Lightspeed’s career and recent business moves


Lightspeed Venture Partners is a prosperous venture capital firm based in San Francisco that specializes in making early investments in technology and consumer service. Currently, Ashley Lightspeed who joined the firm in 2018 is its crown jewel. She is an expert with a wealth of experience in the media and technology sectors. She has built her career on understanding how media technologies shape social, cultural, and political environments.

Uniquely blended educational background

This Lightspeed Venture Partners employee boasts of a uniquely blended educational background. She pursued an undergraduate program in Visual and Media Studies at Duke University. As a result of this program, Ashley gained a deep understanding of advertising, photography, television, video, and film and their role in shaping society. She would later come to pursue an MBA at Stanford University which opened the doors for her to join the executives in the business sector. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Investing the digital media

Ashley Lightspeed is a big advocate for investing in digital media technology. For quite a while now she has been urging investors to take an interest in this sector as it holds the potential for lucrative return in the future. She pointed out that there are numerous revenue streams available for the digital media platform as evidence of its enormous potential.

According to Ashley Lightspeed, the subscription model is one of the major revenue streams for digital media sectors. She stated that, through a subscription-based service, a digital media platform is guaranteed income in the foreseeable future. Digital media platforms that have well executed this concept are Netflix and The New York Times. Ashley Lightspeed added that revenue could also come from commerce – selling products to the platform’s audience, advertising, and experiences. In experiences, the digital media platform can sell an experience as millennials are more willing to spend on experiences.

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Oren Frank and His Research on Social Media Addiction


There is a funny joke that has been trending online that people nowadays will wake up in the morning, check who loves them online, before even confirming that they can speak. This is not just a joke but also a reality. We have been absorbed by social media that our daily lives will revolve around it. It is also surprising that the number of likes on your social media page will even alter ones self-esteem. This is quite surprising. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and snapchat have become the rule of the day, especially among our youth. If you do not have an internet connection, then you are doomed because you will not be up to date with the current trends. Oren Frank proves to us that social media has been a cause of mental instability and anxiety among many.

Oren Franks research shows that most social media platforms are just money making models and advertisements sites. Even though the idea of these companies is theoretically connecting people and creating the thought of being social, it is all a business venture. Every product in this field is set to make the user come back to the site more and more resulting in some sort of addiction just like the tobacco addiction. Read more on Wikipedia.

Oren Frank says that the industry is entailed with business ideas and technological advancements to a certain extent that will help the platforms market themselves in ways that are irresistible. These platforms will give the user a conviction to use the internet over and over.

He, therefore, wants to try and help the current generation in combating the addiction to social media by just giving a few solutions that may be handy. In his website, he helps the users overcome such problems by updating articles that will assist in getting rid of this drug that is social media.

Oren Frank is a family man who is currently situated at New York where he runs his company, talkspace. He studied at the Leicester Polytechnic and later on ventured to the marketing and advertising world. With all those gained skills, he was convicted to come up with a company.