The Work of Sergey Petrossov


Over the last decade, Sergey Petrossov has built a reputation as an innovator. He is the CEO and Founder of JetSmarter the world’s largest private air travel and lifestyle group in the world. His work and overall talent have already been recognized on several occasions. Petrossov has made Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology list. He has also been named South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel. Petrossov’s work has made an impact on people all over the world.

Sergey Petrossov’s impressive resume started before his work with JetSmarter. Be began his career by starting two different IT projects that have made an impact across the world. One of those projects was an online chat system designed for customer service websites. The other project was a long distance program designed to help Russian-speaking educational institutions. Petrossov’s career also includes spending time serving as an advisor for a jet operator in Florida that contains the world’s largest on-demand Gulfstream charter fleet.

The idea for JetSmarter was birthed out of Sergey Petrossov’s own experience. While flying private for the first time in his life, Petrossov noticed there were many challenges facing the normal approach to booking charter flights. The booking process for these flights was burdensome but Petrossov believed that technology could be the key to fixing this system. In just a short time his company JetSmarter was born.

JetSmarter soon turned it’s attention to developing a mobile application. In March of 2013, the official app was launched. Today this application is responsible for serving some of the most successful companies in the world which include NASA, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, and BMW. Through Petrossov’s hard work the company has become a world-renowned innovator.

All Natural for Your Benefit; EOS Lip Balm Review


EOS, short for Evolution of Smooth, is a global company that provides 100% natural skin care products like their popular lip balm, which is designed to ensure that you have happy, healthy lips around the clock. EOS Lip Balms has created unique formulas using only all natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and olive oil to make the best lip balm to suit your needs, and the lack of harmful chemicals and ingredients like parabens, SLS, and GMOs means it’s completely safe! All formulas are thoroughly tested with supervision from a real dermatologist, ensuring that EOS Lip Balms products are a smooth, healthy option for you. And of course the flavors and fragrances are beautiful, which isn’t surprising as they are also totally natural and chemical free. The company is completely transparent about their products; you can find all the information you need to know about them right on their website

Sharon Prince of Lauds the Sterling Ideals of Celebrated Artist, Carrie Mae


It was a momentous event. An epic performance by one of the world’s and America’s great artists, Carrie Mae. From the outset, it was evident that Carrie Mae was well aware of her place in space. Yes, hers is a graceful story aimed at occupying space in history. As expected, Carrie Mae did not disappoint.

The name of the play was significant: ‘Past Tense.’ Intriguing. Captivating. Tantalizing. The venue of performance was equally significant: the Grace Farm Foundation. The two great causes have plenty in common; Service to humanity and humanism. The fight against violence, human rights abuses, injustice, inequalities, inhuman systems. Present to welcome the renowned theatre queen was Sharon Prince herself, the Founding President of the Grace Foundation.

It promised to be a great event. It came to pass as one. The storyline was disarmingly simple; a protest against racism, division, injustice; all mirrored in the unflattering American tradition. Much of this, evidently, was visited on the innocent young Americans of the Black race. As usual, throughout the performance, was Carrie Mae’s voice; powerful, elegant, compelling, and unapologetic. Around her was a talented cast, a star-studded constellation of actors who were in no mood to disappoint. They beautifully complemented Carrie Mae’s talent, resulting in an unforgettable, epic experience.

The tools of the trade for actors were simple: words, texts, and images. Carrie Mae played the role of the famed Greek hero Antigone. In the end, the thrilling classical had the power to transport the audience back to humanity’s bloody violent past and fast-forward to the present, a precipice of virtual human extinction. At the end of the riveting play, Carrie Mae, in typical fashion, dares to leave space for hope, amidst the blood, pain, and callousness that are the hallmarks of human history.

Sharon Prince, the veteran President and Founder of the Grace Farm Foundation, received Carrie Mae and spoke glowingly of her role, goals, and performance. She reiterated that both entities shared similar ideals. The foundation, established in 2009, seeks to enhance lives by impacting on nature, justice, faith, and community. Through this Foundation, Ms. Prince has fought child exploitation, violence against women, and human trafficking.

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