21st Century Food Solutions Via OSI Group


OSI Group has reached the pinnacle of the food industry, and it has been striving for greatness ever since its birth back in 1909. The amount of high quality foods that this food provider produces in astounding, and the foods cover all of the major food groups. OSI Group was known as Otto’s Meat Market in the early days. Of course, the title comes from the name of its owner Otto Kolschowski. This German-immigrant played a key role in Chicago’s economic expansion along with other German-immigrants.

During those days, Chicago was known as the “City of Broad Shoulders.” OSI really became a huge success when the company finally went into a food wholesaler. OSI Group is very large in size as it basically consists of test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary innovation centers. In total, the company has up to 65 workingfacilities. Yes, this is 100 percent accurate, and the facilities are located all around the globe. OSI has also played a huge role China’s success. This nation has benefited directly from OSI Group because this famous food provider has up to 10 facilities here. OSI is the leading processor of pork in China today, and the company has conducted business here for over 20 years.

Joint ventures have also moved OSI up the food chain. Farms, warehouses and food processing plants play a key role in the company’s efficiency. This means that OSI’s clients can receive their foods much faster than the norm. Over 20,000 individuals work for OSI Group today, and these individuals earn a great living. Working conditions are fair, and there are opportunities for promotions on a regular basis. OSI has certainly laid a blueprint of success, but who knows exactly what this leading food supplier will have in store in the years to come.

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