A Quick Review Of How NewsWatch TV Has Boosted The Profits Of Business


Visibility is a very key aspect of any upcoming business especially when introducing new products into the market. If a business doesn’t create awareness of their new releases, then their profits are doomed to be stagnant. One the major friends of upcoming businesses in making their products known is the NewsWatch TV which takes pride in helping various companies and organizations achieve their success.

NewsWatch TV started broadcasting in 1990 but by then it was airing a monthly program which was focusing on various financial issues. Later in the same year, it expanded its scope where it became more of a TV news magazine that covered various topics that were affecting the public. Now it has become a consumer and an entertainment show that specifically features editorial and marketing segment where different companies have used this segment to promote their brands and products.

The hosts of the show at NewsWatch are usually Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle ISon. The paid segment usually runs for only 1-2 minutes but the impact is such huge compared to the time of airing. The promo of the company brand runs after one of the hosts introduces the individual stories and some consumer-oriented product or service reviews. The show focuses on technology reports, new applications in the AppWatch and even various celebrities.

Various organizations like Avanca wanted to raise $10,000 in 30 days and after involving NewsWatch TV, the result was incredible where they raised 29 times more funds than they wanted, they ended up raising $456,551. SteelSeries wanted to promote its headphones and various gaming controllers which they had produced and after involving NewsWatch its market spread all over the US and more than 95 million households used their products.

Saygus also is proud to have worked with NewsWatch because when they released a new line of smartphones, they helped them advertise and market their product. They raised $300,000 more than their target of $1.3 million. Promote your products today with NewsWatch TV and drive your sales.


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