An inside look at Fortress’s co-chairman, Peter Briger


Peter Briger is a name that echoes loudly in most finance boardrooms thanks to his prowess in underrated credit investments as well as distressed debts. Currently a principal and co-chairman of Fortress’s board of directors, it is surprising to know that Peter Briger started as a management committee member when he joined the company in 2002.

However, his unique skills soon saw him get promoted to the position he holds now, that is overseeing Fortress’s credit and real estate departments. Peter Briger stands out from most influential individuals in finance thanks to his ability to take risks. For instance, Peter invests in what most people refer to as bad debts, revamps them and then keeps them until the market is in good shape then resells them at a profitable price. When Peter was made the manager, he started with a small team of employees but today thanks to his impressive set skills, he has successfully expanded it to over 300 staff members.

Peter’s presence at Fortress Investment Group has brought nothing but success to the company. Ever since he first joined the company, Peter Briger has contributed significantly to Fortress’s success. It is, however, no surprise considering he spent over a decade at Goldman Sach’s dealing with distressed debts and undervalued assets. Peter was also instrumental to the success of Goldman Sachs as he joined the company during its early years and by the time he left, he and another colleague had turned its fortunes around as it is still considered one of the most successful companies in credit. While at Goldman, Peter Briger served various committees as well such as the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business. View his website at

His unrivaled skills in this area of finance have also seen him reap massive rewards as he now ranks 407 on Forbes with a net worth of over $2.3 billion.

Peter’s background

Apart from his impressive career resume, Peter Briger also boasts an incredible academic background. He attended the University of Penn’s business school and Princeton from which he holds an MBA and a BA respectively.

Peter understands that a little help can go a long way in changing someone’s life which is why together with two likeminded individuals who like him are also alumni of Princeton they established an alumni fund to support graduates with great business ideas make them a reality.

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