Beneful for Your Best Friend Straight From Walmart


Walmart currently carries over 100 items under the name brand Beneful. Products range from $1.77, for a 10oz plastic tub of wet food, to $33.98, for a 40lb bag of dry food. The online store does offer bulk purchasing options. Here are a few of the variations of Beneful dog food you can find at Walmart!

  • Healthy Weight: Offering your pet a healthy dry food made from real chicken. 3.5lb bag priced as low as $5.48.
  • Prepared Meals: Packaged in individual servings, these meals inclue 100% chicken or beef along with real vegetables. Individual meals priced as low as $1.77.
  • Grain Free: Being conscious of what is in your dog’s food is important! This grain free option claims farm-raised chicken along side other fresh ingredients. 3.5lb bag priced at $5.48, wet food variation available.

Stop by Walmart and pick up some Beneful commercial for your pet!


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