Betsy DeVos Is Looking To Change The Minds Of Americans Who Are Stuck In The Past


Betsy DeVos is a Michigan-based entrepreneur who has been working to change the minds of people stuck in the ways of the past for many years. It has been her intention to get rid of the mindset that believes that students in the United States must attend a school based solely on the location of their home. She feels this is a very limited way of looking at educational possibilities and has been advocating for educational freedom for Americans for most of her adult life.


Betsy DeVos hopes that more people will wake up to the fact that we live in a digital world. With the rise of the internet, there are now many new educational possibilities. One of these is that young students don’t need to show up to a specific school building to receive an education. DeVos commented in a recent interview that digital learning as well as blended learning provide new opportunities for young students who pick up technology rather quickly. She believes it would be silly for the American educational system to not embrace digital learning so it can reach more students.


Betsy DeVos is also an advocate for homeschooling, which she feels is a completely valid educational option for many people today. While it used to be that mainly rural kids were homeschooled, there are now many urban families who are opting to do so. The reason is that parents are getting tired of having their power taken away by rules that force their kids to attend a failing school. DeVos is also a proponent of charter and private schools. She has been fighting to change laws so they allow for tax credits and vouchers, which can help to pay the tuition costs into these kinds of schools.


While some people believe that charter schools are the complete answer to the educational woes that the United States is facing, Betsy DeVos has pointed out that these schools are difficult to get started and that they take a lot of resources to operate. She does believe that they are a better option than many of today’s public schools, but she also hopes that people will take a closer look at private schools. DeVos has supported private schools through donations from the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. In fact, her charitable organization donated over $7 million to the educational sector in 2015, and some of that money went to private schools in need.


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