Betsy DeVos Prepares For Slugfest Over Education Reform


While the era of Donald Trump has ushered in the ‘resistance’ movement, there is a counter-movement growing from within the conservative party, itself. Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education for the United States government. She was brought on board by prominent members of the GOP before getting the stamp of approval from President Donald Trump himself. Nominally a conservative, Betsy DeVos holds other traits closer to her heart. DeVos was born into a family of stout reformers, and she was raised to believe in that concept. Knowing that her life was meant to be dedicated toward an important cause, Betsy DeVos has spent the better part of the last thirty years trying to change the education world. Now, DeVos has her chance.


Betsy DeVos could not have excelled in any other economic climate. With little political experience at her back, she would have been more than a long shot candidate for the Department of Education. Still, DeVos showcased something more important than a political resume. DeVos showcased her passion to change the world. For three decades, Betsy DeVos has been the not-so-hidden force behind the school choice movement. School choice was once considered a true outsider position in the conservative party. School choice is a concept that revolves around pushing federal tax dollars toward supporting privately owned educational facilities, such as religious schools and charter schools. While school choice hasn’t hit its stride at a national level, that is through no fault of Betsy DeVos.


DeVos has spent the majority of her adult life working with various party organizations, campaigns, and political action committees. All of her efforts have been directed toward ushering in a new era of education. With DeVos at the helm, school choice facilities have spread to 17 states, plus the District of Columbia, and more than 33 institutions. At her last count, almost a quarter of a million students were enrolled in a privately owned, publicly funded institution. All of that progress that DeVos made was while she was operating as a private citizen. Now, Betsy DeVos has the most powerful political party in the world at her back. There is no telling where DeVos can go from here!


While Betsy DeVos has made tangible progress, her work hasn’t been without its stumbles. President Trump famously declared his intent to rescind federal policies that were put in place in order to protect transgendered students. While President Trump had the support of his conservative base, DeVos was staunchly against President Trump’s decision. Despite her private please, Betsy DeVos was unable to change Trump’s mind. While this disagreement may seem small in the grand scheme of things, it still showcased DeVos’s integrity. Despite being a conservative, DeVos was just as concerned for her left-leaning students.


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