Cassio Audi a 1980s Brazilian Musical Idol


Nowadays, Cassio Audi is known in Brazil as a successful businessman and entrepreneur but there is more to the story. Audi, as a young teen growing up in Brazil, formed a band with a few of his classmates including the Passarell brothers. The band called themselves Viper and they were nearly solely responsible for bringing heavy metal music to Brazil.Cassio was just a teenage boy in 1985 when he and four classmates floated around the idea of forming a band. The boys had already been spending a number of evenings together jamming out in Audi’s garage and so the idea was a logical next step.

At the time, heavy metal from England was heavily popular in most parts of the world and a personal favorite of the teen. As Audi as the drummer, Viper was founded in 1985 and was heavily influenced by Iron Maiden.The group made an early decision that they would write and sing their lyrics in English, which seemed like a foolish decision at first. Once they recorded their first dmo album, Killera Sword, it was soon discovered that the listeners could not tell that English was the group’s second language.

Viper, with Cassio Audi’s talented drumming, immediately became a local hit. They played in sold out shows in Brazil and South America initially. Once they released their first studio, Soldiers of Sunrise, in 1987 the group completed a tour of Europe. In 1989, they released their second album entitled Theatre of Fate. This album went to the top of the Brazilian charts and soon after, Audio left the band to attend university. Cassio Audi is a musical icon in Brazil o this day.

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