Cassio Audi Started His Career Off Right


While some people may know Cassio Audi for other things, the most dedicated Brazillian metal fans know him as one of the leads of Viper. He worked hard with that group and tried to put out as many songs as possible in the short time that the band was together. He did everything that he could to make things easier for people to listen to the music and always made sure that he was doing what he could to help people have a better understanding of what he was trying to communicate through the music that he was working on.

One of the things that helped Cassio Audi to stand apart from other musicians at that time was the fact that he was doing everything that he could to make Brazillian metal a more popular option. He was not as interested in metal as a whole but was more interested in helping his fellow metal heads get the music that they wanted in Brazil. It was something that set him apart and the band, Viper, apart from the other bands that were playing similar music in different areas of the world. It helped him to have a more successful musical career.

While Cassio Audi and Viper were mostly based out of Brazil, they did begin to do an international tour. This came at a time when the band was ready to stop playing music together but it was something that, essentially, made them international artists. Cassio Audi wanted to continue making music and still plays casually. The other musicians in the band have gone on to other bands and have practiced their music in a variety of different ways. Most of the members have not stayed in touch because of different things but they all remain on good terms with each other.

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