Bob Reina’s Newest Article On Martech About Video Marketing In 2017


The founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, published an article on MarTech Advisor, talking about the latest video advertising techniques of 2017. He wrote the article at the request of the chief marketing officer MarTech Advisor. The article delves deep into the most powerful and famous video advertising trends of 2016. Bob talks about the roles each of the styles played and the benefits that they brought to each enterprise. Bob Reina stated that he was happy to share his insights with MarTech subscribers. He explained that sharing the article would help people understand the importance and urgency of adopting video marketing strategies in 2017.


In 2004, Bob Reina developed Video Email to provide businesses with an online video platform for communication and commercialization. The video’s presence in the market for a couple of years has helped companies in private and public and small and large levels to expand their customer base and increase their profitability. Bob Rein started Talk Fusion in 2007 to launch continuous video marketing solutions. The CEO develops new applications based on actual data collected in respective fields. He presents the development team with emerging consumer trends, market analysis, and the video’s growth popularity. Bob considers the firm’s All-In-One Video application the most powerful and valuable tool for marketers and professional sales people.


Bob Reina is a routine MarTech writer who pitches tips and advises to marketing professionals subscribed to the channel. He started writing for MarTech in May 2016, and gained fame on the platform with his first piece, “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits.” Reina enjoys writing for the journal and is excited to grow the number of people using video marketing solutions in 2017 and the forthcoming years. Bob also writes for The Huffington Post regarding the same topic. The latest article, titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” is anticipated to reach all of the 1.1 million MarTech readers after the chief executive officer of MarTech shared it. Apart from innovating video solutions, Bob Reina actively gives back to the society, family, and friends through Talk Fusion.


Jose Borghi’s Take on the Recent Advertisement Market Shifts


In the world we are living in today, there is no denying that media is a fundamental element in our daily lives. Since its creation in early 20th century, media has evolved from mass media- radio and TV to social media in the 21st century. One of the undisputed components of media is advertising and propaganda. As media evolves, the advertising industry is revolutionized. Today, advertisers are conveying information to their target groups in an easier, efficient, and cost-effective way, thanks to the online platforms.

If there is someone who understands this advertising revolution story, then it is Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brazil, an advertising veteran. According to Borghi, the online advertisement platform received investments to the tune of R $10 Billion in 2016. He further said that mobile service providers have redefined advertisements by establishing digital marketing services. In the wake of these developments, Borghi admits that veteran ad companies have no option than to strategize on how they will compete with the new market players.

In 2016, Brazil was hit by inflation with the national GDP dropping by 3 percent. The ripple effects of inflation are felt most in the marketing industry since the industry largely depends on the purchase of commodities. Jose Borghi argues that at times of economic instability, Brazilian ad agencies ought to come up with strategies that will help brands to survive the hard times. According to him, advertising is not all about presenting products to customers but also collaborating with producers to plan against any possible failures. In the recent times, many businesses are embracing e-commerce form of business. In respect to this, Jose Borghi challenges the ad agencies in Brazil to become innovative or risk being swept out from the market.

Jose Borghi is a man who walks his talk. At his ad agency, Mullen Lowe Brazil, he leads a team of talented people from across the world. The team comprises of experts in fields, such as PR, mobile marketing, planning, direct marketing and digital creation. With a team like that, the firm is more than ready to compete at the highest levels and to evolve with the evolving world. for more.

In The World Of A Leading Ad Man.


In the cutthroat world of advertising, a few men have been able to make a noteworthy place for themselves. One such man is Jose Borghi. Borghi is currently the CEO and president of Mullen Lowe, one of Brazil’s leading advertising and marketing agencies.Jose has been instrumental in some of Brazil’s top ad campaigns. One of his most famous commercials is an ad for Mammals Parmalat. The ad, spreading the message of wildlife conservation consisted of a thirty-second tvc where children walked around, dressed as stuffed animals. The ad instantly found a way into the hearts of the people of Brazil and to date remains one of the most memorable ads on Brazilian television.

Jose started off his career working as a copywriter for Ogilvy Brazil soon after graduating from the Pontifical University of Campinas with a degree in advertising. Through hard work, dedication and creativity, he made it up the ranks of Leo Burnett where he then took over as CEO. During his time at Leo Burnett, he was the creator of numerous widely recognized ads, one of which won him the award for ‘Ad Of The Year’ in 2001.Due to his previous success and numerous clients, Jose decided to open up his own advertising firm BorghiErh. The company soon landed big clients and contracts including Delta Airlines and American Express.

Starting the company from scratch and with no funding, Jose relied on hard work rather than luck or fate to carve a name for himself in the advertising industry. He is known as one of Brazil’s most revered ad gurus.To take the company to new global heights, Jose later merged with Mullen Lowe to expand the company’s reach and to provide his advertising expertise to a global base of clientele. Currently, Mullen Lowe has its offices in over sixty different countries all over the world.