Taylor Swift forces a change in Apple streaming policy


Taylor Swift has continued her battle against music streaming services to the might of the Apple corporation in a battle over royalties paid by the company during a free trial period. Swift had threatened to remove her 1989 album from the soon to launch Apple Music streaming service in a bid to highlight the issue of musicians and others in the music industry not being paid royalties during a three month free trial period offered by the company. After Swift made her problems with the offer known to Apple the company quickly backed down and removed the non payment part of their agreement with artists during the free trial period, the BBC reports.

In recent times, Swift has been very outspoken about what she feels is the low payments offered to artists by streaming services and in particular Spotify. Swift removed her entire back catalog from Spotify and prompted the streaming service to publish details of their payments to artists in response to her complaints reports Shaygan Kheradpir. Apple executive Eddy Cue announced Apple had planned to offer a higher royalty rate to artists in response to offering their work for free via the streaming service and stated the higher royalty rate would remain despite the change to the artists agreement.