Wen by Chaz Gets a Thorough Seven Day Test by Emily McClure


Emily McClure is a beauty and fashion blogger with an avid interest in advertised claims of product within her realm. It was natural that McClure would be enthralled by claims being made by Wen by Chaz Dean (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html) about their new all-purpose, does everything shampoo.

McClure is a writer who has thin, hard to control hair and the nearly magical claims by Wen could not be passed up. McClure offered to her readers an entire week’s experience with the product. Her trial started the day she returned from a weekend out of town and the picture, this “before” picture was something that most normal people wouldn’t have the courage to let others see. Good for McClure. She bravely issued the picture and gave us pictures from the next seven days as she experienced the claims of the product.
Her detailed study is evidence of the newest advertising form; the personal review. Now that many purchases are made on-line on Amazon, buyers can read the reviews of what other consumers are saying about the products for sale. No longer is a simple, strong brand recognition a reason to buy an item. Reviews made by ordinary people are answering the questions we all have about advertised products.
McClure tested the product, Wen by Chaz, for an entire week and offered the story and the photos to punctuate her intense, in-depth work. After the seventh day, McClure looked radiant and was complimented by many of her compatriots. Her final decision was that the product did seem to do as it advertised and she would continue using it. Read the entire article in Bustle here: Your text to link…
Visit the Wen YouTube channel for additional information.

Express You Inner Personality with Lime Crime


Makeup is art. At least it is for me. Wearing makeup helps me express myself. It gives the world a glimpse into who I am.

Some people wear makeup to cover up an uneven skin tone, or to hide imperfections. Others wear makeup to give pale skin more color. I may wear makeup for these things too, yet I also tend to wear makeup as a form of expression.

I wear bright colors when I am in a good mood. I wear darker colors when I am feeling tired or down. I also like to coordinate my makeup to match the clothes I am wearing. This is how I add a deeper dimension to my presentation to others.

If you are like me, you will love Lime Crime on tumblr. Their lipstick colors are unparalleled to other competitors. I have every shade of lip color Lime Crime makes. They are the only ones I can find the right shade of blue lipstick to match the color I am seeking. Don’t get me wrong, they also make traditional colors, such as pretty shades of pink. However, they also make shades of brown, black, blue, purple, green, red, hot pink and many more.

Lime Crime also makes vivid eye liners. I can’t find lime green, ice blue, glittery purple or other hard to find shades anywhere else in the world. That is what makes Lime Crime my go to makeup place. Once I dyed my hair color blue. I was able to find a blue eye liner at Lime Crime that matched my blue hair. I can’t tell you how much that made my day!

I also buy my nail polish from Lime Crime. I shop for nail color for the same reasons I purchase my lipstick and eye liner. The color choices for nail care are out of this world. My favorite is their lime green color. I can coordinate my nails with my lip color and eye liner too with Lime Crime. I also like the fact I can look at their website for ideas on painting my nails with various colors. They not only sell makeup, but they give me ideas on how to use it.

Another reason to love Lime Crime is all their makeup is vegan. This means the animal lover in me can rest assured this company does not participate in cruelty to animals. They do not test their products on animals. This makes me very happy.

There are more than one reason why people wear makeup. Whatever your reason is, try Lime Crime. You will be happy with the selection of colors. Their website also will give you ideas on how to blend and coordinate colors. This will help you express yourself. Let you inner diva shine through!