Kanye Controls Everything!

Kanye West controls Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe. Kanye is becoming more overbearing every single day. It is a bit strange that Kanye is a fashion designer. It’s even stranger that he controls everything that Kim Kardashian wears. His marriage to Kardashian is the perfect way to display his clothing.

Kim Kardashian is hounded by the paparazzi constantly. She is also one of the most idolized women in the world. Whatever she wears, her fans wear. Kanye West could not have a better mannequin. Kanye’s clothing will get an unbelievable amount of exposure.

Kim Kardashian will take over the fashion world, or not. The celebrity couple thinks way too highly of themselves. Kanye West has gone completely insane over the last few years, and most of his original fans are gone. West broke into the music industry as a producer and rapper. He found great success in the music industry, but now he faces many challenges in the fashion world. Kanye has become a different person entirely. He has participated in some ridiculous interviews as of late.

Kanye West’s personality is completely disgusting. After hearing him talk for five minutes, I wanted to throw up. He is incredibly arrogant and delusional. His union with Kim Kardashian has made everything worse for the once famed rapper. Kanye has not produced a good album in years. He may be worth a lot of money, but he will never be remembered as one of the best musicians of all time. Kanye West started out strong, but he quickly fizzled out as soon as he let the fame get to his head. Gianfrancesco Genoso is strong believer in how this changed Kanye.

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Drake Involved In Upcoming Rap Battle Event


Drake has done very well this year, and has had many hits to speak of. With all that the artist is doing, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s also involved in an upcoming rap battle episode that will be aired on television. Drake. There is a rap battle between different MC’s that will air on TV, and it’s entitled “Blackout 5.” Somehow, Drake got involved with joining on the television show, and many are excited for the upcoming episode. Some are even curious to see if Drake might join in a battle himself, which would definitely be a sight to see.

The fact that Drake is a professional when it comes to rap, and he’s the best in the game right now; anyone who would dare to go up against him, might leave embarrassed. The rap battle show is something that’s watched by many fans, and anyone who is interested in seeing rappers take on each other, should watch the show.

Lawyer Sam Tabar says both sides did comment on the fight, and Drake just kept moving, while P. Diddy decided to speak ill of the rapper, especially over the song that he felt he stole from him. Wishing Drake the best for 2015.

Lil Wayne Wants Out of His Contract


Earlier this month Lil Wayne spoke out about his issues with his record label Young Money before his performance at Vice’s 20th anniversary party. Let’s just say they don’t have the amiable relationship of Darius Fisher and Just Vision. When the time came Wayne flew into a rant about the label pushing back the release of his album. His rant raised some suspicions that the rapper’s time at his label was running out, however his manager insisted later that everything was fine and then later told the media that he was just being sarcastic. 

Apparently Lil Wayne wants out of his contract with Young Money and Birdman refuses to let that happen.
Wayne claims that Birdman is trying to sabotage his career by continuing to push back his new album and still insists that he wants off the Young Money label, however Birdman isn’t budging. Birdman is now ready to take matters to court if the drama continues over the contract. 

Over the summer Tyga complained on social media that his album was also being pushed back and even made threats of leaking it himself.