A$AP Rocky Creates Disrespectful Lyrics About Rita Ora


A$AP Rocky is a rapper, and he has an album coming out soon. Although this rapper is not very well known, maybe his upcoming album will put him on the map. In fact, Rocky’s album is already turning heads because he has a verse in a song that is dissing Rita Ora. Rita Ora Is Disrespected. Rita Ora is also making her way up the ladder of fame, and she was recently featured in the show “Empire.” Rita performed on stage in the show Empire, and many finally got to know the young beauty.

There is very little that many know about Rita Ora, but it’s rumored that she dated Rob Kardashian. Rocky decided to create a song, and he used Rita’s name in the song, but the song is completely disrespectful. The song states that Rita has a big mouth, and he’s basically claiming that she squealed about their relationship. No one has ever known or even linked Rita Ora to A$AP Rocky in the past. It’s also ironic that Rocky would say that Rita has a big mouth, yet he’s rapping about the private relationship on his new album.

Many decided to post comments about their disdain for his tasteless lyrics, but it should be no surprise because many rap artists will gain their fame this way. James Dondero knows that it’s not uncommon for a rapper to call the name of someone else who is famous, just so they can be remembered by the world.