The Integration Of Science And Medicine On A Worldwide Scale-A Vision Of Dr. Mark Holterman


Besides being a pediatric physician, Dr. Mark Holterman is a businessman who is devoted to making life better for mankind. He is not just content to make lives better one child at a time. His focus has to be a force for good on a global level. He understands that technology has made the goal of taking modern medicine to all parts of the globe is a reality. Dr. Mark Holterman is intent on making his mark far beyond the reach of a single physician. This is where the business part of Dr. Mark Holterman comes into play.


Vision of Modern Medicine

Mariam Global Health is one instrument Dr. Mark Holterman is using to further his vision of modern medicine on a worldwide scale. Dr. Holterman has recruited investors who share his vision of using biotechnology to spread the tremendous advances in modern medicine to patients in all places on earth. Dr. Mark Holterman has the vision to say that what one patient here in the United States experiences should be available to every potential patient no matter where he or she resides (Facebook).

There is no limit to the scope and reach of Mariam Global Health. The marriage of science and medicine has the potential to alter mankind in ways that can a person cannot fully comprehend. Fortunately, Dr. Mark Holterman has the concept to see and imagine what others cannot see. That is major part of the potential of Mariam Global Health.

Dr. Mark Holterman has found through his work with Mariam Global Health that not all of his ideas work out. He is not afraid to discard those ideas that do not further the cause of the organization. The ability of Dr. Mark Holterman to realize that not all of his ideas meet the practical test is a key to his success. He believes that continuing to pursue an idea when it is apparent that it should be discarded is a fault. Dr. Mark Holterman is willing to let an idea go so he can pursue ideas that work for Mariam Global Health. He is just the person to make his vision a reality.