Michel Terpins Taking over the Rally Sports


Michel Terpins is a renowned Brazilian driver who has participated and won many rallying competitions. Terpins is a common name in the Brazilian sports, Michel Terpins and Terpins brothers. In 2015, Michel formed the duo, where he joined with his brother Justo. He uses his T-Rex, which have landed him awesome classifications and numerous podiums.

Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins with his brother, Justo has taken part in many competitions. The two participated in the 22nd Sertões Rally edition. They went for the Prototypes T1 and finished in the seventh position due to tough terrain that required more skills and caution. Their car failed to make to the finishing during the event. They emerged in the fifth position during the 24th edition of the same rally. The siblings managed to accomplish great results regardless of the difficult and strenuous experiences they faced.

Sertões Rally is holding the 25th edition to give the duo another opportunity to prove their power and expertise of their car. This event is one of the longest off-road competitions in Brazil since it covers around 3,300 km.

Debut of Michel Terpins

Michel joined Sertões Rally in 2002 and began with motorcycle category before taking the cars. He has grown his skills over the years. The evolution has allowed Michel Terpins to win various stages like the Brazilian Championship of Cross Rally Country. The talented driver enjoys every event he participates in and is always ready for unknown. He always learns from the challenges he faces.

His T-Rex keeps him moving. The T-Rex with a V8 engine is a strong care with meticulous designs to match his needs. The additional elements make the machine appropriate and more powerful for the rough terrain. The Green Initiative gave the vehicle the pilot carbon free seal and could compensate the CO2 the car emits during these stages. The payment involved tree planting in Atlantic Forest.


The love for speed and off-road contributed to the brothers forming the Bull Sertões rally team a few years ago. The pilots drove the T-Rex for four seasons developed by MEM Motorsport, Sertões Rally. It is at this time that they took the Mitsubishi cup and Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally challenge.