Fortress investment under Randal Nardone as CEO.


Randal Nardone is one of the Co-founders of Fortress Investment Group along with Peter Briger and Wesley Edens. The company was founded in 1998. Since then, Randal has been the principal of the leading investment company. Before its establishment, Nardone was a member of executive committee for ThacherProffitt& Wood before being elected MD for UBS, a multinational investment bank for one year and also a principal at BlackRock for two years. Since 2013, he has been the Chief Executive Officer. Apart from being the top rated CEO, Randal Nardone serves as a board member for Eurocastle Investment, Springleaf Financial Services, and Brookdale Senior Living. He is also the VP of Newcastle Investment.

About Randal Nardone, he is an alumnus of Boston University School of Law and the University of Connecticut where he graduated with a doctor of jurisprudence and a BA in English and biology respectively. He considers himself a self-made billionaire through his hard work and experience. In fact, Forbes ranked him at number 557 on the billionaire list in the year 2007. Softbank Group Corp. completed its acquisition of Fortress Investment Group in December 2017. There was a formal approval by the shareholders in July 2017. The acquisition is reported to have cost Softbank around $3.3 billion. To this effect, Softbank was to acquire all class A shares of stock.

On the other hand, Fortress would continue operating without interference and also retain its executive leadership, brand, and culture. Besides, the company was to continue its operation in New York. To Randal, the acquisition would open up opportunities to try new ideas and hence more opportunities for them. Focusing on the views given by previous employees at Fortress, it is statistically evident that most of them enjoyed working at the company. In fact, the executive leadership received high marks, especially Nardone. Fortress Investment Group received a 3.5 rating over 5. 69% of the workers would recommend the company to their friends. Besides, 92% approved for Randal Nardone as the CEO. On the hand, they confessed that the company had loads of work.In2016, the company was reportedly managing assets of worth $70 billion. Click here.

Steve Ritchie Showcases His Great Leadership Skills at Papa John’s


Papa John’s is an American pizza company that has its headquarters in Kentucky, Louisville and Jeffersontown. Among the largest pizza restaurants in the United States, Papa John’s runs as the fourth. It has not been an easy task for Papa John’s to be on the top list for pizza delivery and good customer service in a large and competitive market. Although it’s such an achievement, Papa John’s would not have attained that position, were it not for the intelligence and excellent leadership skills from their current CEO Steve Ritchie.

Steve is not only an intellectual but also a hard-working leader who is willing to go out of his way to make sure that the restaurant stays on the right track. Ritchie being the CEO and on the top rank of the company, he had to set a good example of what it means to be a good leader. In the early years of his new position, he traveled around the country to the different Papa John’s restaurants to have a clear perspective about venture because he believed that by doing so, he will improve Papa John’s chains.

When Papa John’s operation was at risk and needed a quick and smart move to keep it on the chain, Steve Ritchie provided one. In the last couple of weeks, it’s been a rough run for the Papa John’s restaurants, and only a man of integrity could take it back to the roots. Luckily, they had Steve Ritchie on the line, and he did this with a lot of wisdom and intelligence. It was during this challenging moment that Steve wrote a letter to the customers and presented a direct apology. In his letter, the company’s CEO promised the leader of some actions that they would take for the sake of the company.

According to Steve, they were planning to bring in some specialists to help review the company’s culture and diversity to allow the company to identify their strengths and weaknesses. He went ahead to promise of the company’s transparency and that they should be held accountable. He puts an end to his letter by thanking the customers for their loyalty, and on behalf of the company, he reminds them that it’s their wish to continue serving them.

With the leadership of Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s restaurants took a fascinating move by employing Jim Norberg as the Chief Operating Officer in July 2019. As a former COO of McDonald’s, Norberg is known for his good work. His performance and experience for over 30 years brought nothing but benefits to the McDonald’s restaurant. It is of great interest to keep a brand relevant to customers and Jim more than anybody else understands that, this is what he has been doing for the past years. For this reason, Steve and his board members needed him to make a change. Steve believes that Jim Norberg is the perfect man for the task.

Steve Ritchie is a man of his words! Ever since, he has been anything but practicing his words by endorsing responsibility, transparency, and ensuring that the company provides the best services ever. Ritchie has been passionate about the hiring of Jim Norberg. He not only trusts but he firmly believes that John Norberg will make a great Chief Operating Officer. On his side, John Norberg is happy for the position and is up for the task to help serve the customers better.

The involvement of specialists is most welcome as their knowledge in foodservice will make sure that Papa John’s makes the correct strategic steps for the years to come. Steve Ritchie is the man to look out for, the quick change he made at Papa John’s was a sign of a genuine effort to start the recovery process.

Bhanu Choudhrie on a Fruitful Life



Bhanu Choudhrie is a name that gives people a bit of hope when they read it. He has universally become associated with the success of businesses around the world, and it is for this reason that the people have grown to be so trusting of him. He does not take this for granted, however; he is aware that he is a very lucky situation to be able to make so many of his dreams a reality.

In fact, he wants to make sure that these dreams are exactly what the people need for this reason. He knows that dreams can be a fickle concept, always subject to change and not always subject to benefit the state of the world. That being said, he also knows that he is capable of genuinely helping the people around him. Most importantly, however, he is passionate about doing so. This is, at the end of the day, what will separate Bhanu Choudhrie from the rest of the world of business. Related article at Premiere Gazette.

When you have an individual like him, the public feels they can be at rest, for they know that no matter what happens, regardless of the ups and downs Bhanu Choudhrie might experience over the course of his career, he will make it work out in the end. This is part of the promise that a man like him delivers, and promises, to him, are extremely important. A businessperson is hardly a businessperson in the eyes of Bhanu Choudhrie if they are incapable of keeping a promise.

After all, the world of business is all about long-term commitments and exercising everything within your power to make sure that all goes well by the time your business is of ripe age. He knows this, and he wants to make sure that he utilizes this knowledge to his advantage over the course of his life. The best way to do this, in his eyes, is to constantly work towards creating a better reality, and as long as that is within his grasp, he will know that his goals are not fruitless and his life not meaningless. Learn More: