How Nitin Khanna Stays Productive With His Large Business Portfolio


Nitin Khanna has had quite an interesting and varied career path over the past few decades, with much of this being in the investment world. The Portland-based investment giant studied at Purdue University and graudated with an MA in industrial engineering, although he only spent a few years working in the engineering world before moving into finance and investing. While still working in technology, Nitin Khanna founded Saber Corp, which grew quickly and eventually became the largest supplier of IT solutions to state governments. This rapid success led to a significant amount of revenue, with Khanna then selling the company to EDS, where he worked for a short time before deciding to leave the firm.

This was because he had a desire to start another business, with this leading to the foundation of MergerTech, which serves as a boutique M&A advice firm. Throughout this time, Nitin Khanna has helmed the company as its CEO, leading the company to a variety of partnerships and investments since it was founded in 2009. For the past decade, MergerTech has helped a considerable amount of businesses with their growth and client development strategies. However, this doesn’t mean that Khanna has solely worked with MergerTech in the past ten years; on the contrary, he sits on the board of a few different companies. Chief among these are the likes of TiE Oregon and more.

Nitin Khanna’s business portfolio has also expanded into the growing cannabis industry, with the investment figure launching Cura Cannabis Solutions in 2015. Since the company was established, it’s grown across the country and begun expanding its headquarters extensively. This large portfolio has led to many people questioning Khanna on how he manages to stay productive without it negatively affecting his work. As he has highlighted numerous times, effective time management plays a considerable role on this.

Nitin Khanna has highlighted the fact that the skill can have quite a large effect on his productivity, although he’s highlighted the fact that it can take a certain amount of patience to master. Alongside this, he’s noted that proper delegation can also play a role in an upper management figure’s productivity, although this takes a significant amount of trust in employees.

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Zeco Auriemo Contributions to the Property Market through JHSF


Economic pundits point out that the property market is one of the fastest growing single markets in the world of trade. The success of this market is possible, thanks to professionals such as Zeco Auriemo. As one of the industry players and an integral part of JHSF management, he has one of the best understanding of this unique market. Apart from being the chairperson of this fast-growing company, he is the face of the company, and therefore, his duties go beyond attending meetings. In the last two years, Zeco Auriemo has represented his company in other industries’ meetings such as fashion galas in Brazil.

Apart from helping his company in different capacities, Zeco Auriemo is one of the professionals that believe in teamwork and more importantly, in management. Auriemo understands that when people brainstorm on an idea, it is possible to come with the best ideas. In the real estate and the property market, for example, there is a lot of potential for young companies as well as other companies if there is a collective approach to management. As the new chairman of the market leader in the Brazilian property market, he points out that his main task will be bringing all the stakeholders together. Since Zeco Auriemo is also a believer in new talents, young people in the management is also a key aspiration in the coming years.

Auremo is also a firm believer that every company must have a flexible policy on productivity. Although most people associate productivity with other markets, he believes that it is still an applicable concept in the world of property. For example, Zeco Auriemo points out that this market has undergone different changes, and efficiency is irreplaceable. In his company, there are many collaborative projects with fashion brands and hospitality industry players, and therefore, employees must be productive.

Igor Cornelsen and Company Fit


Igor Cornelsen would know that a company like Slack would have to put up proper numbers for investors to believe that it will have value in the present and in the future. Indeed, the company has certainly shown that it has value and that people do love the product.

Igor Cornelsen would also know that this would be a rudimentary analysis.

One would have to seek.

How does evaluate a company like Slack? Simple, let’s first understand how the company fits into the world.

The product is one that is needed, instead of people sending emails on a regular basis.

The product, Slack, allows for people to communicate on a regular, messaging basis, this would minimize emails and allow for real-time interaction. The product is one that is beneficial for workers because and organizations because one can communicate with the other and also have information passed on to all people within the organization all at once.

The product is interesting because it allows for a lack of overall flow of congested emails and allows for good communication every single day. The company is also one that has been able to matter in more ways than simply just messaging. One can see that the company has branched off into other areas as well, the company has a flagship product, but the company matters in more ways than one.

The company is not simply betting on the messaging product, it is betting on being a Microsoft sort of suite, as such, it is stating that it is WORK instead of Slack.

No one wants to go through endless emails, but they would have to because of the way that email and overall culture has progressed. The overall volume of emails has blossomed and has ballooned over the years from 150,000 to 250 billion.