TigerSwan: A Military-Grade Private Security Firm

James Reese Tigerswan

Hiring any branch of the United States Armed Forces to secure possible threats to a home or business is not an option, at any price. Tracking down secret agent 007 to take out a threat is not going to happen. But securing that level of expertise and protection for a myriad of dire situations — that is exactly what TigerSwan does.

James Reese Tigerswan

TigerSwan’s Story

The TigerSwan story starts with James Reese. Once an elite Delta Force special operative serving both Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, he’s now the Founder and CEO of TigerSwan. James Reese served specialized missions as commander of a Delta Force unit. Think of it as the “James Bond” division of the U.S. Army. He was considered one of the best “special operators in the modern military” by the Commander of Coalition Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, he runs TigerSwan, a private Special Ops organization that has been providing protection and training worldwide. Since its founding in 2008, it has grown into one of the most trusted names in global security.

TigerSwan came together in 2007. James Reese retired from the United States Army as a disabled veteran with 25 years of service. As such, TigerSwan is a VA-certified, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. Headquartered in Apex, North Carolina, the firm has expanded its services to offices in Africa, India, Latin America, and Asia.

TigerSwan, LLC, is a Crisis Management and Global Stability consulting and services firm. It offers crisis management, risk mitigation, and global affairs consulting. Additionally, Reese provides news media with expert analysis.

Professional Advice from the CEO

Reese knows a thing or two about leadership. Recently, he shared some guidelines.

Crises are rarely resolved on one’s own. Assembling a team and assigning roles can make the implementation of a resolution a little easier to carry out, as well as a lot more effective.

Those are valuable words from a man of wisdom and leadership.

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Grilling Up Profits with OSI Industries


Imagine being at a barbecue and smelling flame broiled meat cooking. You take a bite, watch the burgers juices bleed through the patty and taste the savory flavors fill your entire mouth. Then you look over and see your vegan neighbor enjoying the same burger. As of August 2019, OSI Industries teaming up with Impossible Foods company to mass produce Impossible Burger, has made this fantasy a reality.

Impossible Burger, a soy protein-based meat, has grown in popularity since it’s debut. Restaurant franchises like White Castle, Qdoba, and Cheesecake Factory have jumped on the plant-burger bandwagon and have had great success. OSI Industries, known for an over sixty year meat distribution partnership with top burger franchise McDonalds, has joined forces to supply Burger King with Impossible Whoppers, debuting in dozens of Missouri restaurants. With the great customer feedback, Burger King expects to expand nationwide by late 2019, occupying 7,200 restaurants. See OSI Group Reviews at indeed.com

Impossible Burger is currently distributed to 10,000 restaurants globally since its introduction in 2016 and the demand is quickly increasing. Because the Compton-based plant-based protein company cannot meet the expansion requests and OSI Industries enjoys partnering with sustainable companies, this was the perfect business deal. Prior to the announcement, senior vice president Sheetal Shah issued a statement, saying “OSI has already installed equipment to make the Impossible Burger, and we’ll start seeing new capacity every week.”

Rival company Beyond Meat experienced a 500% sales increase in one quarter once implementing plant-based customer options. On the path to become a worthy competitor, OSI Industries and Impossible Burger, along with their $300 million dollar company scale-up fund, are looking to become one of the top protein distributors, selling in restaurants and in grocery stores. If profit margins go well enough, McDonalds may be next to join the soy-based burger club.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group



Having the capacity to be on top of the food chain in private investment is one of the many an of Lincolnshire firm. The company has a well-balanced workforce that delivers excellent results in supporting upcoming middle-market companies. The team at Lincolnshire investment is lead by TJ Maloney as the president of the company. TJ Maloney is one of the high forces that the company is using their excellent leadership and company management intelligence to excel. TJ Maloney was once a member of the Boston College Wall Street Council.

He built his career and skills in leadership management when he secured the position of a chairman in the very council. He is also a famous former lecture of the Columbia University where he formed part of the Board of Directors. TJ Maloney is a well-educated individual holding a degree in Bachelor of Arts and also remains an icon at Fordham Law School where he earned his JD. He has a record of being a member of almost more than ten boards. Before he started working with Lincolnshire in 1993, TJ Maloney acquired excellent skills in security law where he also ventured into property acquisition skills.

The firm is expanding its powerhouse by adding more staff into the system. The chairman affirmed that the addition of the team is a sign of increasing responsibilities of the company. The newly recruited individuals have the opportunity to learn new skills from the professionals in the company. The investments of the company extend to several other companies dealing in different industries. The analysis is showing that the increasing rate of placement of the company resulted in more eighty acquisition over the previous years. Their approach to investment is serving their clients positively and hence, improving their portfolio.

The achievements of the company are clear reflection of the amount of effort the company is putting in the business. The company has an encouraging customer base that is influencing the staff to give all they got for the company. The achievements also result from their humble and productive customer services in the business.

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