Children’s charities benefit greatly from the gifts of Hussain Sajwani.


The esteemed Properties Chairman of the middle eastern enterprise known as DAMAC Properties is Mr. Hussain Sajwani. His realty company is located in the desert nation of Dubai. Mr. Hussain Sajwani created the enterprise in 2002. This remarkable prospect was made achievable due to a Dubai legislative decree that allowed foreigners to own their own realty in the emirate. DAMAC Properties is recognized as the biggest, most prolific private realty enterprise in the entirety of the Middle East.


Mr. Hussain Sajwani is a very giving person. Through his enterprise, DAMAC Properties, Hussain has given away two million Arab Emirates Dollars, or AED’s, in an attempt to help supply urgently required garments to disadvantaged kids across the globe. It is understood that Mr. Sajwani’s very kind gift will help out more than 50,000 kids with clothing.


His company, DAMAC Properties, also contains a hospitality division known as DAMAC Maison. This company provides specifically tailored services to the inhabitants of their roughly 8,000 hotel apartments, with an extra 2,810 apartments anticipated to be added within 12 month’s time.

DAMAC Properties has joined forces with the United States President, Mr. Donald Trump, to construct two golf courses in Dubai using Trump’s name. Following Trump’s election as President, Mr. Trump revealed in a press talk that he is good friends with Mr. Hussain Sajwani. Mr. Sajwani presented a $2 billion property contract with Mr. Donald Trump, which Trump, as a result of his Presidential commitment, had to say no to.


Mr. Sajwani is also close to Trump’s direct family members. Trump’s immediate family does not have a conflict of interest for instituting prosperous trade deals in Dubai, using the Trump company name. This detail was revealed to Mr. Trump when Mr. Hussain Sajwani was visiting the U.S., having dinner with Trump’s family. Husssain let Donald Trump know that he became conscious of the fact that Trump could avoid legal troubles from their trade partnerships, if the trades were to be conducted, on paper, with Trump’s children and wife, instead of Donald.

Career Breakthrough of DAMAC Properties CEO, Hussain Sajwani


Hussain Sajwani is a real estate tycoon, founder and the chairman of DAMAC Properties that is based in Dubai. Mr. Sajwani, a UAE national, studied at the University of Washington where he graduated with a bachelor of art degree in Economics. After his schooling, Hussain began his career as the contract manager at GASCO Corporation, a subsidiary of ABU DHABI National Oil Company (ADNOC). He served GASCO for a short time and then decided to start his own catering business in 1982.

The catering business began from a very simple beginning but Hussain was keen on expanding it. The business provides catering services to a number of leading markets in the Middle East, Africa and Asian Countries. Additionally, the division services numerous learning institutions, five star hotels, construction campsites and army barracks in the UAE. According to Hussain Sajwani, this business is the one that has given him whatever he owns. He has further diversified this business and now it offers a variety of services such as camp management, maintenance, and manpower supply.

Apart from catering business, Mr. Hussain Sajwani is a successful pioneer in the real estate market in Dubai. He began his involvement is property development in the mid-1990s. He built several hotels to accommodate the increasing number of people coming to the Emirates for business and leisure activities. As the market continued to grow, Sajwani established DAMAC Properties in 2002. Having been in the business for some time, Hussain was able to provide leadership skill that enabled DAMAC Properties to grow. He had gained inclusive expertise in finance, marketing, sales, and administration; skills that are key in the growth of any business. Today, DAMAC has grown to be a leading property development company in Dubai. In addition, the firm owns numerous prestigious properties in London, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah and several other cities in the UAE.

DAMAC properties through the leadership of Hussain Sajwani has partnered with several leading firms in the real estate branding sector to develop exclusive properties. Some of these projects include luxury apartments styled and designed by Versace and Fendi, Paramount Hotels and Resorts, Luxury villas designed by Bugatti, and A golf course designed by Tiger Woods and which is managed by Trump Foundation.

Hussain Sajwani is a friendly person. He has been able to meet and make friendship with other business oriented people. He is a close friend and a business partner to the President of United Stated, Donald Trump. Their friendship started long ago before Trump became the president of the US.

Besides business, Hussain is a philanthropic. He supports several humanitarian organizations that seek to improve the lives of people in need around the world.

Why Fabletics Could Take On Amazon When It Comes To Clothing


Everyone has a need for clothing. However, there is a growing number of people that finding fashion to be very important. For one thing, it is important to some people that they look good. While a lot of people may think that it is their body shape that determines how good they look, there are cases where certain clothes can actually change the way one looks. This is where fashion comes in. People who discover fashion find that they like the way it looks, feels and makes them look. People will feel good when they find a look that they like.

However, it can be rather challenging for people to find something that they would like if they don’t know where to look. One thing that can factor into the type of clothes that people find is the type of store that they shop at. For one thing, if people shop at mass merchandise stores or businesses that happen to sell clothes, then they might not find anything other than the basics. Even department stores that sell tons of clothing are only going to have a few basic items because they sell basic items from various clothing companies.

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Going online has some of the same issues. For instance, Amazon has clothing from many different brands. However, the selections of styles could be limited, especially when it comes to athletic clothing. However, there is a company that sells very unique athletic clothing. This company is Fabletics. Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson have banded together to come up with Fabletics that presents people with elegant and stylish active wear. These clothes are also well fitted for people who are interested. This not only improves the performance, but also the confidence of the individual that is wearing the item.

Fabletics has taken the world by storm when it comes to fashion. The people behind the company have shown that they have a great business plan. This allows them to maximize the audience they could reach. For one thing, Fabletics want to present the best possible experience to all types of customers so that they will not only enjoy the types of active wear that is available, but they will want to come back to the retailer in order to see if there is anything new that they might like. Fabletics has a business model that could help them take on Amazon in the athletic section.

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Sanjay Shah’s Development of Solo Capital


Solo Capital, the brokerage company founded by entrepreneur Sanjay Shah, was recently mentioned by several prominent news media outlets for the recent deal they made with a famous brokerage firm which is located in the United States. The deal, which has yet to be confirmed by either of the companies but has been revealed by other reliable sources, is said to be one of the largest brokerage deals made within the last decade. If the deal is confirmed, it will further cement the success of the Solo Capital brokerage group and of its leader, Sanjay Shah. The deal comes on the heals of another huge success by the entrepreneur’s brokerage firm, which was cemented at the beginning of the year.

Sanjay Shah has had a generally successful career in the brokerage industry. As of today, he has worked for several notable financial institutions, including Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and Chase financial as the head of brokerage departments there. After being credited with a large amount of the success of these firms, Shah was forced to resign from his last position as the head of the brokerage department in a prominent financial institution. After having a difficult time with the travel time to the new position he was offered after his resignation, Shah decided to take the expertise he had developed over the course of the decades he had worked for other financial institutions, and use that knowledge to open and operate his own brokerage firm.

This move on the part of Sanjay Shah has proven to be one of the best things he could have done. Shah has earned more than double the revenue that he brought in through other financial institutions by opening the brokerage. He has also found more time to work on projects that are dear to his heart like his Autism Rocks campaign.


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