Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger


Energy is an ever-changing industry and the right man for the job is one that is not afraid to change with it. Matt Fleeger with Gulf Coast Western is just that man. The company was started in 1970 and was created as a means of combining the talent, eagerness, and abilities of a wide range of professionals.


The company works to use already existing sites that have some technology and some infrastructure already built. They also focus on sites that have geological significance and that are already in operation. This method allows the most benefit, the most growth and the most production possible with minimal effort. By taking on partnerships with companies that already have some of the infrastructure in place, Gulf Coast Western can positively and quickly impact the industry and they can make big changes without having to create infrastructures and needed technology and machinery.

The company works mainly through shares, partnerships and transactions with other working oil and energy companies. Matthew Fleeger, and others at the company, are focused wholly on expansion and on exploration of other options, new methods, and changes that can positively affect the oil and gas industry as we know it. Gulf Coast Western is working with other companies to help them expand their current ventures and make the most of their already blossoming work.

Gulf Coast Western

Mr. Fleeger obtained a degree in business administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and has since worked diligently to gain the experience, knowledge, and know how that it takes to be a real impactful CEO. He has worked to help expand Gulf Coast Western into Louisiana, Texas and more and is working to help change the oil industry for the better. His hope, as is the hope of Gulf Coast Western, is to make the oil and gas industry more efficient, more productive, and more beneficial to society. The world of gas and oil is changing, and Gulf Coast Western is at the helm.

HGGC Announces The Merger Of MyWebGrocer & Mi9 Retail


HGGC is a private equity firm that puts a significant amount of emphasis on technology-focused investments, and which has recently undergone a variety of changes and advancements. On October 15, the firm announced that it would be merging its MyWebGrocer (MWG) subsidiary with Mi9 Retail, with two of Mi9’s investors also taking part in the move. 

According to reports, MWG will be bringing its order management and e-commerce solutions to the new coalition, while Mi9 Retail will be utilizing its promotions management, analytics solutions, and much more. As a result of the merger between the two, HGGC notes that the company will be able to offer a more comprehensive software solution to retailers across the globe.

Reports have also suggested that the merger, once finalized, could generate several billion dollars in revenue, with this being the result of a combined 500 clients, including Nike and Levi’s. The news of the merger comes not long after HGGC announced the hiring and promotion of various professionals within the company.

One of the more notable promotions is Les Brown, who joined the company in 2007. For the past several years, Brown has served as a Board of Director member for the firm’s Fund II investment in Dynata. With the new promotion, he will now serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the business’ Nutraceutical International Corporation investment. 

Alongside this, Harv Barenz has been promoted to lead HGGC’s global business development efforts after serving with the company since 2008. Lance Taylor, John Block, and Steven Leistner have all also received various promotions. Outside of this, there have been a variety of new hires for the firm, with there being six new team members in total.

Prominent among these are Greg Caltabiano and Lindsay Sparks, who joined the company as executive directors and who will be charged with leading many of HGGC’s portfolio companies. Alongside this, Mo Gulamhusein has joined the firm as vice president while Holland Reynolds will serve as an investment associate. Chandni Shah comes on board as a fund accountant for the operations team, while Greg Caltabiano will also be working with the company going forward.


Helping Startup Companies Bloom With Luke Lazarus, Australian Business Consultant


Making a business work from scrap is a lot easier said than done. It is often fantasized in movies and magazines as a quick path to wealth. The truth is that most people don’t make it even starting a business, fewer succeeding beyond a few years. The very small percentage that make it have the recipe to success.

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Luke Lazarus is using his 20 plus years of experience as a business consultant to help companies succeed. Usually the odds are not in most entrepreneur’s favor, but Mr. Lazarus is changing the game. He is even helping struggling businesses get their companies back on track so they can succeed in the end.

There are certain steps that the Australian business consultant takes to ensure his client’s success. He starts with a business plan and a story to go with their brand. What is the story behind their brand? Every company has a reason for coming to fruition. Telling that story to investors, customers, and potential partners is very important to the success of a brand. Research is always a factor in finding what key factors a company has to look at and use.

Mr. Lazarus finds these segmented markets and customer influence points. It is always important to find out what the competition is offering, then do it better. All this research plays into zooming into the right market and customers so the business can promote their products and services to them.

More than ever, people are becoming entrepreneurs. Although this trend is good news, many of these people do not know actually how to run a business. They don’t lack the enthusiasm, spirit, talent, intelligence, etc.

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They just don’t understand the logistics of running a business, how to manage their budget or money, the operational components, and don’t have the experience. This creates a real problem for them. A business consultant is the solution to all of this. They have all the knowledge and experience needed to help guide the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed in the often harsh business climate of today.

These business consultants know what to do, because they are entrepreneurs. They are actually referred to as serial entrepreneurs. Their career consisted of started companies, growing them to maturity, then selling them for large profits. They keep doing it over and over again. Tired of building yet another business, they turn their talents and knowledge to help others succeed.

Luke founded Luke Lazarus Consulting in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. He was born and raised there and even earned his degree there. He attended Melbourne Business School where the young professional earned a executive Master of Business Administration degree.

Mr. Lazarus worked hard to earn this degree at the young age of 24 years old. He went on to founding four companies, which he all sold for millions of dollars. By the age of 33 years old, Luke was ready to do something different.

That is when he founded a business startup consulting firm. His straightforward approach has effectively helped many businesses flourish in an age of uncertainty.

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