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Ryan Seacrest is an American radio and television personality who began in the radio and television industry acquiring small hosting jobs on sport shows and radio broadcasts throughout the 1990’s. He received his big break with the onset of the popular television show “American Idol” in the early 2000‘s. Moreover, it is said that during the prime of his career, which was around 2009, he was considered one of the highest paid television host and radio personalities at the time. Ryan Seacrest remained a host on American idol until its final season in mid-2016. Outside of American Idol, Mr. Seacrest has explored other ventures such as a radio hosting for programs like “America top 40” and “KIIS morning show” which broadcasts in Los Angeles. As well as “On The Air with Ryan” which is broadcasted in New York. He has had a very successful career as a television and radio personality. In an article from the Hollywood Reporter, it says that his poise and charming personality made him the boy next door for years during each week that he was broadcast into the homes of millions of viewers who tuned in faithfully to the beloved show “American Idol”. Another show where America got to see Ryan’s all-around boy next door personality is “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. His personality shines through with comedy skits as well as real life topics. He has won an Emmy for his participation in production of “Oliver’s Food Revolutions” just to name one of his many accomplishments.

Radio show host Ryan Seacrest is also a devout philanthropist who has a nonprofit foundation called “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”. This organizations aims at education in the entertainment industry with a focus on today’s youth. He is working on building multi media centers in the hospitals of chronically ill children to bring them uplifting content during their hospital stay. With 9 centers at children’s healthcare facilities already up and running in the Atlanta are, there are plans for more underway. His boy next door image is not just one that is portrayed for viewers on TV but a role he has taken to heart and seriously in life. His work in the community has brought smiles to many young faces and his plan is to keep doing such in the future.

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Hussain Sajwani Thrives in the Real Estate Development Industry as the DAMAC Owner


Hussain Sajwani is the face behind the reputable global property development company, DAMAC Properties. He serves as the Founder and Chairman of the company. Sajwani is an Industrial Engineering and Economics graduate from the University of Washington. He and his wife have four children. Sajwani lives in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

DAMAC Properties emerged as the leader on the Global 2000 list of Forbes 2017. The list looks into the fastest developing companies globally. Consequently, the 2018 Forbes rankings presented Hussain Sajwani as number four among the richest Arabs. He has a net worth of 4.1 billion dollars.

The DAMAC owner traces his career at the Abu Dhabi Gas industries where he worked at the finance department in 1981. He later ventured into the catering industries, with his business primarily serving the U.S military and Bechtel. Over the years, the venture has seen extensive growth, taking the lead in the market. It has over200 projects under its management.

Being one of the main people to start property market expansion in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani was able to identify a gap in the market. As a result, DAMAC Properties was established in 2002. Today, the company takes pride as one of the largest real estate development firms in the Middle East, serving a global market. The company has successfully managed many projects across many cities from Dubai to London. Some of these projects include the Tiger Woods’ design golf course, under Trump’s Organization management. Additionally, there is Paramount Hotels and Resorts with the Paramount Pictures themes as well as Bugatti style luxury villas among others. Moreover, the company was publicly listed in 2015 with shares traded on the Dubai Financial Market.

The idea behind the establishment of DAMAC Properties lies in Sajwani’s entrepreneurial background since his childhood. He also sold time-share apartments while at University which enhanced his passion and skills in the real estate industry. His job at the Gas industries and the food business served as a strong base for his property development company. As such, Sajwani’s entrepreneurial skills and ability to transform ideas to life are the driving force towards the company’s great milestones and sustainability.

The DAMAC owner is also an investor. He has a successful record in the global equity and capital records.


Steve Ritchie – Papa John’s


Steve Ritchie started with Papa John’s as a customer service representative in 1996 making only $6 per hour. Ten years after beginning that customer service job, Ritchie became a Papa John’s franchise owner. In 2010 he started taking on more leadership roles in company operations. Ritchie was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2014 and named President in 2015. Today, Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s and is using the entrepreneurial spirit that brought him to the company’s top role to lead the company in a new direction.

Ritchie intends to set new goals for Papa John’s and is personally leading the effort to accomplish them. In an article from, it says that Steve is bringing in independent experts to assist in the audit of Papa John’s culture and Diversity and Inclusion practices. Ritchie is sending his senior management into the field so they can personally listen to feedback from employees and franchisees. Those initiatives will allow Papa John’s to find their strengths and, more importantly, their weaknesses so they can set clear goals on how to do better. Ritchie has ensured transparency throughout this process and wants customers to hold the company accountable.

According to, Steve Ritchie started in his role as CEO on January 1 of this year and has admitted that recent times have been the hardest of his 22 years with Papa John’s. To him, Papa John’s isn’t an individual; it is a company of 120,000 people from throughout the world. Those people come from all walks of life, from the communities they serve. They all work hard to provide their customers with better pizza and better service. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns and everyone at Papa John’s knows the only reason they are and will remain in business is the loyalty of their customers. Ritchie’s sincere wish is to continue to have the honor of serving them. Follow Steve on Twitter.

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Ryan Seacrest Is A Hot Guy With A Big Heart


Ryan Seacrest is someone who a lot of Americans should look up to as the example of good health. He makes it his first priority to stay healthy and in shape. Every day, he eats wholesome food and regularly exercises. He jogs in Central Park, which isn’t too far from the area in the Upper East Side where he lives. He takes spinning classes online and does the spinning on his Peleton bike.

Some media sources have described his workout regime as being “grueling.” Ryan Seacrest makes sure to work out enough so that he can eat whatever he wants to eat on the weekends. He has a very choreographed workout schedule and diet. He wakes up at 6 am and immediately has a coffee and a matcha. Then, he goes on his bike to do spinning. Recently, he has started to engage in boxing training sessions.

In an article from Business of Fashion, it says that his regimen really pays off because he is hot. He is more physically fit and healthier than a lot of people who are in their teens and twenties. For many women, finding a man who looks like him is like finding a rare unicorn in the forrest. You’d have to go to another country to find guys that look like him!

Ryan Seacrest isn’t just a hot guy who keeps himself in shape; he is a host on various media programs. One of the lesser known hats that he wears is that of philanthropist. He was the famous host of American Idol. Currently, he is the host of a show called “Live With Kelly Rippa.” He also operates an organization called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation plays an important role by giving sick children in hospitals the chance to learn about telecommunications. It also employs college students to operate the designated areas where sick children are brought to.

Ryan Seacrest is truly a guy with a heart. He is also a great role model because he puts a lot of consideration into healthy choices.

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Jim Toner Is A Well-Established Entrepreneur


Jim Toner is a well-established entrepreneur who has had success in real estate and is a passionate philanthropist. Toner now travels the country as a public speaker. He is highly sought-after in this regard and uses his experience to motivate others to achieve the goals that they have in mind. Toner is an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience. He counsels others on what he calls the 12 Little Houses plan. This is Toner’s method of putting together ideas and executing them to perfection.

Jim Toner is heavily involved in the community. He is a philanthropist who has done a great deal of work with military veterans. Toner is also heavily involved in issues regarding the homeless. He is a member of Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation. Toner is also an active participant in The Advisory Board Chair at the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Salvation Army.

Jim Toner‘s favorite phrase is “The Band of Rebels.” This is a term Toner uses to describe a group of business people that he put together. These individuals understand what it is like to take a business concept and build it from nothing into a real life organization. Toner respects those who have struggled to obtain what they have just as he did.

Jim Toner is a person who believes in physical fitness. He begins his day with a training routine in order to sync his mind and body together. Toner relishes the opportunity to challenge himself in the gym. He believes it gives him the mental fortitude to tackle the obstacles of every day.

Jim Toner continues to be involved in exciting projects such as his next book. He uses his radio show and podcast to reach large amounts of people. It gets his message across in a definitive way.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) does not procrastinate when he has made up his mind to move on an idea. Procrastination can kill an idea in stages. Some people simply talk themselves out of doing what they really want to do. Toner brainstorms an idea. Then he comes up with the recipe to make it into a reality. At this point it is all about execution.

Jim Toner has experienced financial setbacks. It does not deter him from making the next important decision. Toner is not afraid to take chances and does not let the prospect of losing money prevent him from pushing through trying circumstances. Visit Toner’s profile on Crunchbase.

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Steve Ritchie Knows What it Takes to Start from the Bottom


Steve Ritchie believes Papa John’s stands a chance if he can build the company from the ground up. While he does not plan to change the things people love most about the pizza chain, he’s going to make positive changes everyone can get behind so they can make the most out of the business. He wants to show people there are more chances for positive experiences with Papa John’s and he’s going to do what it takes to make these happen. He also knows there are ways he can restructure the company so the customers are the most important things. He is focused on the business and knows a lot about how to run a business like it. He also knows there are things he can do that will continue helping people see the best parts of the way the industry works.

Steve Ritchie knows a lot about starting from the bottom and working his way up. He started out as just an hourly employee at Papa John’s. He worked very hard as an hourly employee. Steve Ritchie remained dedicated and continued pushing to make himself the best he could be. The hard work he put in paid off when he was promoted. He was promoted again and again. He continued working through the ranks of the company over a period of 21 years. From the bottom, he built his way to the top. He is now the CEO of Papa John’s. He’s one of the only people in the world to start out as an hourly employee and work his way to the top as the CEO.

Steve Ritchie continues making good decisions. His experience in all the different roles at the company gave him the edge he needed to show people he could make things better for them at every level of the company. He wants people to see what he can do and how he can make the most out of the way he runs the business. If he stands a chance at doing things the right way, he’ll be able to continue pushing to make positive opportunities for everyone. See Steve’s open letter on Facebook.

Victoria Doramus gives Charity, Design, Fashion and Lifestyle a Creative Edge


Victoria Doramus specializes in giving creative solutions to market trends. She has successfully found answers to problems in marketing patterns especially in the areas of lifestyle, fashion and design. Her current focus is in finding solutions to marketing trends for charitable organizations that help and offer aid to the needy.

Victoria Doramus graduated with a BA in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2012 she attended London’s Sotheby’s Institute of Art and completed a course on the History of Fashion. Her first job was as assistant media planner at Mindshare where she created advertising plans. She later worked for many well-known creative advertising groups and on freelance advertising projects.

Currently, according to, Victoria Doramus volunteers for many charitable institutions. Some of the charities that she helps include Room to Read that provides education and literacy in developing countries, the Amy Winehouse Foundation that helps patients with depression and addiction recover through music, the Women’s Prison Association that helps rebuild the lives of women who have served time in prison and the Best Friends Animal Society that helps get foster homes for animals in shelters.

Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) has provided a wide range of services to the charity sector. She uses her vast experience in designing creative marketing campaigns, advertising, management of media projects and marketing trend analysis to help the less fortunate. Victoria Doramus volunteers her time and efforts to make the media focus on the needy in addition to managing many freelance advertising projects in other sectors.

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Victoria Doramus Uphill Battle With Drug Addiction


Victoria Doramus, a renowned fashion and trends expert, marketer and creative designer, is one of the lucky individuals who discovered they needed help with drug addiction before they completely ruined their lives. The recovery expert first went into rehab at the age of 26 in Sierra Tucson but left after 45 days with a better realization of herself but no understanding of drug addiction. She tried changing her circle of friends and even moving to a different state from LA, but still had the addiction problem. Victoria resolved to join a rehab in Connecticut, and instead of getting the required help, her dependence on self-reliance caused her the friends and family she had and ended up hunting for a doctor in Manhattan.

In January 2017, Victoria Doramus decided to go to the Burning Tree, a rehabilitation center in Austin, Texas where she stayed locked in with minimal outside communication. In the center, she followed the 12 step program that was the principle of the organization. Alongside other patients, they had busy day times starting at 5:45 Am with planned activities ranging from prayers to AA meeting in the night. They were talked out of victimizing themselves and accepting their situations so that they could work on changing.

Eight months into the program, Victoria Doramus was fit enough to check out and went to work in Dallas for a few months to raise some money to see her mother, a cancer patient in Tennessee and also help keep her actively involved in the society. She eventually flew to New York and became a part of addiction movements that helped drug addicts through their recovery journey. Despite having recovered, she still sees her addiction therapist who helps her maintain her state of sobriety.She believes that it takes an individual to accept they are suffering from drug addiction in order to get help. Checkout Doramu’s resume at

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Jeunesse Global Product Slowing Down the Aging Process


Jeunesse Global was launched as an innovative skin care and natural supplements company on the 9th of September, 2009 at 9 P.M. Did you see how number 9 has been used to represent the company’s mission and main objective? Well, 9 means longevity, and it stands for the survival of the company alongside its ability to thrive. It is also a symbol of how the customers will achieve long term youthful results after using its products. From its innovative series of Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S), Jeunesse has created about 8 product lines that include:

  • Luminesce
  • Instantly Ageless
  • AM & PM Essentials
  • Nevo Energy Drinks
  • Reserve Fruit Drink
  • Finti
  • Zen Bodi
  • M1nd Dietary Supplement

Each of the products above was created with the main aim of slowing down the aging process of the users while promoting wellness through healthy living. The Y.E.S products were founded on the principles of rejuvenating, diminishing, enhancing, energizing, defending, restoring, beautifying, balancing, and making the skin clear. Each of the above products contribute directly to one of the nine components.

Health Supplements

Dietary supplements are slowly flooding the market with consumers torn between fake and legit companies. Most consumers agree that Jeunesse is a legit company that relies on safe, healthy, high quality, and effective ingredients in the creation of its health supplements.

The company provides sleeping pills to its customers in form of AM & PM essentials. While the AM supplements keep you energized all day and in a great mood, PM essentials work towards helping you sleep better. Both types of supplements are meant to protect the skin against aging that would cause wrinkles, fine lines, and many other defects.

Jeunesse also has an antioxidant drink that is referred to as Reserve. The antioxidants will get rid of toxicities in your skin and keep it safe from free radicals and other factors that could contribute to a faster aging process.

The last health supplement is FINITI, a multivitamin supplement that is different from the other brands in the market. It is innovatively created to enhance DNA protection by targeting telomerase for a healthier skin.

Success of Mina Ebrahimi


Founding a catering business is a dream for many people. However, starting any small business requires a lot of hard work. Mina Ebrahimi immigrated to the United States when she was a child. Her parents taught her the value of hard work, and she quickly focused on starting a company. She began working in a bakery at the age of 11. During this time, she was able to learn various aspects of the baking business. She quickly learned how to cook multiple recipes and serve customers efficiently.

When she was 26, Mina founded Saint Germain Catering. The company offered a full range of catering options for customers.

Early Years

The first few years of running the business were tough. Not only were sales low, but Mina had to live on a strict budget and invest everything in her company. She worked long hours each day. Over time, she finally started earning a profit with the business.

Mina eventually had to hire employees to help her with the work. The company now employs 32 people, and it could hire more employees in the coming years. One of the reasons that Saint Germain Catering is successful is the company’s commitment to customer service. Early in the business, Mina focused on making customers happy over making a profit.

Personal Life

Mina has done a great job building a successful small business. Numerous people have asked for interviews related to her career success. She is always willing to sit down and discuss how she created a successful company.

Mina has also won numerous awards from various organizations. She is proud of her accomplishments so far, but she still has bigger dreams for her business. Mina also contributes a large percentage of her income to charity. She firmly believes that giving back to the community is essential for small business owners. Anyone who wants to operate a successful small business should listen to Mina’s advice.