Isabel dos Santos Is Committed To Helping The Next Generation Of Angolans Reach Their Potential


Isabel dos Santos wants to make a difference in the world around her. She has placed a great amount of emphasis on the future of her country. Isabel has displayed a tireless commitment to help provide opportunities for the youngsters who will eventually lead global business organizations. She is dedicated to helping the next generation be prepared to assume positions of leadership in the world as the future approaches.

Born and raised in Angola, Isabel dos Santos takes great pride in her heritage. She is now in her 40’s, and she grew up as the eldest daughter of a powerful leader. Her father is José Eduardo dos Santos, the president ident of Angola until his resignation in 2017. Isabel also served as a politician for a brief period. She loves Africa, and Isabel dos Santos has been generous in her contributions of time and money to help the young people there. She is a philanthropist with a great vision for the future development of a new generation of talented students and young men and women. View more on Instagram.

Isabel has described herself in a few simple but meaningful words in their order. She sees herself as an Angolan, a woman, a mother, a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. She believes that everyone has the power to make a meaningful difference. For her, it has become a priority in her life to accomplish this goal.

Isabel dos Santos is a successful entrepreneur who is a part owner of one of the largest tele-communication technology companies in Angola. She gained her experience as many others have before she took on the responsibility of running her company. Isabel is from a wealthy family, but she started her career working for other employers and learning about different industries. She has a vast knowledge in technology and expounded on that skill to ultimately become a highly qualified executive at Unitel International. Isabel dos Santos also holds partial ownership rights in several other companies. She has been a member of the business community since she graduated from college over 20 years ago. Source:

Investor Ashley Brasier


From young age, Ashley Lightspeed wanted to be a an architect. However, when she would finally get around to her higher studies, she would realize that it was building businesses she enjoyed more than building actual structures.

Ashley’s higher education took place first at Duke. During this period, she spent some time abroad to study in Copenhagen where her ideas of what she wanted to do in life continued to evolve.

Her first professional job in the financial world came working for Bain as a consultant. She spent a few years there before she began to realize that it was time for a change. This led her to the fast growing world of business in Silicon Valley.

While in Silicon Valley, Ashley Lightspeed got a job with Thumbtack as a Category Manager working in the Events and Weddings categories. There, she realized that she wanted to delve deeper into business, specifically venture capitalism, and decided to pursue further studies. This led her to Stanford Graduate School of Business. To know more about Ashley Lightspeed follow her at

During her studies, she was not simply hitting the books, she was also exploring work as a consultant and helping young businesses and start-ups get off the ground. It was through these efforts that she came to the conclusion that she enjoys working in several different industries at the same time and that her passion is helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into actual businesses.

Ashley is now a valuable member of Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. Her job is to work with companies from the beginning to help them find the key to their growth. For her, the secret to her success is craftsmanship. According to Ashley, “craftsmanship is a spirit; it’s a way of building and creating that compels the creator to care deeply for the people they are creating for.”

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Ashley Lightspeed’s Rise to Success


When you ask every child what career they would love to practice when they grow up, most of them eventually end up telling you the career their parents’ practice. This was also the same for Ashley Lightspeed. As a child growing up, she always wanted to become an architect like her father. She loved sitting with him at his drafting table and come up with sketching ideas, as well as build things. However, like so many other children, she soon discovered that she loved something different. While studying in Copenhagen, she discovered that she preferred prototyping business ideas than building.

Her discovery gave her the drive and passion she required to start her consulting career at Bain. After years of working with Bain, Ashley Lightspeed felt the urge to explore the Silicon Valley world and do more. This pushed her to join the Thumbtack’s product team in the position of a Category Manager. This position gave her the opportunity to move from running simulations with clients to iterating on products and ideas in Bain. Her work at Bain gave her the exposure she required, and this eventually led her to seek for more opportunities by advancing her studies at Stanford GSB.

When studying at Stanford, she began exploring the idea of starting her company and consulting on startup projects that required her financial support. These projects enabled her to realize that she needed to dive deep into various industries at the same time. This eventually led her to enter Lightspeed as a member of the consumer investing team. She ultimately acquired the chance to work with companies during their start-up stages. It also made it possible for her to maintain her keen eye for building and to create in the process. This has made it possible for her to be the best in the field. See Related Article: