Ashley Lightspeed’s Rise to Success


When you ask every child what career they would love to practice when they grow up, most of them eventually end up telling you the career their parents’ practice. This was also the same for Ashley Lightspeed. As a child growing up, she always wanted to become an architect like her father. She loved sitting with him at his drafting table and come up with sketching ideas, as well as build things. However, like so many other children, she soon discovered that she loved something different. While studying in Copenhagen, she discovered that she preferred prototyping business ideas than building.

Her discovery gave her the drive and passion she required to start her consulting career at Bain. After years of working with Bain, Ashley Lightspeed felt the urge to explore the Silicon Valley world and do more. This pushed her to join the Thumbtack’s product team in the position of a Category Manager. This position gave her the opportunity to move from running simulations with clients to iterating on products and ideas in Bain. Her work at Bain gave her the exposure she required, and this eventually led her to seek for more opportunities by advancing her studies at Stanford GSB.

When studying at Stanford, she began exploring the idea of starting her company and consulting on startup projects that required her financial support. These projects enabled her to realize that she needed to dive deep into various industries at the same time. This eventually led her to enter Lightspeed as a member of the consumer investing team. She ultimately acquired the chance to work with companies during their start-up stages. It also made it possible for her to maintain her keen eye for building and to create in the process. This has made it possible for her to be the best in the field. See Related Article:

How Nitin Khanna Stays Productive With His Large Business Portfolio


Nitin Khanna has had quite an interesting and varied career path over the past few decades, with much of this being in the investment world. The Portland-based investment giant studied at Purdue University and graudated with an MA in industrial engineering, although he only spent a few years working in the engineering world before moving into finance and investing. While still working in technology, Nitin Khanna founded Saber Corp, which grew quickly and eventually became the largest supplier of IT solutions to state governments. This rapid success led to a significant amount of revenue, with Khanna then selling the company to EDS, where he worked for a short time before deciding to leave the firm.

This was because he had a desire to start another business, with this leading to the foundation of MergerTech, which serves as a boutique M&A advice firm. Throughout this time, Nitin Khanna has helmed the company as its CEO, leading the company to a variety of partnerships and investments since it was founded in 2009. For the past decade, MergerTech has helped a considerable amount of businesses with their growth and client development strategies. However, this doesn’t mean that Khanna has solely worked with MergerTech in the past ten years; on the contrary, he sits on the board of a few different companies. Chief among these are the likes of TiE Oregon and more.

Nitin Khanna’s business portfolio has also expanded into the growing cannabis industry, with the investment figure launching Cura Cannabis Solutions in 2015. Since the company was established, it’s grown across the country and begun expanding its headquarters extensively. This large portfolio has led to many people questioning Khanna on how he manages to stay productive without it negatively affecting his work. As he has highlighted numerous times, effective time management plays a considerable role on this.

Nitin Khanna has highlighted the fact that the skill can have quite a large effect on his productivity, although he’s highlighted the fact that it can take a certain amount of patience to master. Alongside this, he’s noted that proper delegation can also play a role in an upper management figure’s productivity, although this takes a significant amount of trust in employees.

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An insight on Ashley Lightspeed’s career and recent business moves


Lightspeed Venture Partners is a prosperous venture capital firm based in San Francisco that specializes in making early investments in technology and consumer service. Currently, Ashley Lightspeed who joined the firm in 2018 is its crown jewel. She is an expert with a wealth of experience in the media and technology sectors. She has built her career on understanding how media technologies shape social, cultural, and political environments.

Uniquely blended educational background

This Lightspeed Venture Partners employee boasts of a uniquely blended educational background. She pursued an undergraduate program in Visual and Media Studies at Duke University. As a result of this program, Ashley gained a deep understanding of advertising, photography, television, video, and film and their role in shaping society. She would later come to pursue an MBA at Stanford University which opened the doors for her to join the executives in the business sector. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Investing the digital media

Ashley Lightspeed is a big advocate for investing in digital media technology. For quite a while now she has been urging investors to take an interest in this sector as it holds the potential for lucrative return in the future. She pointed out that there are numerous revenue streams available for the digital media platform as evidence of its enormous potential.

According to Ashley Lightspeed, the subscription model is one of the major revenue streams for digital media sectors. She stated that, through a subscription-based service, a digital media platform is guaranteed income in the foreseeable future. Digital media platforms that have well executed this concept are Netflix and The New York Times. Ashley Lightspeed added that revenue could also come from commerce – selling products to the platform’s audience, advertising, and experiences. In experiences, the digital media platform can sell an experience as millennials are more willing to spend on experiences.

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