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Besides being located right in the center of Florida, Martin, Port St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties have one of the most successful and dedicated medical dermatologists available for them. Dr. Tim Ioannides opened the Treasure Coast Dermatology Center in 2005 to address patients that required medical services in dermatology centered around skin disorders and skin cancers. This included biopsies, treatments, and Mohs Surgery for skin cancers and comprehensive treatment for other skin disorders such as Psoriasis and SeborrheicKeratoses. Dr. Ioannides also provides his patients with the most up-to-date education in these areas because he is consistently using them in his work.

What Makes An Excellent Physician?

Medical dermatology is the heartbeat for Dr. Ioannides who discovered his passion for helping people in this field after he had graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine with his medical degree. He completed an extensive internship program at the UF Medical Science Center, and then he spent the next phase of his career assisting an established dermatologist who focused on cosmetic dermatology. It was during this time that Dr. Ioannides discovered his passion for the more intense medical and surgical side of dermatology, which he specializes in.

Tim Ioannides attributes his success to his stellar research techniques that have led him to the top of his field, and he serves his patients with his devoted skills and talents. Today, in 2019, there are six Treasure Coast Dermatologist Centers providing state-of-the-art procedures to enhance the lives of his patients.

Dr. Iaonnides Dedicates His Day

Dr. Iaonnides begins every day in anticipation of the impact that services will have on those who need them. After helping his family off to school and work, he then turns his focus to his patients. His staff is loyal, and together they move from center to center offer amazing personal and individual attention to all of his patients.

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Reasons that Cancer Treatment Centers of America Promotes Screens for Prostate Cancer Detection


The rise of prostate cancer cases across America is cause for concern among healthcare professionals. As our population continues to survive longer, more instances of this form of male cancer are being detected every single day. Early detection can increase chances for cancer survival for an astonishingly high percentage. It is for this and other important reasons that Cancer Treatment Centers of America promotes screens that are specific for prostate cancer detection. These simple screens are helping to save lives of men around the world. Preventative screening is one of the best current tools that cancer care specialists recommend for decreasing prostate cancer fatality cases.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have once again partnered with other organization groups like recently Labcorp and NFL teams Alumni Organization past and acting members. They were able to draw many men in to receive their free prostate cancer screening special offer. After enough men received the free tests, these healthcare advocates then reduced the cost of an additional large number of prostate cancer screenings. It is a willingness to do anything that needs done that is bringing down the death toll of prostate cancer deaths each year. This sort of screening saves lives, and allows others to lead longer lives in remission from their killer disease.

With so much information on cancer treatments and prevention therapies, it would seem that everyone would be on board for this simple screen. To increase the number of screens per year, Cancer Treatment Centers of America will continue to lend their name, money and staff time to other promotional preventative cancer screens or tests in the upcoming years. Most patients that have received cancer treatment services from any of the awesome five Cancer Treatment Centers of America institutions, will readily agree that the level of care is extraordinary.

Behind the Scenes at Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Many people are unaware of all of the coordinating effort going on behind the scenes at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Based in Florida, this health system is always first to step out when a new treatment modality arises. The computer age has given way to more intensive cancer treatment abilities that deliver finely tuned precise treatments. This healthcare provider joined hands with Nanthealth and Allscripts to explain their newest cancer care strategy. An extensive clinical oncology platform is available that utilizes the technology of a computer program within the parameters of existing cancer care treatment plans.

Unlike previous days, today’s cancer care specialists can rapidly find all available cancer care resource materials with a quick Internet and computer program search. The information that this team gets is totally unbiased. There is never a conflict of interest that would make a lean towards one treatment as opposed to another. The statistical information is logically compiled. A doctor can instantly see available routes of care, and every patient can get even more individualized cancer care treatment. CTCA has long embraced new ideas like geno-testing for cancer type specifics. This is just another addition to CTCA’s stellar cancer treatment choices.

Costs of care including medication, chemotherapy and other treatment options are compiled to allow the healthcare team and the patients to discuss appropriate treatment options in a realistic manner. This leading healthcare institution hopes to share their successes with other providers. The goal is to further standardize all areas of cancer care across the country. This new online data service connects healthcare providers from anywhere that has Internet access. This is a terrific use of rapidly changing computer technology to assist in enabling better and more coordinated care for cancer patients everywhere. Cancer Treatment Centers of America continues providing top-notch cancer care.

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