Reasons that Cancer Treatment Centers of America Promotes Screens for Prostate Cancer Detection


The rise of prostate cancer cases across America is cause for concern among healthcare professionals. As our population continues to survive longer, more instances of this form of male cancer are being detected every single day. Early detection can increase chances for cancer survival for an astonishingly high percentage. It is for this and other important reasons that Cancer Treatment Centers of America promotes screens that are specific for prostate cancer detection. These simple screens are helping to save lives of men around the world. Preventative screening is one of the best current tools that cancer care specialists recommend for decreasing prostate cancer fatality cases.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have once again partnered with other organization groups like recently Labcorp and NFL teams Alumni Organization past and acting members. They were able to draw many men in to receive their free prostate cancer screening special offer. After enough men received the free tests, these healthcare advocates then reduced the cost of an additional large number of prostate cancer screenings. It is a willingness to do anything that needs done that is bringing down the death toll of prostate cancer deaths each year. This sort of screening saves lives, and allows others to lead longer lives in remission from their killer disease.

With so much information on cancer treatments and prevention therapies, it would seem that everyone would be on board for this simple screen. To increase the number of screens per year, Cancer Treatment Centers of America will continue to lend their name, money and staff time to other promotional preventative cancer screens or tests in the upcoming years. Most patients that have received cancer treatment services from any of the awesome five Cancer Treatment Centers of America institutions, will readily agree that the level of care is extraordinary.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Business Experience


Eric Lefkofsky has been in the business industry for many years. He has worked hard to make sure that things are better for the businesses that he works with and this has given him the chance to do things that are better for the businesses.

The expertise that Eric Lefkofsky has gives him the chance to make sure that things are better for each of the businesses that he is in. He wants to make sure that each business has the chance to make sure that things are working for the business. It has given him the chance to do things that are better and has also allowed him the chance to do different things. When it comes to business, Eric Lefkofsky is confident that the skills he has are the best and are able to make things better for each of the companies that he works with in the following: click here.

With only a short education career under his belt, Eric Lefkofsky began working in business. He sold carpet when he first started out and this gave him the chance to see what sales was really all about. It also allowed him to see how successful healthcare work he could truly be in sales if only he worked hard for it. He did just that and he continued to work in sales throughout the time that he has been a part of. It was something that he felt would help him later on and he learned that he was really good at doing things in sales.

Now that Eric Lefkofsky has been so successful, he is now able to help other people be successful. He teaches business courses in both sales and doing business with different things. It has been a great deal for people who want to be able to do different things. Eric Lefkofsky has given people the chance to learn what they can do with their businesses and with the businesses that they run. He wants to make sure that each of the people who he works with knows how to do things that are right with the businesses they are in.

Eric Lefkofsky is the current CEO of the major savings site Groupon. He has worked for the company for many years and he continues to offer them the best savings possible. This has allowed him the chance to be successful and has also brought a lot of success to the company. Groupon was a great company before he was the CEO, but it has vastly improved in the time that he has been running the business. He understands how savings is able to help customers of Groupon and how it can help the business that he is in.

With all of the success that Eric Lefkofsky has seen, it is not a bad idea to think that he is going to slow down. This is not the case. Eric Lefkofsky plans to continue being as successful as possible during his time in business. He wants to make sure that everyone gets a chance to get the great deals that he has to offer them. He wants to make sure that everyone can be as successful as him. Unlike other CEOs, he wants the average person to have the chance to be as successful as what he has been in his career.

The Career of Susan McGalla


There are many women that one can think of that have made it to the top of their various career fields. However, while this may be there are many that are still left in the dark within the practical measurements of which they can be a successful employee on Wikimedia. The notion of inequality, unequal pay, and lack of women within a boardroom are talk of the past, even with there still being small talk about these drawback. There have been various steps that have been put in place by non-governmental and governmental organizations that are making it a priority to curb these challenges. Despite these drawbacks, there have been many powerful women that have shown that they are efficient leaders and that they are up for any challenge that is put in front of them. Women are known to have a superb blend in personality that has helped them when undertaking different roles. These women have took a stance within the corporate world on, and have lead roles within companies or they have established and managed their individual ventures. The business world has had some very powerful women that are still on the rise along with others. This moving from the business sector that was once a no-go zone for women, while it was populated by men, this mindset has changed significantly with women such as Susan McGalla, who have made themselves known to the business world. Women such as Susan have been excellent role models and are always willing to help to get other women to the top in their careers. These women exude innate skills that are essential factors with the management positions that they hold. They are also good in networking, which is a vital element within the corporate world, and easy in earning trust.

Susan McGalla is known as one of the successful business women, as she is known to know what it takes in getting up the ladder and how to maintain that position. According to McGalla, versatility, work, confidence and passion are traits for earning results that are pleasing in life. She knows that nothing in life comes on a silver platter, and that is up to the individual to be able to identify their powerful and potential traits, that will allow them to go from ordinary to extraordinary. She always had in mind that she had been endowed with greatness, and that her alone was the only one that could unlock what carried the priceless commodity. McGalla founded the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, and is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth of The Pittsburgh Steelers. She also has expertise in the clothing and retail sectors. McGalla began her career at the Joseph Horne Company where she worked from 1986 to 1994, before going on to join American Eagle Outfitters. She left American Eagle Outfitters on her own terms as she became a private consultant for financial investment and retail industries till Wet Seal begged to have her as the CEO, she worked as the company’s CEO till January of 2011 and then she left to become a consulting expert. See:

Climbing The Forbes 400 While Others Flounder


If someone is making great strides to climb the list of the richest people on the planet, they are certainly worth paying attention to. At least this is true if you also wish to be a wealth person at some point in your life. One such individual is a man named Ken Griffin. Although the top 10 on the Forbes list tend to suck up all of the spotlight, there are some gems in the middle of the pack as well. Ken currently holds spot number 69 on the Forbes list, but that is up from spot 91 in just one year. He has made a lot of progress because his stock picks have been deadly accurate in a year when others were so wrong. What he has managed to do at his firm known as Citadel is nothing short of amazing. While the S&P 500 index has been essentially flat to slightly down, Ken has posted returns that top 13% for the first 8 months of 2015 on This despite all of the market turbulence in the month of August. He has been a hero to many for his ability to pull this off, and it just goes to show that sometimes there are people who really can best market returns and go the distance. Griffin is a graduate of Harvard University where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree. He believes that this level of education helped him get to where he is today. As such, he strongly supports education opportunities for others, and he sponsors a number of causes which help promote education to people. He is on the boards of a variety of different charitable causes, and he has a passion for the work that he does. Basically, he is the type of person who never quits working hard to help support others who are in need. It is this kind of inspiring hard work that should make us all look at him as a role model for the world. Investors are smart to follow what this man is doing and at least keep tabs on it. He has certainly earned the respect that the marketplace gives him.

Rising To The Top In Financial Strategy Matters


Sam Tabar is one of the most prominent capital strategists in New York. To get where he is, he has worked in different companies and firms in different positions. As a result of that, he has been able to earn a lot of experience in matters related to the financial markets. He is one of the few professionals who have had two different angles in the financial markets having been a successful attorney and capital strategist. He is also a serious investor in start-up companies with a potential to bring change to challenges facing society.

He graduated from Oxford University, as noted on Linkedin, with honors and also attended Columbia Law School where he was involved in a lot of activities including editing its Business Law Review magazine. Upon graduating, he proceeded to work in one of the world’s most respected and prestigious law firms in the role of an Associate. While at the law firm, he was held responsible for drafting investment management agreements, side letters as well as private placement memoranda. He worked in the firm for two years and proceeded to join the world of finance.

His debut in the finance world was in the role of counsel, and he rose through the ranks to get promoted to the most prestigious positions in the firm. While in his new role, he was held responsible for managing all issues related to global marketing as well as investor relations. His employer was at the time managing a hedge fund worth not less than $2 billion. He was also held responsible for making and executing a marketing strategy for his employer that specifically targeted institutional investors, businesses as well as clients with a large financial muscle.

As of January 2015, he added THINX, a phenomenal start-up company to his list of investments. The company helps women in America and Africa because it specializes in making fashionable underwear that women can wear during their menstruation days. The best thing with the underwear is the fact that it can be recycled therefore being very appropriate for the African woman who is most of the times forced to abandon important activities when the cycle begins.

He said that he was attracted to THINX because it encourages other businesses to think about matters facing global issues and not just businesses that will make them profit. The company provides American women with a platform to earn money and at the same time offering a lasting solution to their African counterparts when they need help most.

Because of his experience in both legal and financial matters at an advanced stage, Sam understands very well how the investment market works. At the time he found about THINX, he was not looking for an investment platform but when he heard what it does, he could not resist investing in it.  Sam is also a massive music fan, and remains active on social media mainly through his personal Instagram account.

Susan McGalla Has Set A Great Example Of A Good Career


There are some women who have been braver than others in their careers and the challenges that they have taken upon themselves, and one of the women who has been very brave in her career is Susan McGalla. This woman has never let a challenge get her down, but she has instead worked hard to make a good career happen. She wanted to be able to have a lot of success in her career, and so she worked very hard and was as ambitious as she could be so that she could see that come true.
Susan McGalla got off to a good start in her career early on because of the way that her parents believed in her. They taught her to be confident in herself and to know that she could do anything that she set her mind to, and so that is what she did. She went ahead and made her career happen. She worked hard to be the best that she could be in it, and she was able to serve in some high positions in a couple of clothing companies because of that. No one gets anywhere without ambition and hard work, and Susan McGalla was smart to realize that early on.
Every young person who wants to have a good career for themselves needs to keep in mind the things that Susan McGalla has done and the way that she has acted. She has always believed in herself and her abilities, and she has always believed that hard work could take her places. She has treated everyone around her with a great deal of respect, and she has worked hard to be good at the things that she does. Not everyone is as successful in their careers as Susan McGalla has been, and she is someone who should be considered because of that.
Susan McGalla’s faith in herself is part of what has helped her to do so well in the business world, and everyone who sets out to make a name for themselves needs to remember that. They need to remember to always be confident in themselves and their abilities. Because, if they are not confident in themselves, then who will trust them? Susan McGalla has set a great example to follow, and every young business hopeful needs to be considering the career that she has had and all of the things that she’s done to get there.