Louis Chenevert’s Early Life And Accession To Coveted Positions In The Manufacturing Industry


When starting out in the manufacturing industry, Louis Chenevert had no more than academic papers and an undying hunger for success. This manifested in his interests in business and entrepreneurship and would play a key role in helping him scale up the career ladder. While he started as an automobile industry operator, he would retire from a CEO’s position with the prestigious United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Early life

Louis was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, and would soon join Montreal University where he majored in Production management. Coming from a relatively humble background at a time when the region was undergoing explosive industrialization, Louis Chenevert developed key interests in entrepreneurship and business. More importantly, he understood the importance of hard work in both career and business success at an early age. These skills would come in handy in helping him scale up the career ladder in both the automobile and aerospace industries.

Bold career moves

Louis Chenevert started out as production assembly supervisor with General Motors plant in Quebec. His dedication to the success of the plant, commitment to the production of quality products, and a keen eye to details gained recognition from the company President, Guy Hachey.

While referring to Louis as one of the best executives to have ever worked under him, Hachey mentioned that the production lines leave no room for mistakes and Chenevert’s ensured that the company did not report defects. Hachey would also play a key role in encouraging Louis to transition from automobile to aerospace industries.

He would first take up a position with Pratt & Whitney Canada where he helped the plant cut down no operational costs by over 10 percent. Louis Chenevert was then named President of the struggling Pratt & Whitney. His innovative approach to factory processes and excellent staffing and organizational skills would, however, help the UTC subsidiary regain profitability.

Moving to United Technologies

Louis Chenevert’s contributions to PWC Canada and the United States saw him tapped for the Chairman’s position at United Technologies. At the time of his retirement from UTC, Louis served as the Corporations Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He also helped the manufacturer make its biggest move yet, the mass production of Geared Turbofan (GTF) Engine. Today, Louis maintains an advisory post with Goldman Sachs merchant banking division.


The Journey That Vinod Gupta Has Been Through To His Current Business Success



Vinod Gupta was born in India in 1946. He has managed to beat all the odds and turn into the massively successful entrepreneur that he is today. Vinod started his entrepreneurial journey by borrowing a $100K loan, and with less than two decades, Vinod Gupta has turned it into an investment fit for the entire country.


His first investment, a list compiling company was a massive success, which helped him buy off a number of IT related companies. Vinod Gupta is currently the CEO of his startup the Everest Group, which specializes in giving venture capital to database technology startups. Here are some Business Lessons that he shared about growing a business and succeeding as an entrepreneur.


When asked where the idea of the Everest Group came from, he stated that after graduating from the University of Nebraska, he was contracted to work for Commodore. It was then when he was given the task of compiling a list of mobile home dealers in the country. He discovered that there was no such list in existence and immediately, an idea to create one came to mind. View Additional Info Here.


When asked how his typical day looks like, and how he makes it productive, he stated that he likes spending his time building and capitalizing on the long-term success of any business idea which he comes up with, as opposed to focusing on the short term.


When asked how Gupta brings ideas to life, he stated that he likes giving all the products and services he comes up with a test run for the market before the launch. He states that the only way to know whether a business idea is marketable or not is by testing it.


Vinod Gupta is a successful entrepreneur, who believes that for a business to be successful, one has to put all their efforts to ensure it is successful.


Source Link: https://medium.com/@vinodgupta1/vinod-gupta-shares-advice-on-how-to-succeed-in-the-modern-world-ad76442a8b26

Oren Frank Is Making Talkspace Better With New Changes Happening


Brief: Talkspace is an online program that allows people the chance to speak to a professional therapist through text or video. It’s an affordable new program that does not require insurance or healthcare. If you need mental health professionals guiding you through your week, this company can help you.

Oren Frank is a professional chief medicine offer who is now going to work with Talkspace. With his special knowledge and experience, he will be making huge changes to the world of Talkspace and how they operate business. Frank is a part of UnitedHealth, and they needed him and his expertise to help build this enterprise on numerous levels. Building their brand is about having the right medicinal officers in charge for future developments and changes. Their goal is to start prescribing medicine through the app.

Talkspace is the right kind of brand to help provide a solution to those struggling with their mental health. Talkspace is an online platform that provides ordinary people with access to the world’s best therapists at their fingertips. Talkspace is an affordable weekly payment option that connects you to a professional certified therapist that can help you with your pressing needs. Everything from panic attacks to depression, your therapist can coach and guide you on a daily basis so you get back to living a normal and active life.

Talkspace patients know that sometimes medication must be utilized, and this is when you should start having licensed people involved with medications to jump in. Somebody like Oren Frank from UnitedHealth is the perfect man to help solve this pressing issue. Brought on for the need of developing this company, Frank is here to help provide a seriously powerful solution that enables for therapists to prescribe the right medication to the right people.

Talkspace is a safe option for those who are going through serious depression and anxiety. It’s a scary feeling to not have anybody to talk to during a difficult time, but Talkspace allows the opportunity to be safe and open the door to get help without having to leave home. This is a real life solution.