Nitin Khanna: A Man With A Taste For Wine


After reading an article relating to his journey from his taste for wine to having the leadership to some award-winning documentaries, Nitin Khanna has shown that he is one of the most interesting icons in today’s society as an entrepreneur.

As many would know, Nitin Khanna was once in control of one of the biggest and successful cannabis oil companies in the world. After representing multiple non-profit businesses in Portland, Oregon, Nitin Khanna has inspired other local entrepreneurs to achieve much success with what they are passionate about.

What a lot of people don’t know about is that Nitin Khanna has a serious taste for movies and wine. Of course, almost 98% of people across the world love movies, but not a lot of people have a similar taste with a bottle of wine as he does.

Nitin Khanna was involved as a producer for a few films that were mostly documentaries. However, he helped produce two award-winning films called “Terms and Conditions May Apply” and “What Lies Upstream”.

As for his passion for wine, Nitin Khanna delivered his very own mark for Pinot Noir and Four Handle. This has led him to effectively be associated with the Oregon wine appearance on the leading group of the Classic Wines Auction.

Despite that he is not big on ideas, Nitin Khanna still sets his mind on executing his process with creating new software solutions. These are the type of solutions that once helped the government before switching over to a film-like career. He considers producing films as his place of new success.

Up to this point, he has helped make millions of dollars in many of his produced films and build an emphasis that would encourage the viewers, entrepreneurs, and business partners to express themselves through their gifts and passions.

To conclude, Nitin Khanna’s taste for wine is just one of many success stories that he loves to share with the people. Even though he has over millions of dollars in his wine projects, he still figuring out ways to stay engaged with not just this industry but other industries that he is currently involved in

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Peter Harris Has Done Well For The Company


Finance is known as a profitable subject, though many people have a hard time learning about it. Studying finance usually involves studying math and learning about a lot of topics that seem very abstract and are sometimes hard to understand. Because it is such a rigorous topic and there is so much demand for financial professionals, a person who is good at the subject is something to cherish. Peter Harris is one of these financial professionals.

Peter Harris is a Managing Director of a finance company called CBL Corp Ltd. The company does business in the financial subcategory of P&C insurance. The company is relatively small, with an employee body of about 550. The people who work for this company should be proud that they work for such a fine organization that is run by the best of the best. Judging by the success of this company, it is quite evident that the company is run by enthusiastic, intelligent people who live and breath finance—including Peter Harris.

Business is very difficult, and most businesses that are started do not survive. However, CBL Corp Ltd stands out as a company that has survived the test of time. Standing the test of time is largely due to the great management that the company has experienced under Peter Harris’s wing. Terrible management could never run a company for that long.

Professionally, Peter Harris is a very well-rounded person. He is a member of Spirit of New Zealand Foundation, NZ Latin American Business Council, Australian Graduate School of Management and NZ Institute of Management. It is important to be active in many different organizations, professionally, because it makes a person well rounded and gives depth to their viewpoints. It is without a doubt that being a member of all of these organizations has given Peter Harris insight into the finance industry and what he can do for his own job.

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Why Kevin Plank Has A Great Influence In Sports


Kevin Plank has been able to create a shirt that utilized microfibers to keep an athlete dry. He would spend over $40,000 trying to support his idea. Georgia Tech University would be Plank’s first college to purchase his short shirts in 1996. He would create a long-sleeve version of the shirt in 1997. He was able to move his business to Baltimore, Maryland a year later. Plank took advantage of another opportunity when he was able to provide some of the products for the movie, Any Given Sunday.

Kevin Plank was able to utilize and ad placed in the magazine created by ESPN. The ad would create over $800,000 in sales revenue. The exposure created by the ad and use of the product in the movie would lead Plank to produce over $5 million in revenue. The years 2001 through 2003 Plank was able to create a deal with the National Football League (NFL) for their warmup gear. He would also sign deal that allows his products in Major League Baseball.

Kevin Plank would take his company public in 2005. The company would generate $1 billion in sales in 2010. He would also add cleats to the footwear that would enable his product to become the official footwear of the NFL. Plank created the largest digital community called MapMyFitness. He has also been able to use charitable donations to help the city of Baltimore, Maryland. He has donated to organizations that help fight against breast cancer. Plank has many pro athletes such as Tom Brady and Steph Curry who have endorsed Under Armour products. The company was able to generate over $3.5 billion in revenue in 2018. Kevin Plank is also involved in horse racing.

Kevin Plank employs over 12,000 people. He is also involved in a whiskey distillery. Plank believes a hand-on approach should be taken with Under Armour. He believes Under Armour should be focused on performance gear. Performance gear will be products that Under Armour could add value to the product. He believes it will help the business over the long term. Plank will attempt to grow the women’s business at Under Armour.

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