Chris Burch: American Entrepreneur and France


Chris Burch is an entrepreneur from the United States who knows exactly how to manifest a property in France for his six children. The building he knew he would live in was in Senlis, and was manifested as an 1608 hôtel which he planned to renovate. The house was 10,000 square feet and was a landmark both inside and on the outside. It still possessed 17th and 18th century floors, paneling and beams. This house has historical significance despite having patchy renovations over time. The house came with a complete set of Joseph Dufour 1805 paintings of the voyages of Captain Cook. Burch wanted a home that felt historic but functioned as though new with new plumbing.

Nine bathrooms and two kitchens had undergone “horrible” renovations in the 1950s through the 1970s. They were remodeled in the present, as they might have existed 300 years ago, despite brand new plumbing. He decided to keep the chairs rustic looking. He wanted a home that looked frozen in time but was also comfortable, like it has been lived in. The curtains for the breakfast room windows of the hotel and family home, was made of 19th century Madeleine Castaing climbing vine pattern. Days are leisurely with jet lagged visitors not showing up in the common areas until noon. The gardens were designed by English landscape designer Tania Compton with French topiaries, which means that perennial plants are cut into defined shapes, the hotel is ready for visitors in the present.

Oren Frank and His Research on Social Media Addiction


There is a funny joke that has been trending online that people nowadays will wake up in the morning, check who loves them online, before even confirming that they can speak. This is not just a joke but also a reality. We have been absorbed by social media that our daily lives will revolve around it. It is also surprising that the number of likes on your social media page will even alter ones self-esteem. This is quite surprising. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and snapchat have become the rule of the day, especially among our youth. If you do not have an internet connection, then you are doomed because you will not be up to date with the current trends. Oren Frank proves to us that social media has been a cause of mental instability and anxiety among many.

Oren Franks research shows that most social media platforms are just money making models and advertisements sites. Even though the idea of these companies is theoretically connecting people and creating the thought of being social, it is all a business venture. Every product in this field is set to make the user come back to the site more and more resulting in some sort of addiction just like the tobacco addiction. Read more on Wikipedia.

Oren Frank says that the industry is entailed with business ideas and technological advancements to a certain extent that will help the platforms market themselves in ways that are irresistible. These platforms will give the user a conviction to use the internet over and over.

He, therefore, wants to try and help the current generation in combating the addiction to social media by just giving a few solutions that may be handy. In his website, he helps the users overcome such problems by updating articles that will assist in getting rid of this drug that is social media.

Oren Frank is a family man who is currently situated at New York where he runs his company, talkspace. He studied at the Leicester Polytechnic and later on ventured to the marketing and advertising world. With all those gained skills, he was convicted to come up with a company.


Robert Deignan Expertise in Technology Innovation Leads to Co-founding of ATS Company


Over the past few decades, the technological advancements have been growing fast as they have been implemented by many business moguls. Sectors such as marketing, healthcare as well as education to mention a few have been among the most dominant in implementation. With an experience of over 20 years, Robert Deignan has established himself well in this particular sector as he has managed to develop several technological innovations. As he grew up, he majored mostly in Business Management in his studies at Purde University. Later after completion, he wanted to focus on entrepreneurship as he saw his future there. He started the company Fanlink as a trial and see whether the business could be successful as such.

As such, Robert Deignan saw the success of the company as he had many clients who consulted him for technological services. Furthermore, he was able to lay himself a good foundation in technology innovations. After few years, he left the company and was hired by other tech giants where he parlayed his skills. It was in IS3 a leading software company that he was hired as the Vice President. Robert Deignan was very determined to offer his skills in the company where he brought about remarkable changes. In 2011, the tech expert started his own company ATS Digital Services, LLC and today it is one of the fast growing tech industries. Through his leadership, ATS Company has managed to blossom in the realms of other giant companies as he is able to offer solutions to the contemporary world tech problems.

Robert Deignan developed a strategy that would draw consumers towards his side through the improvement of his services. Moreover, he was able to ensure that the consumer services are put in mind before anything else. Apparently, he has hired professional team that is entitled to handle the services the company offers. Some of the services performed by the ATS team are; installation of speakers, mounting of the television ariel, activation and mounting of surveillance cameras among others. Besides being one of the sought after tech companies, it remains to be certified by the respective board making their services more reliable. Robert Deignan expertise has brought ATS so much success as they seek to improve their services in future through their research in consumerism.