Having the capacity to be on top of the food chain in private investment is one of the many an of Lincolnshire firm. The company has a well-balanced workforce that delivers excellent results in supporting upcoming middle-market companies. The team at Lincolnshire investment is lead by TJ Maloney as the president of the company. TJ Maloney is one of the high forces that the company is using their excellent leadership and company management intelligence to excel. TJ Maloney was once a member of the Boston College Wall Street Council.

He built his career and skills in leadership management when he secured the position of a chairman in the very council. He is also a famous former lecture of the Columbia University where he formed part of the Board of Directors. TJ Maloney is a well-educated individual holding a degree in Bachelor of Arts and also remains an icon at Fordham Law School where he earned his JD. He has a record of being a member of almost more than ten boards. Before he started working with Lincolnshire in 1993, TJ Maloney acquired excellent skills in security law where he also ventured into property acquisition skills.

The firm is expanding its powerhouse by adding more staff into the system. The chairman affirmed that the addition of the team is a sign of increasing responsibilities of the company. The newly recruited individuals have the opportunity to learn new skills from the professionals in the company. The investments of the company extend to several other companies dealing in different industries. The analysis is showing that the increasing rate of placement of the company resulted in more eighty acquisition over the previous years. Their approach to investment is serving their clients positively and hence, improving their portfolio.

The achievements of the company are clear reflection of the amount of effort the company is putting in the business. The company has an encouraging customer base that is influencing the staff to give all they got for the company. The achievements also result from their humble and productive customer services in the business.

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James Reese: Life with TigerSwan after Delta Force

James Reese Tigerswan

There are many success stories about disabled veterans, and one can undoubtedly say that James Reese is among them. James Reese served in the United States military for 25 years, and during that time, he worked his way up to the Delta Forces. Delta Force is a branch of the Army that performs special operations. These military figures are highly trained, and they all have specific skills developed to protect and serve. James Reese worked hard to become part of this force. He entered several missions with the team, including some in the Middle East.

James Reese left the service with some disabilities, but that did not slow him down. After military life, some veterans have a difficult time finding employment. James Reese took another route and opened his own security company, TigerSwan. TigerSwan offers a high level of protection and security to people. If your people need to get from point A to point B safely in uncertain territory, TigerSwan will get them there. The crews at TigerSwan secure individuals, businesses, and families. Each entity has a different set of needs because of their size and structure, but TigerSwan has adapted to all of these groups and individual situations.

James Reese TigerswanDisabled veterans have supported James Reese in his journey into this nonmilitary line of work, but he states that is not why he got into it. James Reese is thankful for the support from the veterans, and he has hired many of them. In addition to honoring his Army background, James Reese employs people from all branches of the military and police force. He also looks outside the services. James Reese wants TigerSwan to be a well-rounded business that incorporates a variety of skilled individuals. This can only make their business and protection platform stronger.

TigerSwan is a much-needed service in today’s world. James Reese has taken his decades of experience and coupled them with others to created a successful business model. He seems humbled by the support he receives from other retired personnel as he continues to give back to his country, the world, and anyone who is in need of security or protection.

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Pushing Forward with a Sense of Urgency – with Vijay Eswaran


Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian millionaire, famous for his role in the foundation of QI Group of Companies, one of the most prominent multi-level marketing companies in the Asian region. The company currently has operations in diverse industries, including health, education, entrepreneurs, lifestyle, and leisure.

Before the creation of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran founded QNET, a multinational multi-level marketing company. QNET is since a group of the QI Group. Over the years, Mr. Eswaran has evolved from business operations to general operations of the conglomerate. He currently works as executive chairman of the QI Group, while providing mentorship for younger entrepreneurs.

Having founded his company at the dawn of the internet takeover, Mr. Eswaran has numerous tricks up his sleeves. He had experience in direct selling after working with an IBM subsidiary is his time in the United States. Instead of solely focusing on delivery like other companies such as Amazon, QNET combined direct selling and e-commerce.

QNET has deep roots in Asia and has since expanded as far as Africa. The company model enables both direct and indirect employment through commission payments, which is hugely motivating for its workforce. Mr. Eswaran revealed that his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship also drove his passion for his business. The internet wave has heavily contributed to a massive wave of unemployment, and the only way to create employment is by creating new systems of work.

Mr. Eswaran has participated in several conversations, including discussions on the role of women and entrepreneurship at the Concordia Annual Summit. According to Mr. Eswaran, the role of women in emerging markets such as Asia cannot be ignored. The new wave of traders and network consists of women, and Vijay Eswaran is ready to champion for their opportunities.

He also spoke on dysfunctional education systems citing that the preparation of students for entrepreneurship is the future. According to Mr. Eswaran, Asian education has erred in its employment-oriented foundation, instead of focusing on employer mindsets. He has also shared his opinions at 2018, World Chinese Economic Forum, where he was invited as a panelist. He also hosts V-Conventions, where he interacts with thousands of entrepreneurs and provides motivation and training.

The conversations also highlighted gender disparity issues, with a particular focus on women in the workforce. To provide better education, the QI Group under Vijay Eswaran oversaw the construction of the Quest International University Perak. For Mr. Eswaran, creating future jobs includes investing in the young generation through the provision of quality and well-researched education. Instead of directly teaching limited knowledge, the university equips its students with skills that can support entrepreneurship through adapting to the business environment.

Over his lifetime, Mr. Eswaran has also had the opportunity to pen several books. His most recent work- Two Minutes from the Abyss- 11 Pillars of Life Management, Vijay Eswaran advocates for a real sense of urgency, which is crucial to every entrepreneur. Through wise words, exciting stories and captivating examples, Mr. Eswaran reminds us that tomorrow is not assured and that taking advantage of ‘now’ is the only way to push through life.