The Experience Of Attending Academy of Art University


Within the halls of the Academy of Art University lie the passion and commitment of faculty and student body who enjoy the world of creating art. Whether this art be music or film or design or illustration, collectively the people who work and study at this prestigious university enjoy an experience like none other. The experience here is intentional. The experience has evolved into a massive collection of buildings that span all over San Fransico, California that complete the Academy of Art University. Stretching the entire city is a wave of school pride for those that work, study and grow at this university.

This university has not always stood as such grand size. In the beginning, the meek school was small. Faculty was few and so were the students. Today, the university employees thousands of people and has nearly eleven thousand students enrolled. The school has expanded so much from its first location. The little loft of the past is nothing compared to what makes up the campus today.

The academics provided students in a supportive environment could not be better illustrated than here at the Academy of Art University. The school has worked diligently to create an environment where there is ample access to resources, tools and staff for students. They work to create an environment that involves students feeling like they are able to explore their creative senses and evolve with their creativity. The academics at this school is diverse. Students are able to select between twenty five different majors. Students are able to earn certificates and four year degress. Studying on campus an abroad through their online program is available to all students.

Academy of Art University has an outstanding experience for their students. This experience is believed by so many people who have attended the university. This experience has been created so students are able to get the best education possible. Students gain access to education, opportunities, a supportive system of experienced educators, aid, creativity and the enjoyment of being an environment where artists are able to strengthen their skills and prepare themselves for the future.

All about Rocketship Education


Rocketship Education is a collection of public schools which majors in the provision of quality education to those students with low income backgrounds. Their organization is good because it always aims at giving best skills to students through provision of excellent facilities and competent human resources. They have also employed the use of technology in impacting knowledge to their students hence producing better skilled employees in future. In fact they have an aim of transforming students rather than just educating them.

Also their teachers are well motivated to work and they relate well with parents to ensure students are comfortable in academics both at home and at school. Their students are well equipped with skills to transform their community to be a better place to be in the world. This is enhanced through technology and the general knowledge of life which is taught there.

The main aim of Rocketship Education is also to impact innovation in their students to enable them to come with new ideas and making good use of their talents and strengths to ensure success in any task given.The school is expanding rapidly. This is evident because each year, a minimum of three schools are established and added into their system. They have been approved by the government to expand their territories to various locations.The graduates from Rocketship education have been observed utilizing their skills in enhancing successful research to facilitate problem solution in the society.

Their curriculum too is the best since students’ abilities and talents are well identified by their skilled and well equipped teachers. Identification is not enough, students with talents are helped to perfect them and reap out of them.Each year an analysis is done to ensure proper curriculum is brought in place. The most sensitive part is the effect of the changes made on the academic environment of the students. They always ensure that the best decisions are implemented.

Also projections of their financial data is done to ensure that no activity is paralyzed in future due to improper allocation and use of funds. This has enabled them to give their best to the community.

To conclude, education is not all about social class. It is all about the skills brought back as a reward to the community. All these are found in Rocketship Education.

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