Felipe Montoro Jens: The Genius Behind Sound Infrastructure in Brazil


Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-renowned name in Brazil, particularly in the finance industry. His expertise in the infrastructural sector has seen him spearhead various projects throughout Brazil.

A recent study showed a significant number of upcoming buildings associated with the infrastructural sector remained stagnant. Felipe went into detail stating that among the 517 crippled works were essential features such as 16 airports, five railways, six ports and five waterways all fueled by the public’s revenue. He goes further to pinpoint that the resulting paralyzed works use up all the limited resources while generating nil returns for the economy. This is all fueled by how the projects are poorly executed.

Where does the problem emanate from? Many will ask. Among the main reasons why the public does not see through the completion of these projects comes from; poorly stipulated budgetary and financial policies, lack of full dedication by the contracted companies, various technical hitches, lack of well-prepared land documentation and ownership processes.

Also, Brazil’s economic crisis has contributed to the stagnating of infrastructure. Limited resources are channeled to the sector to reduce spending which eventually cuts short the life of developing buildings. The National Confederation of Industries came up with unhealthy relationships between public managers and the overseeing bodies as another reason why infrastructure remained stagnant. See more on Twitter for more information.

What is the proposed solution?

In every problem identified, experts must come up with a solution. Felipe and other CNI officials came up with various measures to prevent the stagnation.

  • Come up with better-articulated plans.
  • Evaluating the best implementation policies.
  • Hire well-trained teams to take up the projects.
  • Strengthen internal monitoring and control.

Felipe Montoro is undeniably one of the greatest minds attracting various projects that seek his professional counsel. He strives to see a complete transformation in the infrastructural industry in Brazil.

Website: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/

Robert Ivy Builds Higher Recognition After Earning Noel Polk Award


There has never been an architect before Robert Ivy that has one the Noel Polk Lifetime Award, which was issued by the Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters. Starting in 2011, Robert Ivy started working at the American Institute of Architects as the company’s vice president and Chief Executive Officer.

His accomplishments at the company and promotion to company president have earned him nationwide recognition as a leading architect and influential businessman. The Noel Polk award is one that very few ever have the privilege of achieving. There have been some famous individuals that have won it in the past, including Morgan Freemon. This award is one of the highest when it comes to artists and their efforts throughout the community and to their field.

Robert is recognized for his hard work and expertise not only as an architect but also as an author and editor as well. Robert has received the praise of both the American Institute of Architects president and the president of Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters. Accord to Ivy, one of the biggest contributors to his achievements in the field at the position he maintains at AIA and the team he works with throughout the year. CEO of AIA, Robert commends his colleagues for their professional attitudes and talents that have allowed him to make the best use of his talents at the company.

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Robert Ivy didn’t join up with the American Institute of Architects until 2011. Previously, he worked at McGraw Hill as an editor in chief where his contributions directly lead to the company becoming known as one of the most famous journals all over the world. After earning the National Magazine aware, Ivy started building more opportunities for himself.

Throughout the organization’s history, none have been as successful as when Robert Ivy has been in direct leadership. Thanks to AIA’s efforts, people all over the world, especially Americans, are able to practice architecture and put their designs out into the world. Robert Ivy has extraordinary character as well and has even earned the title of Master Architect, an achievement only a handful of other architects have achieved throughout the past several decades.

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How Louis Chenevert Managed to Transform UTC to a Premium Venture


Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of UTC. His reign in the industry led to his legacy and great reputation. He is associated with more than 50 successful businesses. Louis Chenevert transformed UTC into a successful conglomerate by making it the most profitable corporation in the USA. This was through his intelligence and creative thinking.

Chenevert’s Acquisitions

Louis Chenevert is considered the king of acquisitions. Through his significant purchases, he was able to improve the production of UTC. Louis made history by striking the most significant aerospace deal in the USA. He bought the Goodrich Company at $16 billion. There were many negotiations involved, but he finally got the deal.

Another of Chenevert’s acquisitions that is known to have made a difference is the GTF engine deal. It is important to note that Louis was an employee of the Pratt & Whitney firm before joining UTC. In fact, he served as their President.

During his time in Pratt & Whitney, he realized that the GTF engine had a lot of power. When he joined UTC, he led to the purchase of the engine. It cost the company another $10 billion and two decades of adjusting and designing the engine.

The acquisitions of Louis Chenevert have been very productive in the company.

Louis Believe in Investing in the Future

Louis Chenevert believed in investing in the high future technology. He believed that by so doing, he was helping save the country from future financial crisis.

By investing in future technology, he was not only referring to the resources but human labor as well. This is why when many companies were busy conducting layoffs to remain in business during the recession period, he chose to move his labor force to a center position where they would empower each other and come up with master plans.

Louis Chenevert believes that you can only perform as well as your team can perform. It is, therefore, essential that employers invest in their teams. The current UTC CEO holds the same belief and has maintained the system that enables the UTC employees to acquire degrees of their choice for free. He says it has improved the productivity of the organization.